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  • wardrobe

    It takes a lot to get me ro actually write a comment, positive or neg; Wardrobe needs MUCH improvement. TODAY'S morning "costumes" were just that: the woman in the one shoulder green dress, it made her look tacky, trampy & highly unprofessional.
  • I was just on my computer looking up vanessa Morgan on youtbe when i saw she was in this show.


    I tried to look it up and i found it!! Once i started watching it i couldnt stop i love The latest buzz i am addicted to that sho. tHe only sad parts of the show was when the show was over and when Roah broke up.and i just loove Amanda and Wilders love life. I loved the Final issue when Amanda and Wilder Kissed. Amanda finally got her first kiss. And i hated when Roah broke up. They were a really nice couple. Ive wached every episode. It was an Amazing show.

  • What a great show!

    I haven't been in to this show for that long, but I already love it. It has clever writing and jokes.

    There are those TV-Shows that reuse jokes from other people because they think it'll still be funny. I hate those shows. But this show, I haven't heard one joke before I watched it. It's hilarious! My favorite character would have to be Wilder. He makes me laugh the hardest. I don't know who my least favorite character would be, maybe Noah? They're all great, so I have no idea.

    So, all episodes in this hilarious series are great. You'll be laughing every minute. Everyone should watch it.

    10 out of 10.
  • Teen Buzz magazine is looking for talented, young journalists to write in its pages, but when it hires 5 witty, crazy, and down-right hilarious teenagers, they got more bargainned for. This show will have you in stitches every time!

    This kids show panned out rather well after a dodgy, poorly cast pilot. The Latest Buzz demonstrates why we tune in to high quality comedy, with great one liners, funny situations, and typically-witty charcters. With five students, Rebecca, the goody two shoes, Noah, the rebel, Wilder, the clumsy gamer, Michael, the gossiping socialite and Amanda, the snobby fashionista, this great comedy is outstanding in its ability to underpick and exaggerate the goings-on of a magazine when it is run by high school students. It will have you rolling on the floor laughing after every episode and is a definate 10 out of 10 in my books.
  • The episode that really makes me clutch my heart is when the journalists return from their Summer Holidays. Noah breaks up with Rebecca because she kissed another boy during her stay in Paris with Amanda.

    I was heart broken myself! They were so close, but just because of that one kiss, everything went wrong. I do hope they get back together and let their love last forever! Though there is one relationship I do not adore as much as 'Nebecca'. Wilder and Amanda do not fit together! The chemistry of 'Fashion Freak' and 'Gaming Geek' do not mix!! Either the creator has made a mistake on the script or Vanessa Morgan has added some adjustments to mingle with Munro Chambers! Michael is the perfect match for the lady, and Wilder deserves a skater chick. Michael and Amanda fit because they love fashion, and love the posh life.
  • Teen sitcom about five students who work at a cool magazine.

    This show is great!!! Everyone at my school loves it and its getting better and better. I like how the actors are young and dont look 20 for once! They have to deal with school and write for a magazine and its way more exciting to see someone whos a teenager do that. But they are also like mini adults which makes it funny. The writers do stuff I havent seen on other kids shows like the rich girl is actually smart and misses her dad, and the music guy is sarcastic but then sweet and gets embarassed sometimes, and then Michael is just awesome! I TOTALLY disagree with shani_boy101 because Buzz is different then the cheesy kids stuff Ive seen before. But he/she seems to have a loooott of anger to write all that stuff! If I dont like a show I dont watch it, who cares. Why review a bunch of shows and say they are crap? Maybe to make people laugh. Well you dont know comedy is for sure, sorry! Anyway I recomend The Latest Buzz because the dialog and the chaaracters and even the place they work are all interesting.
  • This show is pure garbage. Terrible actors, Abysmal script and that dreaded Laughter tape. I've been reading the other reviews and i was so appalled that i had to set the records straight.

    How on Earth can you call this a "Sitcom"?????? more of a "sit and try to survive" if you ask me. This show is utter Rubbish. The writers should all jump off a cliff because the only thing they got out of me was a smirk every few episodes. The script is absolutely terrible and completely unfunny, and is brought down even lower (if that were possible), by the poor acting exhibited by the young cast. Sure they're about my age (14, which is around the ages that they're targeting)and inexperienced, but they should've been able to do a better job than this. It felt that they were restricted to the heavily stereotyped characters while filming, because all "jokes" seemed forced and were never funny anyway. And Yes, Rebecca IS the piano girl from HSM. For the little acting she did in that movie, it was still good, which puts more blame on the Terrible script writers. The show is held up in some parts by Jeff Geddis and Genelle Williams who play DJ and Andrew Shepherd on the show.

