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Season 1 Episode 8

The School Dance Issue

Aired Friday 6:30 PM May 02, 2008 on Black Family Channel

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  • Awsome

    Awsome, funny, and with just a hint of romance.
    I totally loved it!!! This episode was very good. It was awsome that Rebecca would think the song Noah wrote was about her because the show hasn't really hinted that her and Noah like each other, but it finally did! They make a great couple! The Micheal/Wilder was hilareous!

    It would be really great if Noah and Rebacca would get together.

    At the begging it seemed like Wilder was flirting with Amanda but she rejected him. At the end Micheal and Amanda were dancing. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Hope you looove the episode as much as I did,

    P.S. You can watch the show on the family channel.
    Or (I Think This is only for Canadians? I'm Not Sure)
    you can watch the episode on
    I'm not sure how long so hurry!!

    Bye 4 Now
  • Michael takes Wilder's trust when he tells him that he will be asking several questions at the dance to a girl from each a different clique. Rebecca/Amanda discover that Noah wrote song for a girl in the office both hope to prove at the dance it is them.

    This episode is by far my favorite. Wilder's crazy gaming angle for the dance was hilarious and Michael got what he deserved for taking a friend's trust to his advantage! The Rebecca/Noah/Amanda triangle was by far my favorite thing in this episode! Amanda thought is was her because of her good looks and status and rebecca hoped it was her because she probably has a crush on him from all the time she spends with him. It was very cool when Amanda revealed both she and Rebecca had listened to his song. Rebecca was the one that fallowed him and actually apoligized becasue it meant her article wouldn't be about how it was her first time at a dance. And what I loved most about this, was that Noah actually asked her to dance. and michael got a super wedgie!