The Latest Buzz

Season 1 Episode 10

The Live Issue

Aired Friday 6:30 PM May 16, 2008 on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

E-WOW reports the tantrum of the day, but Amanda comes from the elevator screaming her own tantrum. She explains one fashion designer "Figarucci", which Amanda loves, has been scolded and is no longer popular. DJ makes sure Michael is ready for his big interview with Michael D'Ascenzo (the Canadian actor who plays Rainbow on "Naturally, Sadie"). Rebecca really wants to help interview him since she claims to know everything about him. It's also the first live webcast and Rebecca thinks Michael will at least need some extra help. Michael continuously says no, and says she's only interested because Rebecca is a really hardcore fan. But, after Rebecca leaves, Michael mutters to himself to "find out who he is", which tells us that Michael doesn't really know much about Michael D'Ascenzo after all.

Meanwhile at the Blurb, Amanda has found some new clothes to put on because the "Figarucci" clothes are absolutely no good. She explains she's worn this brand forever and Rebecca has a hard time understanding since she doesn't really shop by brand names. Wilder believes that aliens are going to come to earth one day and Noah can't believe Wilder can believe in something so silly. Noah decides to play a prank on Wilder, but doesn't divulge.

Michael is eating when Amanda comes in bland as ever in a jumpsuit, clearly depressed about her favorite designer going under. Michael serves up some gossip to help her feel better, but one of the snippets is about her! Later, Michael is preparing for the interview. Mike D. arrives and immediately notices Rebecca, who Michael informs is his assistant. Mike D. explains he would like to dedicate this interview to his girlfriend and then gets a call from her. Rebecca comes back and is upset saying "you stole my interview".
Noah calls Wilder over to see his computer – which explains aliens have made contact. Wilder reads the note: "Dear human, we see you from light years away, sadly we also smell you – uh, hurtful – prepare for further contact". Noah can't believe he's going along with it, so he plays along. DJ finds Amanda and consoles her over the loss of her brand name clothes, but encourages her to experiment with new designers. Amanda decides it's not too soon and then decides to move on.

The interview is live in 30 seconds when Mike D. gets a text message from his girlfriend that she is breaking up with him! Michael is stuck having to improvise on the spot. He brings in Rebecca to entertain the viewers. Meanwhile, Amanda appears in new clothes and is happy about the move. DJ thinks she's moving too fast (this is all a ploy on relationships talk). Amanda entertains the viewers with her new clothes for a bit, but viewers are asking for Mike D. Michael and Mike D. talk it out about the breakup, but the 3 week relationships is leaving Mike D. hurting. Noah continues playing off Wilder when DJ comes to say that Wilder has to take over stalling the webcast. Wilder is going to tell the world (or the viewers) about the contact from aliens. Noah starts to hesitate and it looks like he will tell him what's really going on, but doesn't stop Wilder.

Rebecca helps Michael try to get Mike D. ready for the interview while Wilder spills about the aliens on camera. Rebecca talks to Mike D. and he soon discovers how much fans mean to him. Wilder's mad because the joke is finally up and Noah argues that he should have realized how silly he sounded. Michael's taking another turn at stalling on camera. Mike D. and Rebecca have come out of the office, but think it's better to wait this one out, returning to the office to talk a bit more. Amanda later comes into DJ's office and it turns out "Figarucci" is back in the fashionista circle.