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  • The new show sucks

    We used to watch this every night. Drew Carey sucks and so does Craig's new show. We won't be watching either anymore.
  • America is a continent not a country

    Monique Daviau, I just wanted to let you know that there is not a country called America. you see America is a continent of which the United States are a part of... Canada Mexico and many other countries are also a part of AMERICA

    I LOVE CRAIG, I started watching him every night at 14 years old and have watched him every night since, but anyone who says craig hasnt grown bored and tired is kidding themselves. He wanted to leave years ago and the network should have just let him go because his heart's not in it anymore. Its literally all the same penis jokes and gay innuendo, the monologue has like 2 jokes and then some really awful ad libbing between Geoff and Craig about wieners and things that sound semi dirty. The intros with guests are okay but mostly awkward, and the horse bit has been done to death and needs to go too. He is done trying to be creative and really funny, and can you blame him? about a decade of this crap 5 times a week! Id be bored too, anyone who just started watching him go back to 2005-2010 Craig back before he needed a sidekick to lean on for comedy, the man was a genius and even more lovable and endearing than Carson in his prime, although Craig lacks the longevity of Carson as seen by the crap the show has become.

  • 2 out of 3

    8.8 is awesome buddy!
  • One of my favorite talk/variety shows

    Most recent ep (13-14)
  • Everything different

    Watch anything else late night and you get the exact same show over and over. Networks only seem to use the same cookie cutter that Steve Allen started in 1956. Well, I've seen enough of that.

    Now I can watch Craig Ferguson smash cookie cutters every evening and never guess where he'll go next. It's one of he very few creative shows on TV and the only one that's been aired late night in decades.

    I see that some don't like political jokes now that it's at the expense of their guy. Too bad for them. Obama jokes are funnier than the old Bush jokes that bitter old Letterman can't seem to get beyond. Leno is good but much too predictable. Too bad he's being replaced by the pablum kid. Craig is doing just fine and I hope he keeps mixing it up.
  • I Want the old Late Late Show Back

    Let me start by saying I Tivo Craig every night so I haven't missed a show in years.... I used to have such a crush on him... was actually disappointed when he got married... as if... He used to be so hot, and his show was, and still is the best late night show.... but its lost a lot of what made me love it... He used to be cute, but then he got that Mr. Cleaver crew cut hairdo... and started wearing three piece suits and got rid of the puppets and his monologue is now about his penis instead of interesting stuff that he used to talk about.... . I anticipate everything he's going to say now, because he says the same thing over and over... "See what I did" for example. The only part of the show that's good is the opening before the intro, with audience members, and guests if they're good.... the penis monologues the tweets and emails... terrible.... I rarely watch the whole show past the monologue unless a guest is someone I really like. Its a shame its going downhill.... it seems to be related to moving to the bigger studio, although he had the bad haircut before that.... if you look at the picture he shows sometimes, with his ferrets that's the haircut that made him so hot!
  • Sean Connery meets Larry King

    There are only three things to remember about LATE LATE.

    1) There are no rules and no band.

    2) He works every night without a net.

    3) If you don't find this funny go watch the competition. I dare you. You'll keep coming back to see what Craig is doing now.

    No one has made LATE night most Fresh than Craig. He appeals to all. Is great with his guests. Is inappropriate for your mom. But she'll laugh out loud.

    For eight plus years and several trips abroad Craig has taken puppets where no man has gone since Bob Keeshan and his Moose. Everything is always in play from the dancing interns to his kangaroo balls.

    You watch other Late Night shows to see what the guests are doing. You watch Craig, well, because you watch Craig - he makes you happy.
  • A clever title

    I absolutely LOVE Craig Ferguson! Just turned on to him couple months ago, and now I am up til 1230am M-F, watching this crazy guy and Secretariat and Geoff!!! Love, Love the show....
  • There is Nothing Permanent Except Change

    I'm reading about Craig's show going downhill and wondering what show people are watching... Craig, if anything, is about change. I've learned not to get too attached to anything he comes up with, because if he tires of it, no matter how much the audience loves it, it's gone. All I can do is hang on for the ride and see what he's up to and where he's going. If you're not into that sort of thing, it may not work for you. Frankly, I love it. CBS may be trying to dip their toes in the water, which I hope they have sense enough not to do. Until the time Craig decides to hang up his late night suit, I'll be watching, grateful for his intelligence, his outrageousness, and his subtlety, which on anyone else would be a paradox, but with him is just Craigy.
  • Downhill slide!

