The Law of Ueki

Monday 6:30 PM on TV Tokyo Premiered Apr 01, 2005 Between Seasons


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The Law of Ueki

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Ueki is just an average junior high student who has the power to change trash into trees. This power was given to him by Koba-sen so that Ueki can participate in the "Battle of the Supernatural Powers". If Ueki wins, then Koba-sen becomes the new King of the Celestial World while Ueki will receive the "Talent of Blank", allowing him to choose whatever talent he desires. However, the battle will not be easy since he will have to face may unsavory opponents who want the "Talent of Blank" for their own selfish reasons. Ueki will undergo many trials and sacrifices in order to win the battle and prevent the "Talent of Blank" from falling into the wrong hands. Ueki Kousuke He may seem like a normal Jr. High student, but the only thing that begins to separate him from normal people is his power to turn normal recycled trash into trees. Though, it's not only for show as he will have to use it in his fights with 100 other combatants. Other than that, he may not always be intelligent when it comes to class time. Mori Ai Ueki's friend in Jr. High. She accompanies Ueki in his quest to challenge the many combatants and will try to aid him outside of the fights. Seichirou Sano The guy that can turn towels into iron. He is also Ueki's friend. Rihou Master of Taijutsu (Martial Arts), and he promises to train hard so he can live up to his father's legacy. He is among the evil guys that wishes to challenges Ueki, though he might have a change of heart. Koba-sen (Kobayashi-sensei) Teacher of Ueki & Mori. He's the god candidate that bestowed Ueki with the special ability to turn trash into trees. "God" (Kami-sama) The guy that calls the shots in how the tournament will be played out. Opening/Ending Themes + Lyrics Opening #1 Falco by Hitomi Shimatani Ending #1 Little Planets by Aiko Kayo Falco - Lyrics kimi wa nani wo nozumu no dare no tame ni kizu tsuki? yume wa ukabu kuuhaku hitomi wo tojita saffran saita koko no umi suna arashi ga yami nari sabaku yori mo hate naki toki wo samayou yorokobi ya kanashimi kara ima uketotta chikara hoho netsu ni kawaru chorus: mirai sono te ni tobitatsu falco kakeru kimi ni yume wo tsukame chikai hibi kasu kegare naki sora koeru SAHARA taiyou ga michibiyuku Little Planets - Lyrics itsumo soko ni iru hazu to omotte ita kimi ga inai dokoka natsukashiku kanjirukedo samishiku wa nai nani genaku miageta ano aoi iro no sora ni chorus: kokoro ga ukabeta planet mayotta toki ni wa **** ano hi no bokura ga kitto itsumo kanata de mitsumete kurete iru sukitooru hitomi no planet zutto kawaranu omoi ga koko ni aru


Previously Aired Episode

AIRED ON 3/27/2006

Season 1 : Episode 51

Brendan Hunter

Brendan Hunter


Katsuji Mori

Katsuji Mori

Kobayashi/Koba-sen (Japanese Version)

Lori Barnes Smith

Lori Barnes Smith


Mamiko Noto

Mamiko Noto

Rinko Jerrard (Japanese Version)

Kappei Yamaguchi

Kappei Yamaguchi

Hideyoshi Souya (Japanese Version)

Romi Paku

Romi Paku

Kosuke Ueki (Japanese Version)

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  • Deeply etched memories

    THE LAW OF UEKI has always been my favorite since 18 years old and am still watching ueki despite the monotonicity. Japanese Anime will always remain in the deepest parts of my heart. No wonder y the Japanese are so successful..... They induce pentup emotions to one's soul through people who never even it Ueki,NARUTO,DragonBall never be forgotten..

    LIVE LONG ANIME ( sobs. )
  • Recommended for all who love nature and fighting.

    As I said this show is recommended for tree-huggers and for those who just love amazing fight scenes. First of all, this show is not only very original in terms of powers and combat strategies, but also in terms of character designs, personalities and most importantly plot. Because of this show my mind opened up to a lot more possibilities and it also motivated me even more to keep recycling and find new ways to save our home planet. Again, anyone will love this show and by anyone I mean absolutely anyone. Also, I believe that this show can definetely change people's point of view on nature and recycling. And this, my fellow users is exactly why this show is very influential...moreless
  • It can be Engaging for the time but soon after you finish it you might want to move on

    Law of Ueki is an Action Comedy show thats about Heavenly Beings,Devils and Humans. Ueki a Human at first but is actually a Heavenly Being and with a tournament coming and bad guys everywhere,he'll need all the power he can get!

    He also has other Company. Mori(Is that right? I havent watched it in awhile) was a simple school girl who cheered him on until a fateful day she recieved a power and joined the team.

    Sano a guy who dreams of making the perfect Hotspring (weird eh?) has the power to change Towels into steal with limits of course ;)

    Rinko(once again I'm not completely sure) has the power to turn Beads into Bombs and along with her Imagination she can turn those into different weapons! Shes rich BTW

    and last Hideyoshi(Ugh I should really fix my spelling)

    Monkey looking guy with the power to inplants Voices into material objects and repeats the voice used.

    All Powers have a level 2 adding new powers to some of the Ueki Team Members.

    Anyhow great show for the time watching it. You can pass it if you want but enjoy it while you canmoreless
  • Overall this show rocks! Its full of heart thumping moments and the battles are cool!!!!!!! I love the powers,its great!

    the law of ueki is the BEST....lOVE THIS SHOW...A SUPERB oscar anime award for you..full of excitement and adventure.hope this show got season 2,3,4 and many more.i was a loyal fan 4 this show from the very start.i love anon's maoh than ueki's maoh but ueki's maoh is kinda cute.kobasen with a beer.hehehehe...
  • this is a good show.

    law of ueki is a reall good tells us the story of an eighth grader named kousuke ueki who is given the power to change thtrash into trees by his favorite teacher kobasen(or kobayashi) who happens to be a heavenly seems that there is a tournament where a 100 god candidates compete against each other to become a succesor to god.the rules are to select a mortal from earth and give him a particular powers with which he must compete with other such power users.the powers are usually to turn item a into item b (for eg:towels into steel).ueki meets many friends and rivals on his way to winning the tournament.if he wins,kobasen will become a god.this anime is interesing and has a good is worth watching for pure entertainment.moreover,i love ueki's sense of justicemoreless

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