The Laurel and Hardy Show

Season 7 Episode 5

Pardon Us

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Aug 15, 1931 on
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Pardon Us
Laurel and Hardy wind up in jail after they are caught making beer during Prohibition, and run afoul of the warden and notorious convict Tiger Long.

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  • Stan and Ollie are sent to prison for bootlegging, and run afoul of the entire prison system.

    "Can we put you down for a couple of cases?" Many years before "The Shawshank Redemption", we see how two men come to depend on each other while locked up. Many critics claim that this is more of a series of short comedies glued into one big one. This is totally true, as this feature was intended to be a short. The cast is stellar, with Walter Long as the villian, a role he could play with no effort. One of my heroes, silent film leading man Wilfred Lucas shines as the Warden. Calm one moment, deadly the next... All in all, a nice potpurri of gags and clever one-liners (the school scene). At least look at it for the "Lazy Moon" number.moreless

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    • Ollie: Say what about the tooth? The buzzer?
      Stan: I fixed that too! I vulcanized it.
      Ollie: You what?
      Stan: I vulcanized it. I put some chewing gum in there and it doesn't buzz anymore.
      Ollie: You're actually using your brain! That's what comes from associating with me!

    • Teacher: We will now have the role call. Those that are here will answer "present". Those that are not here will say "absent".

    • Title card: Mr. Hardy is a man of wonderful ideas. So is Mr. Laurel- as long as he doesn't try to think.

    • (Stan has just gotten his prison photo taken)
      Stan: If they turn out good, can I have one?

    • Stan: I wonder how long we're going to be in here.
      Ollie: Oh, about two months I guess.
      Stan: Gee, that's a month apiece.

    • (Stan & Ollie are on their way to prison)
      Ollie: Well, you sold that policeman that bottle of beer, didn't you?
      Stan: I thought he was a streetcar conductor!

    • Desk Sergeant: What's your name?
      Stan: Stanley Laurel.
      Desk Sergeant: Say "sir" when you're addressing me! Now what's your name?
      Stan: Sir Stanley Laurel.

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    • The song Ollie performs on the plantation is Lazy Moon. The African American workers can be heard singing numerous tunes including Hand Me Down the Silver Trumpet, Gabriel and Swing Alone.

    • This film was made mainly as a satire of the popular prison drama film, The Big House (1930). Many plot elements were copied and parodied.

    • When the convicts are in the classroom, the theme music from The Little Rascals can be heard playing in the background.