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The Laurel and Hardy Show

Season 9 Episode 1

Twice Two

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Feb 25, 1933 on
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Episode Summary

Twice Two
Laurel and Hardy fight with each other at work while their wives fight with each other at home. The boys are married to each other's sister and head for home to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

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  • Stan and Ollie are each married to the other's identical twin sister, and soon make a riot out of a quiet anniversary dinner.

    Truly Laurel and Hardy at their most feminine! The boys look hilarious dressed in drag as their wives, and this is probably the most interesting aspect of the film. If the drag is a highlight, there are plenty of lowlights. The telephone/ice cream gag is drawn out too long to really be funny and the dubbed voice for the female version of Stan is really annoying. The ending is also very predictable and not that funny. The best parts are probably the scenes where female Ollie is applying make-up, and the part where he/she is hit with the cake and looks like a picture of Queen Elizabeth. A neat film but not a classic.moreless

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    • Deliveryman: Does Mrs. Laurel live here?
      Mrs. Hardy: Yes.
      Deliveryman: This is the cake she ordered this morning. Will you see that she gets it?
      Mrs. Hardy: I certainly will!
      (Mrs. Hardy takes the cake to Mrs. Laurel and slams it in her face.)

    • (Mrs. Hardy is tired of Mrs. Laurel being mean to Stan)
      Mrs. Hardy: You're always picking on him! Pick, pick, pick, pick, pick!
      Mrs. Laurel: You keep your big mouth out of this!
      (Mrs. Hardy begins to cry. She looks mournfully at Ollie)
      Mrs. Hardy: Did you hear what she said? I haven't got a big mouth, have I?
      (Ollie shakes his head)

    • (Mrs. Laurel is losing patience with Mrs. Hardy)
      Mrs. Laurel: Get that dame out of my house before I go nuts!
      Mrs. Hardy: T'isn't your house!
      Mrs. Laurel: Tis my house!
      Mrs. Hardy: T'isn't!
      Mrs. Laurel: Tis!
      Mrs. Hardy: T'isn't! T'isn't! T'isn't! T'isn't!

    • (Ollie and Mrs. Hardy walk out on Mrs. Laurel's meal)
      Mrs. Hardy: Come Ollie dear, let's go the Ambassador, where we can get something GOOD to eat!
      Mrs. Laurel: I hope you choke!
      Mrs. Hardy: Same to you, you big tub!

    • Stan: Fanny?
      Mrs. Laurel: What?
      Stan: Would you go into the kitchen and get some horse's radish?
      Mrs. Laurel: You go get it yourself! Horse's radish! Hmph!

    • (Ollie is on the phone with his wife as Stan is listening in)
      Ollie: Baby, how about we go out to dinner?
      Stan: That's a good idea. Let's go to Foo-Yung's and get some sukiyaki.
      Ollie: "Sukiyaki." Hmph!

    • (Stan has just gotten off of the phone with Mrs. Laurel)
      Ollie: Well what did she say?
      Stan: She told me not to tell you that she's got a surprise for you.
      Ollie: Well don't tell me.
      Stan: I won't. I can keep a secret.

    • Stan: Say listen. Ollie wants to take us out tonight to celebrate our university.

  • NOTES (1)

    • The final Laurel & Hardy film directed by James Parrott. Parrott had previously directed over 20 of their films, including their Academy Award winner The Music Box.