    Aggh. The Laugh Tape. Sure other sitcoms such as Friends use it, but when they use it (often) it is VERY funny. "The Latest Buzz" on the other hand, tries to deliver the corniest jokes and one-liners every five seconds, which are never funny yet they still play the exact same laugh tape over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over till you're ready to shoot the television for showing such trash.

    All in all "The Latest Buzz" is more like one of "The Biggest Duds" still on Television. Just Don't bother with this show. There are much better shows out there. And don't be surprised that this show is Canadian.
  • every character in this show u will fall in LOVE with for many reasons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i know when iam in LOVE with a show because i get on the computer and research it like the its best school project. i have many reasons why i like the show and the main one is the characters.

    for the actors this is thier first major role and the actors are the age they play not 31 and play 15.

    this is a family show and will make anyone laugh if not they are made out of stone(maybe).

    this is just like any other show just there to entertane you. before you say no to "the latest buzz" give it a try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Who said Canadians were not talented? Most of the best shows are Canadians. The Latest Buzz is one of them.

    The Latest Buzz is one of the best TV show I ever saw. I watch it in French, in Quebec on VRAK.TV, and I very like it. I am serious when I say that I watch it every time it airs. It's funny and we wish we could be at their place. Writing for a magazine is a dream for a lot of teens. They all have their own personalities... and we already see it when we first watch the opening: Noah is the "bad boy" who likes music, Rebecca is the "perfect reporter", Amanda is the "top-modal", Wilder is the skater man who likes sports (and video games) and Michael is the boy who loves celebrities... It's a show that you must watch... or you would be mad if you miss it. ;-)
  • Good. I watch it on youtube its alright.

    Watching The Latest Buzz is my I like every one on it but Rebecca and Michael are my faves. I like Rebecca because she is nice to people and Michael because he is so funny but is always doing stupid stuff that gets him in trouble. The Latest Buzz is a funny comedy. It is not funnier than Hannah Montana and the Suite Life. It also makes me wish I had a teacher like Mr. Shepherd but mostly I wish I worked at Buzz. If I was ever to meet anyone on the show I would freak out. .

    I have read stuff on facebook and I know that Noah and Rebecca kiss and stuff. I can't wait for that one to happen on youtube .

    In conclusion, I want to say that The Latest Best is the a good show but Glimer would have been better
  • The Best Thing About Friday Nights

    Watching The Latest Buzz is my favourite thing to do on Friday nights. Even tho me and my little sister PVR it, we still like to watch it when it comes on. I like every one on it but Rebecca and Michael are my faves. I like Rebecca because she is nice to people and Michael because he is so funny but is always doing stupid stuff that gets him in trouble. The Latest Buzz is a funny comedy. It is funnier than Hannah Montana and the Suite Life. It also makes me wish I had a teacher like Mr. Shepherd but mostly I wish I worked at Buzz. If I was ever to meet anyone on the show I would freak out. To bad they didn't come to Calgary, only Edmonton.

    I have read stuff on facebook and I know that Noah and Rebecca kiss and stuff. I can't wait for that one to happen in Canada.

    In conclusion, I want to say that The Latest Best is the best show ever.
  • A show about 5 hilarious teens running a teen magazine - a hoot.

    "The Latest Buzz" which airs in Canada Friday at 6:30 on Family Channel is another awesome show in the vein of Hannah Montana and Zack and Cody. It's basically a hilarious sitcom starring a bunch of 15-year-olds who run a magazine. Each have their own beat, like Gaming/Sports and Gossip. It's a really funny show that I love watching with my sister. My fav. character is Wilder, 'cause he's so random and funny, he's like Joey from Friends, only better. I also think Amanda is very pretty. I love how she always says OMG! and LOL! I give "The Latest Buzz" a 10/10.
  • It's cute, sweet and refreshing!

    My new fascination is Latest Buzz..!! It beats all the typical comedy stereotypes of the usual- having two girls and a guy, nd adolescent issues (Lizzie Mcguire, Raven, and Hannah Montana) This one is about five journalists, Rebecca, Noah, Michael, Amanda, and last but never the least Wilder. Rebecca is the sweet, innocent, but slightly nerdy...and she and Noah seem to have a romance going on between them. Noah is the bitterly sarcastic smart aleck, who covers Music, Michael is the quirky cheerful guy who covers all the Celebrity Stats, along with Amanda who covers fashion and is extremely intelligent, and an ego to match. Wilder is the goofy guy who you can't help but to hang around with. Wilder seems to have some romantic feelings for Amanda, as well. Wilder covers gaming.
    The Latest Buzz is quite addictive, though there are around two-three episodes which are quite silly and dont have much sense. Otherwise, this show is a treat. As for love issues...there's Noah/Rebecca's love, and Wilder Amanda...and im sure they'll find someone for Michael!
  • Not funny.

