The Law of Ueki

TV Tokyo (ended 2006)


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  • Season 1
    • The Law of Blank Zai
      Ueki was able to beat Anon using Maoh. They went back to school and Sano studied geography to make and Rinko dumped Robert. Koba-sen became Ueki's new homeroom teacher and the talent he wrote on the blank zai was "reunion".
    • The Law of Ueki vs. Anon
      After waiting for a long time, the battle between Anon and Ueki finally gets underway. Ueki is even the first to get a hit off of Anon as he transfers the energy from his Raika to his Seikku in order to match Anon's speed.

      At this point, Anon unleashes his Maoh, the level 10 Sacred Treasure, and we finally get to see it. Maoh is a summoned creature that takes on a random form and is as powerful as the will of it's user. Ueki also summons Maoh, which takes on the form of Kobayashi, but is still less powerful than Anon.

      Anon seems to be getting the better of Ueki, until he reveals a secret: Maoh can only be summoned six times, and Anon is on his last one because Robert used it twice before the fight.

      However, Ueki still has two. Just as Ueki feels defeated, Ai calls to him and Ueki finds his will: the will to protect his friends. His Maoh finally overpowers Anon's, and Anon runs out of Maoh. As a reward, he spits out Robert.

      Without Robert, however, he can no longer use Roberts power. He explains why he spits him out. With Robert, Anon was limited by how many Zai Robert had. Now that he has been spit out, he is no longer limited in the number of Zai.

      This is unlike Ueki, who is not technically fighting a competitor of the tournament. And because he only has 18 Zai left, Ueki only has 18 chances to take out Anon.moreless
    • The Law of the Ten Stars

      Rinko and group fight Anon and a long battle ensues. After going through several basic attacks, Ban and Diego create a combination attack, while Sano uses a new special attack which, unfortunately, we never see.However, even these are ineffective.
      In the meantime, Ueki begins training inside the Heavenly Beast that Hellion Margarette has become, while Ai runs to meet up with everyone at Anon. Along the way she is stopped by Kilnorton, who pleads with her to make him love glasses again so he will go help the others fight.
      When she runs away from him, he explains the importance of Ban and Diego to him. After doing so, Ai tricks him into thinking he loves glasses and they run up to meet the others. As Ban, Diego, and Kilnorton are now together, they can perform their special combination attack. Unfortunately, while they are powering it up, Kilnorton is taken out by Anon. He then proceeds to take out everyone else.
      Once they are gone, only Ai remains. Anon picks her up and walks her over to a cliff, choking her all the way. While doing this he explains why he has done what he has done. As a protector, he never understood happiness. Then one day he started believing that happiness was a path devoid of hindrances, and that meant destroying everyone.
      Just as Anon drops Ai off the cliff, she is caught by Ueki, who has become a level 10 Heavenly Being. He uses the level 9 flying Sacred Treasure, Seiku, to catch her.

    • The Law of the Fourth Round
      The fourth round begins and Anon explains the rules. They are quite simple: be the first to make it to Anon and defeat him to win. If they can't, Anon will destroy everyone.

      While Anon hides in his floating battlefield, everyone attempts to meet up with him, including Ueki and Ai, but they are stopped by Hellion Margarette. Margarette threatens Ueki then goes after Ai.

      However, due to Ueki's determination to stop Anon, Margarette reveals his true form, and the secret of The Protectors: they are sacred beasts in human form.

      Meanwhile, Li Ho is the first to meet up with Anon, and they fight. Li Ho stands up pretty well against Anon, managing to block most incoming attacks and show an impressive display of power as usual.

      However, he is no match for Anon, and is defeated after a long battle. Just as he faints, Rinko and Sano show up ready to fight. But they aren't alone. Ban Dicoot and Diegostar show up to help.moreless
    • The Law of Anon Who Became God
      The final round is approaching and everyone is contemplating the upcoming round. Ueki and Mori chit chat and Ueki gives her his lucky charm, telling her she needs it more than he does. Souya sits on a cliff and comes to the conclusion that he is useless and a hindrance. And Rinko and Sano walk along in the forest, and Sano comments on how she still loves Robert. He tries to ease her troubles by telling her that they will get Robert back.

