The Late Show

ABC1 (ended 1994)


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  • Weekly Australian sketch comedy style show produced by The D-Generation writing/performing team. 40 episodes were made over 2 years in 1992 and 1993. Recipient of 2 Logie Awards.

    Similar in some ways to Saturday Night Live, except that the shows were hosted by the cast not celebrities. Instead celebrities made cameo appearances in sketches and segments including the much loved final song in season 2 where they performed music by their namesake (ie Victorian Premier Joan Kirner sang a song by Joan Jett). The series has gained further popularity through its Tape and DVD sales increasing it's legendary cult status. Popular characters on the show included Graham & the Colonel, Bargea%$@ and Sh%&-scared. The show featured a likeable and talented group of writers and performers, unlike the many laugh factories and production lines found on commercial television. Therefore a great strength of this show was that the people who wrote it also performed it. This gave the show its attitude and appeal and made it easier for its audience to forgive the occasional weaker moments. Many others have attempted to recreate the energy and feel of the Late Show including The Late Report, the original ROVE series on Channel 9 and the ill-fated Hamish and Andy on Channel 7, but nobody has come close. True Champagne Comedy.
  • Great show, awesome cast.

    The Late Show is one of the best comedy shows to come out of Australia. The cast are the cream of Australian comedy, and the sketches and routines permanently lifted the bar. The core of the cast have since gone on to success with The Panel, which means that we probably won't see them resurrect the Late Show format - 'tis a shame.
  • Talk show doesn't even begin to describe it. This is comedy at it's best! Hysterical characters, biting satire, this is the best show out of Australia in years!

    An oldie but a classic. Biting satire. Combines classic comedy moments with political satire that commented on the hot news topics of the time. May be difficult to understand some sections if you are not Australian, but the classic comedy is so worth the effort if you can. The starting blocks for the cast and production team of The Castle - two were responsible for the script, the other two were responsible for the directing. Also the beginning for two very funny comedians Mick Molloy and Judith Lucy, two of the best comedians ever to come out of Australia. You can now purchase a 'Best of' DVD, and I highly recommend it!!