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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • The Final Issue
      The Final Issue
      Episode 26
      The Boss announces that the Buzz staff will be replaced with a new wave of students. Rebecca fights to make sure everyone says.
    • The Meet The Wilders Issue
      Wilder's sister Roxy is caught stealing money from a charity event. Rebecca and Michael join the drama club.
    • The You're Toast Issue

      Amanda and Wilder coach their dads in hopes that they can strike a business deal. Noah and Michael find a piece of toast that looks like a superstar and fight over it. Rebecca shadows DJ

    • The Hip Hop Issue
      The Hip Hop Issue
      Episode 23
      Amanda brings a date to the dance that looks like Wilder but isn't. Noah want to tell Rebecca something but can't find the words to express himself. But Rebecca overhears him practicing and reacts.
    • The Live From Teen Buzz Issue
      The gang practices a song written for DJ and Mr. Shepherd for a hefty celebration. Wilder announces something which causes Noah to trap him in a box.
    • The Switcheroo Issue
      Wilder writes a play about people who switch bodies and the gang remember when something similar happened a week before. Rebecca gets a F and starts acting like Wilder. Wilder starts acting like Amanda in order to ruin Amanda's date by telling Amanda to act more like Rebecca. Noah and Michael switch identities when DJ gets sick of them mocking each other.moreless
    • The Issue Issue
      The Issue Issue
      Episode 20
      Rebecca's forced to realize that Michael's growing up after he doesn't want to do a silly routine with her for her story on friendship.
    • The Comeback Issue
      The Comeback Issue
      Episode 19
      Michael ruins Supermodel Karina's career with an expose, then has to help her regain her celebrity status.
    • The Plan B Issue
      The Plan B Issue
      Episode 18
      DJ discovers that Amanda's new recording contract was bought for her by her father.
    • The Third Wheel Issue
      Rebecca, Noah and Wilder all take turns being the third wheel as the trio try to balance their friendship to make it through a classic movie. Meanwhile, Amanda and Michael compete in a Trike Race while an old friend of DJ's visits making Shepherd jealous.
    • The Mum's the Word Issue
      DJ hires Michael's mom to help organize the Buzz office, which drives everyone up the wall.
    • The Extreme Shakespeare Issue
      To help Wilder with his book report, Michael tells him the story of 'The Taming of the Shrew' but uses themselves and the others from Teen BUZZ to make it more interesting. In the story, Rebecca is about to go to the ball with Noah, but her plans are ruined when DJ tells her Rebecca has to find a date for Amanda the Shrew. Their only hope of taming the shrew Amanda is in the hands of the Hungry Fool: Wilder.moreless
    • The Buzz Club Issue
      With the entire gang stuck in Buzz Detention for the day, Noah accidentally tells Rebecca the bracelet he gave her was originally given to Zuzu Moon. Meanwhile, Michael tries to help Mr. Shepard get back home without DJ knowing he used the phone.
    • The Into The Future Issue
      The gang gets a glimpse of what their lives might look like in 20 years. Their future involves a fat Wilder that's a billionaire, a Noah that's an assistant for Wilder, an Amanda that's a singer with her husband/manager Michael who is half bald, a Rebecca who looks like she became what she wants to be, and a DJ that's engaged to Mr. Shepard who has a machine for a body.moreless
    • The Career Day Issue
      Rebecca competes with Amanda for the attention of young journalists at the Buzz Open House. Snowboarder Crispin Lipscombe ticks off his old friend Wilder, when he steals Wilder's catch-phrase.
    • The Truth Hurts Issue
      When Noah's dad tells him he and Noah's mom are splitting up, Noah tries to out-lawyer his Dad to prove that his parents should stay together. Meanwhile, Wilder learns he's been lied to about Ground Hog Day and Michael can't stand the fact that Rebecca out-styled him on the red carpet.moreless
    • The Bollywood Issue
      A Bollywood star catches Noah's eye and forces him to get into the Indian culture. Rebecca goes mad over a fake money earning system and Wilder and Michael team up to help Mr. Shepard win Teacher of the Year at E.C High.
    • The Double Trouble Issue
      Michael and Noah pretend to be models to meet girls. However, this ends up getting them too many dates to handle. Wilder tries to convince Rebecca that aliens are out there. Amanda finds out her new stepmom is having a baby.
    • The Bully Issue
      The Bully Issue
      Episode 8
      Yolanda schedules a date with Michael, but Michael doesn't like her controlling ways. Amanda and Noah watch an anti-bullying video and use some pointers to chastise Wilder who makes fun of Rebecca after beating her in a video game.
    • The Date Night Issue
      Michael and Amanda are going on a date, but Wilder is jealous of this and tries to get Yolanda to help sabotage it. Rebecca helps DJ with letters to the editor, while Noah and Mr. Shepherd discuss miming.
    • The Love Triangle Issue
      Michael tries to get Amanda's attention but has to get Wilder to help him. Wilder mistakenly thinks Michael likes another girl, so it doesn't go too well. Amanda, meanwhile, is promoting a new kind of lipstick. Noah overhears Rebecca's dad questioning her about her relationship with Noah - which means Rebecca hasn't told her dad about the break up.moreless
    • The Just Friends Issue
      Elliot, the boy Rebecca kissed over the summer, visits. Everyone loves him, but Noah suspects he's got ulterior motives.
    • The Weekend Issue
      Noah, Michael and Wilder's weekend plans to attend the carnival are kyboshed when they're forced to babysit Noah's precocious little sister.
    • The Love Me, Love Me Not Issue
      Zuzu Moon guest edits Buzz for the week, befriending Rebecca and stalking Noah. Michael, Amanda and Wilder make a bet to not use their cell phones.
    • The Hot or Not Issue
      Rebecca plans to write an expose article on the annual Ernie C Hot List, but then ends up on it herself.
    • The Back to School Issue
      Rebecca accidentally blurts to Noah that she kissed a boy in Paris over the summer. Amanda is desperate to have her first kiss with Wilder already but Wilder keeps telling her how she's not ready.
  • Season 2
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