      As everyone is doing this, God and Hellion Margarette continue their battle, both coming to standstills, despite putting everything they have into it. When the fight winds down, Hellion Margarette reveals that he knows that God has an item powerful enough to give God the edge. However, God was holding out in an effort to change Margarette's mind. Instead, they call it a draw.

      Just after, however, Anon uses a powerful Ranma blade to slice through God. Not expecting this, God is struck and left bleeding on the floor. Anon then reveals his true plans, which have nothing to do with Hellion Margarette or the Protector clan. Anon wants to take over the 4th round battle and change the rules.

      Finally, Anon does this by taking God's precious "Mr. Stop" item and changes the rules to suit his own purpose. The first change: the 4th round moves from daybreak to immediately.moreless
    • The Law of God, the Girl, and the Future
      God continues telling his story of the past and the girl he met, Haruko Ueki. After saving her from the bullies, she tries to pay him back, first by force feeding him several plates of curry, then by a whole mess of other thing.

      Eventually, God is able to escape, but not before he finds an elderly woman whose foot gets stuck in a railroad track. God knows that he can't interfere with life or death situations on earth, but just when it seems that the woman will die, Ueki jumps in and helps the woman. Seeing the girl's determination, bravery, and optimism towards the future, God jumps in and saves them both. It is at this point that he makes the decision to start the tournament.

      After this, God decides to try and change the Hellions hearts and turn them away from their plan to take over Heaven. He goes to confront Margarette, who is in fact not Margarette at all, but a Hellion. Just like Robert, Margarette's body was taken over by a Hellion. It is also revealed that Ueki Haruko, the young girl that was inspiration for the tournament, was Ueki's adoptive mother.

      On this day of, Ueki and the gang are celebrating, and Ueki has curry to commemorate his mother's death. Back with God, as he faces Hellion Margarette, the two fight using their Sacred Treasures, but it is a draw. They finally pull out one last powerful Treasure: the level 10 Sacred Treasure, Maoh. However, the episode ends without revealing exactly what Maoh is.moreless
    • Law of the Attack from the Past
      Ueki has finally reached his level 2 power! He can now revert the powers of others back to their original state. If Ballow attacks with multiple visions made reality, Ueki can return them to simple past visions. Ballow's advantage is severely limited with this turn of events. Ballow realizes this and presses on, hoping to overwhelm Ueki before he can fully master this power, but as he does so, the past that wounds him so comes back to him.

      A long time ago, he lived peacefully with his mother, but due to an accident, he used his sacred treasure on his mother. Resulting in a comatose state, Ballow tried desperately to awaken his mother with pictures, hoping they would reach her heart. Nothing seemed to work until one day burglars came to his home and tried to attack his mother. She finally awoke and saw Ballow with his kurogane activated. The sight of it frightened her and made Ballow leave in a rush, running into Margaret and the future Team Ballow.

      Back to the present, Ueki manages to avoid all of Ballow's attacks before finally landing a powerful Pick. Ballow is down and Team Ueki win! Kami-sama is watching this while his assistant is furious for hiding the fact that a Hellion is taking part in the tournament. Kami-sama chooses this time to explain how he came to create this tournament. It all started when he met a young girl on Earth named Haruko...Haruko Ueki.moreless
    • Law of Ueki, Level 2!
      Angered by Ballow's attack on Sano, Ueki is ready for this fight. Problem is that he had all of his sacred treasures removed! It seems that Ueki's heavenly father gave him some advice on reaching level 2. Ueki's problem is that he didn't fully master his gifted power before obtaining his sacred treasures.With the two conflicting powers, Ueki isn't able to master his original power well enough to reach level 2. To do that, he has to get rid of his heavenly powers and work from there.

      Ueki is determined to do this, fending off Ballow's multiple attacks with creative uses of his trash to trees power. Ueki still can't head or tails of Ballow's power, until Sano wakes up and reveals Ballow's ability to make past visions a reality, meaning any of his past attacks can come back at any moment.

      While Ueki contemplates this, a conversation between Koba-sen and Inumaru reveal that Ueki's power of trash to trees isn't normal like everyone else's. Ueki can continually reuse his power, turning trash to tree to trash to tree again. Koba-sen reveals that if Ueki can master his level 2, it would completely change the course of the tournament.