    we have faithfully watched Craig since he started the Late late show. Unfortunately, the show is on a slide down the rabbit hole as of late. maybe management is reigning him in, but he has become too "politically correct", his jokes are old, and he is losing his shine. I didn't think I would ever turn the channel on him, but that dumb horse is overdone, and he needs to lose that silly thing he is doing with his angry old female producer. she definitely does not add to the show. Craig needs to return to his roots, real comedy the way he used to do it!
  • Amazing

    Love this show
  • Craig's show starting to suck

    I used to like this show, but it's really gone downhill. It's gotten so political lately. He literally tells the same jokes every night. He used to just improvise the monologue. Now, he's reading pre-written political "jokes" just like every other late night talk show host. I bet his contract doesn't get renewed when it expires in 2014. John Stewart does leftish political comedy MUCH better than Craig. Craig's still funny if you're drunk or stupid. Otherwise, he's just getting old. Really old.
  • Great Show!

    I sit up most nights just to watch him. Wish he was on earlier.
  • 10 Best talk show host ever

    Love you Craig. Loved your book. Love that you are also turning 50 this year. Your history, your humor, your timing, your is sheer entertainment mixed with real sarcasm and comedic talent that makes each show like Christmas morning. Thank you for sharing an hour every week night and love to Secretariat and Jeff as well.
  • His personality keeps you; there is never a dull moment.

    This must be the best late night show I have seen. Its humor really works for me and every little bit of him is entertaining, which is the reason I watch, though he has fine guests for the most part. It's perhaps my current most favorite program, at least until Avatar restarts; hey, I'm eternally twelve! It would be my dream to see Ms. Mariah chat with Craig; two of my favorite personalities. Also, I would like to add that Craig is a sexy beast and Mariah is a fox! Thank God for some reason I am up untill the wee hours of the morning, so his air time suits my cycle, though I would like him to have a finer time, just for the sake that it would be more available for others, because so many are a missing out on this, and that is so typical.
  • I Love the "Real" Conversations!

    Craig Ferguson brings out the best in his guests. You get the sense that you've really gotten a glimpse of the real person! What a quick wit he has! It's the only show on TV I never want to miss.
  • When Craig Ferguson was selected over Michael Ian Black to host the "Late, Late Show," David Letterman must have been concerned about not being as hip or smooth as Black. Ferguson will never be able to replace Dave during the 11:30pm time slot.

    I will never be able to get over Craig Ferguson being made the permanent host for "The Late, Late Show." CBS had everyone watching with anticipation a parade of talented and untalented attempt to put on a show which could follow David Letterman.

    Michael Ian Black had to have been a top contender for the spot because he was invited back several times prior to the decision being made. How Ferguson's rank amateurish antics won over Black is beyond me. I hope that it wasn't primarily Letterman’s decision!

    Both Ferguson and O'Brien, more often than not, begin their show with pathetically. At least O'Brien gets better once he sits behind the desk. Ferguson is crass from start to finish. When judged against the smoothness of a Carson Daly, one has to wonder just how long CBS will continue to maintain such an exercise in poor judgment.
  • The Paris Show

    I really enjoyed the show this week. It was a refreshing change from the inside studio. A tour of Paris, and the people was really an ingenius idea. More shows like this should be done during the summer months. It gives the illusion that you are their with him. what a wonderful use of funds. Craig and crew are awesome.
  • Ferguson is the best in the business

    He's not a famous celebrity, but he's certainly making a name for himself with his new hit show. He's gonna be the big new face of Late Night TV. Craig interjects creative, clever, and sometimes very dumb humor that you'll love every second of.

    Puppets, songs, skits, emails, and the best monologue on TV (more of a rant then it is a monologue to be honest). Craig is the only late night show I watch, with good reason.

    I just have to say that I hope that he doesn't move to take over The Late Show if David Letterman retires, because I think he thrives on self pity and the low budget show, and it's good because he does his own little thing. His show has the most unique feel to it, and I think it's also the most welcoming and fun late night show on tv
  • Overall rating

    We used to watch your show in New York City every night until we couldn't anymore when we moved to Australia a few months ago. When we got here, all we had were David Letterman and Conan O'Brien on TV. But they're really not funny, usually. Having seen your inaugural show here yesterday (and every one since), we have to say that although you have a sh__ Australian accent, we miss your fun and frivolity so much that we forgive you! You always had a sh__ New York accent too, so we had a clear understanding on what to expect…. (your English accent on the Drew Carey Show wasn't much better either).
  • Informal and warmly funny.

