The Laurel and Hardy Show

(ended 1954)





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  • Timeless classics...

    This show goes to prove that you don't need profanities or be cruel and discriminating towards one group of people to make someone laugh. Nearly 75 years after they were filmed they still have us in stitches - often copied, but never again captured. They were the best in the business and will be for many years to come. No matter how low you feel - they always make you smile and feel good inside, not only because of their humor, but also because of the memories they wake of the time when you first saw them. A must for anybody with taste...
  • Two scatterbrained men who can never function as one unit, cause mayhem and mischief in whatever situation they find themselves in.

    Although they are almost impossible to locate on DVD and television, Laurel and Hardy are without a doubt the greatest comic duo of the 20th century. Their childish antics will never age. They produced both excellent short subjects such as "The Music Box", "Helpmates", "Going Bye-Bye", and "Perfect Day", as well as unparalled feture films like "Pardon Us", "Sons of the Desert", and "Saps at Sea." Their main drawback is their timing. By today's standards, the prolonged efforts such as putting on each other's hats gets tiresome pretty quickly. This is probably why the Three Stooges are more celebrated for performing the same gags. But, if you can find them, these comic geniuses are not to be missed.
  • Good clean fun taken to the hilarious extreme.

    I grew up forever watching re-runs of Laurel and Hardy, and they shaped the way I think about humour and comedy. They were way ahead of their time, combining subtle visual gags with 'over-the-top' ones.
    The predicaments (or 'fine messes') they get themselves into allow them to present comedy masterclasses. Extremely well-scripted and perfectly acted, among my favourite episodes were 'The Music Box', 'Come Clean', 'Going Bye Bye' and 'Dirty Work'.
    One of my favourite moments is from near the end of 'Dirty Work'. Stan and Ollie go into the 'mad' Professor's laboratory so he can demonstrate his 'rejuvenating formula' which turns a duckling back into an egg. Then he says it is time for a human demonstration. Laurel turns to Hardy. He just nods towards the door. Such a very subtle movement, but it makes me laugh everytime I see it.
    Laurel and Hardy were geniuses!
  • The Laurel and Hardy Show

    This is the best classic show I have ever seen despite it being in black and white. Laurel and Hardy were like Nickelodeons Kenan and Kel in the 1930s they are both equally as funny as each other. This show will remain a legend. I always watched Laurel and Hardy whenever its on. It is real funny.
  • It a great Show!

    A great Show! Laurel and Hardy and called sometimes Fat and Small. the best was sons of the Desert' might suggest a convention of Foreign legion veterans or else some nomadic band in search of an oasis. Those familiar with Laurel & Hardy however, will recognise it as the fictional lodge to which Stan and Ollie have pledged allegiance in their 1933 feature film of the same name (available from VVL in both restored monochrome and colourised versions).