The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

CBS (ended 2014)





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  • His personality keeps you; there is never a dull moment.

    This must be the best late night show I have seen. Its humor really works for me and every little bit of him is entertaining, which is the reason I watch, though he has fine guests for the most part. It's perhaps my current most favorite program, at least until Avatar restarts; hey, I'm eternally twelve! It would be my dream to see Ms. Mariah chat with Craig; two of my favorite personalities. Also, I would like to add that Craig is a sexy beast and Mariah is a fox! Thank God for some reason I am up untill the wee hours of the morning, so his air time suits my cycle, though I would like him to have a finer time, just for the sake that it would be more available for others, because so many are a missing out on this, and that is so typical.