    Craig Ferguson is a great interviewer, because he is informal and therefore his guests seem comfortable. He is on track with projects his guests are doing and there to promote, but his segues into the absurd are usually outrageously funny. And they are so well timed and end up fitting despite seeming to come from left field sometimes...well, its just like sitting around with a friend and having some laughs.

    And that's where the warmth comes in. Its the comfort zone; the seeming familiarity that makes his style and his show work for me. With most others, except maybe Conan by night and Ellen by day, the hype and the ratings-fever is almost tangible and it detracts from the point of the show: giving the viewer an update on their favourite performers, but in a sit-around-with-a-brewski kind of way.

    Love the guy!
  • Original, intelligent silliness that is dependably uplifting and laugh-out-loud funny. (This Peabody winner is set at 'highest priority' on our DVR - we even record the reruns!)

    Often the genre of late night television leans heavily on the hour of the day to prop up often offensive, sophomoric jokes. The Late, Late Show is a standout, infused with a zany humor that challenges the mind rather than insults it.

    The evening may or may not begin with an opening monologue, which is the basis of the genius of the show--it seems entirely ad-libbed. Ferguson is guileless with the audience, fearless in a way that few performers will allow in this era of overly-managed celebrity. Two things can be depended upon each evening: First, Mr. Ferguson will utter his familiar phrase "It's a great day for America!" during his opening standup routine (to call this a monologue is an affront to the delivery and spontaneity of his material as compared to other cue card reading comics at this time slot). Second, you will laugh out loud at some point--somehow--at least once. No matter what your sensibilities are, no matter how awful your day has been, no matter when you turn on the DVR, you will laugh. Audibly. Guar-an-teed, cheeky monkey.

    This is the genius of Ferguson during his tenure at The Late Late Show, which to date has earned him a Peabody award. Certainly he can be called crude and sophomoric, and being an off-the-cuff perfomer, his humor *is* all over the place. Cursing puppets are censored in French, Itallian and Spanish, a fully articulating robot skeleton (courtesy Grant Imahara of MythBusters) cracks jokes with Ferguson from a podium at stage left, the Protestant reformation is made fun of (try that at home!), a little person is employed in a very bad skit--and all within the space of thirty breathless minutes of hilarity, only half of the show's allotted time gone by so far... There are still guests left to mock!--ahem, interview...

    Guests without the benefit of a good publicist (to demand they watch the show in advance at least once) will often stare in amazement at the frenzy created by this self-effacing genius and his crew. TLLSw/CF is the debut appearance for many talk show guests, and watching him work his magic you see why: predictably the interview ends with the charmed guest looking crestfallen that the interview is over, nerves gone, laughing at some joke 'Craig' has been poking at himself for several minutes. Ferguson's gentle, respectful demeanor is a testament to his skill in the host's chair. Yet the man does not suffer fools, as seen in his interviews with Nick Cage (stoned/odd?) and Alfred Molina (inordinately snooty? perhaps a class warfare 'thing' arising from their Scot/Brit heritage? if so, welcome to the US, Craig!). Perhaps Ferguson's best moments are when he is interviewing guests from the UK (better behaved than Molina) -- Emma Thompson, Gerard Butler and Ewan McGregor are my personal favorites. His completely spare interview with Stephen Fry was a revelation. The 1000th episode, done entirely with puppets was charming, innovative and wonderous. If Steve Allen could come to life, he would overturn the tables of the money changers in the temple of late night television. Ferguson and his TLLS team understand the genre, and what is fun, funny and fresh. And they do it. Night. After night. After night.

    This show should be required watching for all cancer patients. It is a tremendous, dependable mood boost. Good for the immune system, great for society as a whole. After watching, you will buy a DVR; you simply MUST.
  • The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is the best late night talk show on air! It's better than Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, David Letterman, Conan O'Brien etc. The first time I watched this show I was cracking up. And from that time on I knew I'd watch it.

    The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is the best and funniest late night talk show on air! It's better than Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, etc. Craig Ferguson is a great host, the best there could ever be. He's witty, loquacious, and has the perfect personality to make this kind of show successful. I knew I was going to continue watching this show from the first time I saw it. It had me on my knees. This is one show that I will make time for any time. I have absolutely no complaits about this great show. Keep up the good work! Kelley.
  • With any kind of luck, Dave Letterman will have to retire so that Craig can take over.... tomorrow.

