The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder

CBS (ended 1999)


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  • Tom Snyder talks to all manner of people about a variety of topics, big and small and makes great television while he does.

    I was too young to watch the NBC late night show Mr. Snyder did, but I had seen clips that I enjoyed. I was eager to actually see him in action, and wondered if the show might be more Nightline-y and a downer after Letterman.

    I couldn't have been more wrong and richly rewarded for trying the show!

    Mr. Snyder, not afraid of adult beverages, Colortinis or otherwise, would keep me company while my husband was working the late shift and I had a restless baby to get back to sleep. (Sometimes not helped by my laughing at a joke or feeling the need to bark atthe tv screen due to disagreing with a guest or caller!)

    Mr. Snyder seemed genuinely interested and curious about each guest; whether he actually was may be a mystery of manners. The guest was given smart questions once a couple of the obvious ones were asked. The guests also seemed to enjoy the time they had with him, for the most part.

    It was a lovely show with a lovely theme. It was a gentler way to get ready to sleep and nowhere as loud as his timeslot competitors.

    If Mr. Snyder is game for another turn around the dial, I am.

    Highly recommended, especially to anyone who wants to be in front of the camera in any capacity- news anchor, interviewer, actor, or reporter.