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Five grade-nine students get the unlikely assignment of their lives when struggling magazine Teen BUZZ hires them on in an effort to reinvigorate the publication. Noah Jackson (Justin Kelly) reviews the music on the soundtrack of their lives. Amanda Pierce (Vanessa Morgan) uses a fashion sense which is as big as her ego. Michael Davies (Demetrius Joyette) keeps track of all the celebrity stats. Wilder (Munro Chambers) gets radical with extreme sports and gaming. Rebecca Harper (Zoe Belkin) is on the front lines of the lifestyle beat, reporting on everything from cheerleading try-outs to after-school detention. This quintet must rely on their individual gifts -- and on each other -- to crank out quality stories while contending with deadlines, their boss, teachers and parents.
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  • wardrobe

    It takes a lot to get me ro actually write a comment, positive or neg; Wardrobe needs MUCH improvement. TODAY'S morning "costumes" were just that: the woman in the one shoulder green dress, it made her look tacky, trampy & highly unprofessional.
  • I was just on my computer looking up vanessa Morgan on youtbe when i saw she was in this show.

    I tried to look it up and i found it!! Once i started watching it i couldnt stop i love The latest buzz i am addicted to that sho. tHe only sad parts of the show was when the show was over and when Roah broke up.and i just loove Amanda and Wilders love life. I loved the Final issue when Amanda and Wilder Kissed. Amanda finally got her first kiss. And i hated when Roah broke up. They were a really nice couple. Ive wached every episode. It was an Amazing show.moreless
  • What a great show!

    I haven't been in to this show for that long, but I already love it. It has clever writing and jokes.

    There are those TV-Shows that reuse jokes from other people because they think it'll still be funny. I hate those shows. But this show, I haven't heard one joke before I watched it. It's hilarious! My favorite character would have to be Wilder. He makes me laugh the hardest. I don't know who my least favorite character would be, maybe Noah? They're all great, so I have no idea.

    So, all episodes in this hilarious series are great. You'll be laughing every minute. Everyone should watch it.

    10 out of 10.moreless
  • Teen Buzz magazine is looking for talented, young journalists to write in its pages, but when it hires 5 witty, crazy, and down-right hilarious teenagers, they got more bargainned for. This show will have you in stitches every time!moreless

    This kids show panned out rather well after a dodgy, poorly cast pilot. The Latest Buzz demonstrates why we tune in to high quality comedy, with great one liners, funny situations, and typically-witty charcters. With five students, Rebecca, the goody two shoes, Noah, the rebel, Wilder, the clumsy gamer, Michael, the gossiping socialite and Amanda, the snobby fashionista, this great comedy is outstanding in its ability to underpick and exaggerate the goings-on of a magazine when it is run by high school students. It will have you rolling on the floor laughing after every episode and is a definate 10 out of 10 in my books.moreless
  • The episode that really makes me clutch my heart is when the journalists return from their Summer Holidays. Noah breaks up with Rebecca because she kissed another boy during her stay in Paris with Amanda.moreless

    I was heart broken myself! They were so close, but just because of that one kiss, everything went wrong. I do hope they get back together and let their love last forever! Though there is one relationship I do not adore as much as 'Nebecca'. Wilder and Amanda do not fit together! The chemistry of 'Fashion Freak' and 'Gaming Geek' do not mix!! Either the creator has made a mistake on the script or Vanessa Morgan has added some adjustments to mingle with Munro Chambers! Michael is the perfect match for the lady, and Wilder deserves a skater chick. Michael and Amanda fit because they love fashion, and love the posh life.moreless

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