    Becauase Craig Ferguson is far more entertaining than Dave or Jay Leno with their canned monologues and sophomoric humor. The new ratings were the highest CBS has ever had in that time slot.. for a good reason. Craig Ferguson!
    I think that if ABC had a late show with Craig, instead of Nightline, Craig could go head to head with them and would beat Jay and Dave, no contest.
  • Very Underappreciated - This is a man who managed to become a Late night hero in a country in which he was note from.

    Very Underappreciated - This is a man who managed to become a Late night hero in a country in which he was note from.

    THis guy is hilarious. He manages to come up with amazing jokes every night and his actions are absolutely awesome. His videos on youtube are always in the top rated for entertainment. This shows how people all over the world appreciate his work. If any of you have ever heard his letter to santa you will see how original this guy is. Its a shame he is overshadowed by NBCs Conan. If you are unsure about him give him a show or 2 and i garantee you will like him.
  • Craig is great, the show is not.

    When Craig Kilborn left, I thought that CBS would do something with the show to improve it. Their ratings fell short to Conan at NBC. They brought in Ferguson which was great, but it looks like CBS does not want to spend money on this late night show. The show has no band, but every other late night show does. The set is very small and there are only a couple hundred in the audience. CBS does not want to spend money a show that is bound to fail in the ratings to Conan. I think they should either spend some money to improve the show, or not have it at all. The show fails to be as entertaining as many others.
  • What was CBS thinking. Ferguson was annoying enough on the Drew Carey show - he's virtually unbearable as a TV host/stand up comic.

    Is this guy really the best CBS could come up with to host their Late,Late Show? The Scottish accent is a put on - something he maintains only to be distinctive. If you ever heard him sing, there's not a trace of it.

    This new generation of late, late night hosts is more than abrasive and less than funny - and that includes Conan, Kimmel, Stewart, Daly and Ferguson. They will never match the charm and humor of Johnny Carson, Steve Allen, Jack Paar, Dick Cavett or even Leno and Letterman.
  • Perfectly crazy and absolutely wonderful.

    I wish Ferguson all the best. He is counted for as the lesser known late night talk TV host; however, in a way, I almost wish his fame would stay at it is. What makes him my FAVORITE late night host, the host that makes me get out of my bed at nearly 1 in the morning, sneak downstairs (freezing cold), and turn on the TV to watch his strange antics. He has this vibe about him that makes him so relateable and so likeable. Unlike other hosts, he wants to make the audience laugh (to the point of ridiculing himself) instead of just ammusing himself. Ferguson also has this deep respect for each of his guest, always welcoming with compliments, a hug, and a smile; after each interview, he always gives each a warm handshake (never mind how they did) or some whisper of a job well done. His jokes are never forced and his creepiness (although needs some adjusting to) is welcomed. I only wish for better guest, most of his guest are a bit unknown. By the end, I am extremely satisfied.
  • This guy is a genius. I started watching him more recently while doing homework and he's absolutely hysterical. He's so zany and though his humor at times is sophomoric he has the best interviews and monologue of anybody on Late Night television.

    Used to be a fan of Ferguson when he was on the Drew Carey Show then didn't hear much from him for a while and then after all these reject hosts taking over the poor Kilborn show they finally nabbed Ferguson. I didn't watch him for a few years until very recently, I was pretty much a loyal Conan fan and never thought Ferguson would be able to complete. Boy was I wrong, Ferguson not only matched his competitor but soon overthrew him. In fact toward the end of Conan's run Ferguson was constantly beating him or giving him a run for his money. What makes the show so great is Ferguson's comedic timing. He is brilliant, even in the beginning segments which make absolutely no sense, it's still relatively entertaining and quite funny. Not to mention his monologue, it's not a scripted monologue with cue cards but Craig just saying things off the top of his head. Though my favorite part has got to be his interviews I don't think anybody is as good an interviewer on Late Night TV as Craig Ferguson. First of all he immediately rips off his cue cards, something Conan constantly reads, and just ad-libs with his guest. Usually about absolutely nothing. Yet by the time the interview ends you want more. This despite the fact his guests are usually kind of poor. I'm happy the show now broadcasts in HD, because it makes it all the more enjoyable. Entertaining show and Ferguson is definitely the king of Late Late Night sorry Fallon.
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