      So just what could this mysterious power be?moreless
    • The Law of the Goodie-Two-Shoes Pose
      Sano took Diego's advice by heart and came up with a plan to defeat him. By making a magnetic track, Sano propelled himself towards a trapped Diego at incredible speeds and rammed him head on. Still, Diego was able to grasp victory by a powerful bluff while Sano was in the null power area.

      Now the games are tied one to one. Next up is Mori vs. Kilnorton, with an IQ of 179. Mori is freaking out about how to get him to do the special pose, but thanks to Hideyoshi, Mori tricks him! The problem is that Kilnorton has already planned for everything, refusing to knock himself out because it would damage his own glasses.

      Now Mori has to work even harder for a win. After accidentally destroying both pairs of glasses, Mori surprises everyone by revealing a backpack full of glasses. Mori threatens to break them all with a huge rock if Kilnorton doesn't use his head as a shield. Luckily, Kilnorton's IQ is no match for Mori's cunning!

      Next up is Ballow vs. A tired and injured Sano. Sano knows he can't do much, but he promises to get Ballow to reveal his power. He succeeds, but Ballow has no intention of allowing Sano to tell his friends what it is and cruelly knocks him out, angering Ueki.

      The two are next to meet, but a shocking bit of information from Tenko reveals that Ueki is going into this fight severely handicapped: Ueki is now a 0-star heavenly being!moreless
    • The Law of Team Ballow
      Against Team Ballow, Rinko goes first. Her opponent is Ban Dicoot, but Tenko notices something odd about him: he is a heavenly being! In fact, all of Team Ballow are heavenly beings. They were all brought together for this tournament in order to support Anon and Margaret's wish to become God.

      Like Ueki, Ban is able to make use of the sacred treasure, but something is different about these treasures that force Rinko to hold back her attacks. It seems that Ban's power is to bring life to inanimate objects which come out looking like cute, adorable faces that Rinko can't bring herself to hit! Rinko has no choice but to take the abuse rather than fight back, but when Ban starts verbally abusing her, she cracks!

      Using a specifically designed glove, she is able to create a slap with enormous power, smacking both Ban and his adorable Pick into submission. Returning to her frightened friends victorious, she retains no knowledge of her strange transformation.

      Next up is Sano who faces Diego Star. It quickly becomes apparent that his gifted power is to make his sacred treasures colorless and invisible, making it impossible for Sano to see the oncoming attacks. Sano tries to out think his opponent, but Diego is no slouch in the brains department, either.

      How can Sano hope to overcome this manly opponent?moreless
    • The Law of the Real Thing and the Impersonator
      Ueki and his team are sore about Anon ambushing them before their fight with Team Caption, and they aren't the only ones, but they choose not to dwell on the situation. Instead, they get some time to relax at home on Earth.

      Ueki heads back to his home and finally reveals everything that is going on about him being from heaven and his current fight for the God candidacy. Ueki's family, being the strange ducks they are, take everything in stride, especially when they see Tenko appear from Ueki's arm.

      Upon returning to Heaven, Ueki has a run in with his real father. Inviting him to their room unknowing of his connection to him, Ueki and his friends are determined to make the old man act social. Ueki's father finds himself at odds. He is uncomfortable around Ueki, but secretly wants to know if he is still important to his son. He asks if he prefers the real or the fake, a question Ueki's adoptive father asked earlier. Ueki's reply is that he prefers the real, adding that his adoptive father is the real one in his eyes.

      Ueki's father feels a bit deflated at this, but understanding. He decides that he doesn't have a place in Ueki's life anymore, but he leaves Ueki with a parting gift: the secret to level 2.

      Will Ueki be able to make good use of this advice for the upcoming fight against Team Balo?moreless
    • The Law of Wonderful "Ai"
      Mori faces Memory all by herself. Still unsure of her power, she tries to bluff for time while waiting for her teammates. Unfortunately, Sano can't hear her cries for help and Ueki just passed out! Left on her own, Mori can only run away from the battle experienced Memory.