    I have a love hate relationship with this show. It's like, I watch it and think (what is so great about this show, sure it's interesting but I keep fading in and out). I usually leave to go on computer or outside.

    In my life with Derek review, I said I might review this show after a few episodes. Well after watching a few episodes I have to say, It's the kind of show you watch when nothings on (like Just Jordan, Danny phantom, and the Tyra banks show). There's nothing funny with this show, most of the time they put the laugh track in the wrong places.

    I got pretty bored with the show very quickly and am mad that family replaced life with Derek new episodes with this. They should of put it at 8:30 where there's nothing (If you don't live in Alberta then you wouldn't know the times here, or maybe there the same).

    The acting isn't that good. one-time characters are better acting then anybody else.

    Storylines: Not sure if there gonna get better-6
    Characters: There right for the show-8
    Acting: Not good-5
    Theme song: ANNOYING-1
  • 5 teenagers work at Buzz magazine. They each have their own column and become friends.

    THIS SHOW ROCKS!!! Each charctr is totally different but they have 2 work 2gether 4 the magazine. Wilder is hilarious, Noah is supr sarcastic, Michael is conceited but in a funny way, Amanda is a diva but smart and sweet when she wants 2B, and Rebecca is just nice and kinda nerdy. I loveeeee the show bcuz it has funny dialogue but also nice moments with evrybody. Like they have crazy stuff with people in costumes or dancing or w.e. and then they have good lines that you want to remember and quote! Its like this dream job plus cool people plus histerical jokes. And the theme song is amaaaaaaazing and sung by Amanda!
  • This show is about 5 kids who get to work at a cool magazine.

    This show ROCKS. i loovveeee it! i have never seen anything like it b4. You get to see 14 yr olds having jobs and doing cool interviews and wearing awesome clothes. Wilder is the xtreme sporting and gaming guy and Noah does music and is srcastic and funny. Michael writes gosssip about celebrities and Amanda gets to do fashion. Rebecca is the sweetest girl and does school articles. i like how they have to work 2gether and sometimes fight and stuff, but its always hillarious the way they do it. Plus the actors are all cuuuuuuute and i love the editor DJ who was Kim on Radio Free Roscoe. Great show. cant wait 4 more eps!
  • The Latest Buzz is about 5 teenagers getting to be writers for Teen Buzz, a magazine geared for teenagers.Rebecca, Amanda, Wilder, Michael and Noah are the new writers for Teen Buzz. In the show, they deal with plenty of teenage and medua issues.

    The Latest Buzz is a newly aired show with high hopes and I believe that the season premire was very cute. I want to continue to watch the show because I found it intriging. I also want to see whats going to happen in their lives. Will there be romances and what other issues will they have to deal with? I think that I'm going to frequently watch this show, unless a lot of the episodes seem pointless. I'm very eager to see whats going to happen in each teenager's lives and I highly suggest watching this show if you don't mind getting hooked into another show!
  • Rebecca has trouble thinking of her magazine idea, Noah and Micheal prank each other, and Wilder can't play an old videogame.

    Loooooooooooooove it!!!! The people are so funny and cool on this show. Michael is hillarious u cant beleive hwo funny he is, Wilder is a crazy guy and Amanda is gorgeous. Rebecca is so cute and the magazine boss is from RFR! I cant wait for more episodes of it. The openersong is amaaaaazing and theres a cool shot of Noah playing guitar!

    This show made me laff out loud but also was soooo sweet, like Rebecca talking to her boss and throwing her hat up at the end, and how everybody helped her with her article. I was shocked that Amanda was the one who got her the Teen Buzz job!! Wowowow.
  • This show has five teenagers working at a cool magazine. They get to do stuff like cover music and fashion shows and meet celebs. One girl does the regular school stuff.

    I saw it online and love it! I wish I could work there. I bet magazines will look at this and say, we should hire some teenagers! Everyone is really funny and looks good. Their teacher at school is funny too and the editor DJ is awesome. She's from Radio Free Roscoe!! Amanda has the best clothes and she covers fashion. She's so pretty and knows that all the boys like her. But I think Rebecca is the sweetest, sort of because she's a klutz (like me! LOL) All the boys are hilarious, especialy Michael. I can't wait to watch more of this show!!
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