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  • interesting to watch in latter part of series ... didnt watch the first 2 episodes and maybe dont need to ... Michael won the $250M pot

    i got to watch the latter part of the season as it was aired overseas. not enough good staff but watching the good few was interesting enough. (in case you are wondering who won, Michael beat Olivier in the final round, though he lost the case) enjoyed it to have watched ... but have not seen the first 2 episodes.
  • I have watched The Law Firm for the past two weeks on NBC, and while I don't love it, it isn't so bad, and it is much better than summer re-runs. It's kind of like The Apprentice for lawyers.

    I have watched The Law Firm for the past two weeks on NBC, and while I don't love it, it isn't so bad, and it is much better than summer re-runs. It's kind of like The Apprentice for lawyers. If other TV shows were on with new episodes, I wouldn't be watching this.
  • I watched the September 13, 2005 episode. I was appalled. No justice here as the lying winners were awarded victory. No ethics. Sleaze wins the day. Disgusting the way the liars celebrated their victory. The honest lwayer got fired. Skip this show!

    I watched the September 13, 2005 show where a man sued his former girlfriend for lying to the police. The jury found in favor of the girlfriend. The girlfriend's lawyers knew she lied. They knew the true facts in the case. They still celebrated their vistory based on lies. No justice here. The lawyers will stop at nothing to win. No search for truth. No regard for ethics.

    The lawyer who got fired at the end of the show was truthful. The lying lawyer was not fired.

    This was the first time I watched this show and the last time.

    Shows the legal profession for the sleaze it really is!
  • The Law Firm is an interesting show to watch, but it tries to integrate so many different elements and is only really a mediocre show on most of those levels.

    The Law Firm is a legal-based reality show. It centers around 12 real lawyers who are vying to become the top attorney. There's a mix of Judge Judy, The Apprentice, Survivor, and The Practice in this show. On some levels, it's a smart, sophisticated show with a lot of legal intricacies integrated in it. But on many other levels, it's a sensational drama with predictable outcomes. This is Roy Black's only attempt at reality TV, and it is glaringly obvious that he is only doing this show for his ego. He sometimes eliminates a player just to catch the audience off guard, and leaves the person who should have been eliminated on the show. If it had mainly focused on the cases involved, it could have been a great show. If it had mainly focused on the reality show drama, it could have been a great show. But the way it poorly integrates both of those elements together, and the fact that some of the cases are only there for sensationalism, makes the show a little bit less worthwhile than it potentially could have been.
  • This, to me can potentially be better than the Apprentice.

    This show is pretty interesting to me so far. I think that I may like it better than the Apprentice because of its unpredictable outcomes. As the summary says, anyone is at risk of being eliminated pending their performance in front of the judge. I think I will be a loyal viewer this season!!!
  • A reality show where lawyers try real cases.

    This show is decent. Its really the only reality show that I have seen that I have liked enough to watch at all. The comparisons of the Law Firm being a law version of the Apprentice are pretty much correct so if you want to see a legal version of the Apprentice then you would probably like it. I think that it is decent the way it is but with some adjusting they could make the show much better than it is right now. However, it is a somewhat entertaining show that is worth watching sometimes and is a break from the average reality tv shows.
  • Good show though it's obvious that it's unoriginal--ripping off it's format from the more popular "The Apprentice."

    I thought it was a good show. It's one of the better "copy cat shows." The choice of contestants on the show seemed a bit awkward and so did the obvious outcome of the cases but other than those two aspects, the debut episode has me looking forward to a pretty good show.
  • Fairly entertaining version of "The Apprentice" for law buffs

    I've been a fan of legal-series and especially David E. Kelley series for quite a while now. Therefore I was excited how this format will turn out.
    It's not a fiction-series as rather a real-life-dismissal-show with lawyers.
    There are two cases, and the lawyers are all divided into four groups. They represent the plaintiff and the defendant in each case and are competing.
    In the end an expert-attorney (Roy Black) will rate their performance and dismiss the weakest two candidates.
    This concept isn't new, in fact it's spoiled. But it was interesting to see the contestants file down their strategies to win their cases.
    I was, however, disappointed by how shallow this series was. Sure, in a 45-minute-format there isn't much space to show how everyone is preparing. But they could've cut the interpersonal stuff a little bit to make room.
    Overall: Not a great show, but not a bad one either...
  • I am a Roy Black fan however was dissapointed that he singled out the only african american and stated, "I don't know if you are there yet," when other candidates were not as skillful or knowledgeable as him.

    I have always been a Roy Black fan. However, this episode was not a good reflection of th legal system. Roy singled out the only African American and stated