The Latest Buzz

Season 1 Episode 8

The School Dance Issue

Aired Friday 6:30 PM May 02, 2008 on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

Amanda, checking her phone, tells Rebecca that someone just got frostbite on her behind and she's filling in for them at an event. Wilder explains he's practicing his dancing styles for tomorrow's dance because you have to know how to dance with every type of girl. Wilder asks if Amanda is going, but she tells him she is going to "Night of 100 Fashionistas". Wilder feels rejected and Rebecca consoles him.

Wilder talks to Noah, saying he can't wait for tomorrow's dance. Mr. Shepherd will also be chaperoning, which will make for a laugh. Noah asks what chaperoning means and Wilder replies "to party". DJ comes in and tells the crew that Buzz is going to the school dance too. Everyone can't believe it. Rebecca is covering the dance from the students' point of view. Noah covers the music. Michael has to serve up some gossip. Amanda has to cover the fashion while Wilder has to find a gaming angle. In the next scene, Amanda is canceling her gig at "Night of 100 Fashionistas". Rebecca and Amanda find a song printed out on the copier and Noah is the one who wrote it. The girls are convinced he wrote it for them.

Meanwhile, Michael is wondering how to find gossip at the dance. Wilder says he has the perfect plan for the gaming angle – dancing with as many girls as possible and asking them questions. Whoever has the best answers will share a milkshake after the dance with Wilder. Michael wants to use this situation as a scandal of the dance. Out by the lockers, Rebecca talks to Noah while Amanda gets Noah's mp3 player and downloads the song to her cellphone.

Michael suggests questionnaires for Wilder to keep track of the girl's answers. Meanwhile, in class, Mr. Shepherd tells the crew about Bill McKinney, who had a huge story, but to tell that story, he would have to betray a friend. He ended up never telling the story. Journalism is about ethics and it's unethical to gather information in a sneaky way. Later, Amanda really likes Noah's song, but Rebecca decides she's not going to listen to it. They debate over who the song is for. She later listens to the song anyway while they are debating. They need to figure out who Noah is singing about and explain that the best way is to ask at the dance.

At the dance, DJ sees Mr. Shepherd and he's glad he's not the only chaperone. DJ explains she's not chaperoning, but since she has nothing better to do, sticks around. Wilder is dancing with plenty of girls and getting answers. Michael collects the information, explaining he's looking after Wilder. Michael feels bad, but then says "who am I kidding" and starts looking for some of the girls. Amanda is commenting on wardrobe when Rebecca steps in. They need to find out who Noah likes, with Amanda planning to get Noah to crack. She goes up to him and starts being flirtatious. Noah is completely oblivious! Amanda is disappointed, but then cracks herself – "Tell us who the song is about!" Michael and Wilder are making the girls upset and they go after the both of them, passing DJ and Mr. Shepherd in the halls.

In the halls, Rebecca finds Noah who's disappointed in Rebecca for listening to the song (he understands why Amanda would, but not Rebecca). Rebecca admits that she's never been to a dance before and never danced with a boy before. If the song was about her then it would have made the experience better. It turns out the song is not about Rebecca, or Amanda – it's about Evangeline Lily (from the TV "LOST"). But Noah explains it's his little sister's guinea pig of the same name and the only way she would agree to do something was if Noah wrote that song. Rebecca says she's heading out to write the article, but Noah asks if she still wants to dance. "I'd thought you'd never ask," says Rebecca.

Meanwhile, Michael and Wilder and trying to explain themselves out of the situation they've created. The girls then empathize with Wilder and turn on Michael who's left running away. In the end, everyone is still having a good time. Michael suffered an "atomic wedgie", while Rebecca says her experience was better than she expected. Wilder takes the whole bunch of girls out for milkshakes.

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