      Mori tries desperately to solve the mystery of her power, trying out every idea that pops in her head. It is only when she is close to defeat does she figure what it is: the power to make anyone a glasses lover!

      With Memory completely enthralled by Mori's glasses, she has no choice but to do what she says before Mori breaks her beloved glasses and this includes knocking herself out! Team Ueki wins! The team recuperates, even getting a visit from Marilyn.

      The next day, Team Ueki gets ready to face Team Caption, but before they can show up, Anon stands in their way determined to keep them from their appointed fight. He refuses to let Ueki face weak opponents and decides to take them on himself.

      Are Ueki and his friends up to the challenge of the all powerful Anon?moreless
    • The Law of the Sealed Heart
      Marilyn continues her assault on Ueki, leaving him no chance for defense. No matter what Ueki tries in terms of strategy, Marilyn's ability to turn one second into ten seconds is too much of an advantage. But Ueki has been watching her and notices that she, too, has her weaknesses. Noticing her reliance on practiced fighting patterns, Ueki comes up with a plan to counter her moves.

      When he has his chance to counter, he stops, noticing tears coming from Marilyn's eyes. Ueki realizes that she truly doesn't want to fight and refuses to go on with this battle. This infuriates Marilyn, forcing her to make use of her level 2: the ability to double her attack power. Still, Ueki refuses to fight, prompting childhood memories in Marilyn, memories she would rather forget.

      Will Marilyn's past reveal a truth about herself she wasn't able to face? Or will she force herself to fight once again and continue her attack on Ueki?moreless
    • The Law of Sano's Awakening!!
      Ueki is left to face Marilyn who has a strange ability to dodge every single attack Ueki throws at her. After some careful testing, Ueki discovers she can stretch 1 second into 10 seconds, thus being able to attack and move at seemingly rapid speeds.

      Marilyn is quick to display how advantageous this power truly is on an unfortunate Ueki. Meanwhile, Sano is left to face he-of-the-six-arms, Matthew. No matter what Sano throws at Matthew, it is all shot down. Matthew goes so far as to claim Sano's power to be completely worthless. But Sano thinks otherwise; this power is a special gift from his friend, Inumaru.

      Wishing he could be stronger to make better use of this gift, he discovers his level 2: the power to turn his iron into a powerful magnet. Matthew's bullets and guns are no more the advantage they were. Unfortunately, he has an ace up the hole of 6 brass batons. With an uncanny close range fighting ability, Matthew relentlessly attacks Sano.

      How will his newly found level 2 help in this situation?moreless
    • The Law of the Sacred Treasure's Weak Spots
      Sano, Mori and Soya are facing the remaining members of Team Marilyn. Sano is doing his best to protect his friends, leaving Soya with a chance to escape. Soya jumps at the chance, but a moment from the past reminds him that even he can overcome his own cowardice.

      Distracting Team Marilyn, the three of them escape only to be ensnared once again. Marilyn tells them how hopeless their situation is, explaining how Ueki won't even be able to save them.

      However, Ueki lives to do the impossible and manages to come just in time to save Sano from a lethal blow. Proving that his sacred treasures aren't as weak as others think they are, Team Ueki is ready to fight on, but who should interrupt but the Kami-sama himself! He reveals the bearer of the ten point necklaces: Marilyn for Team Marilyn and Mori for Team Ueki.

      Everyone splits up, but how will Team Ueki fare against the well trained Team Marilyn without the benefit of teamwork?moreless
    • The Law of Proof of Friendship
      While Ueki is busy trying to get back to his teammates, Sano, Mori and Hideyoshi face the remaining members of Marilyn Team. Being the only fighter with offensive capabilities, Sano decides it is up to him to protect the others. He seems to be doing fine, but it is a last second rescue by Mori that shows him he can depend on his friends for support.

      Using their own strategies, they are able to counter Marilyn Teams many traps and even set a few of their own. This ends with Marilyn Team losing Pudding. Faced with dwindling numbers, they choose this moment to reveal Matthew's hidden power: the ability to grow two extra sets of arms, all of which fire rapid fire guns!

      Sano manages to protect his teammates from the brunt of his attacks, but Marilyn is back and looking to put an end to their resistance.

      Will Ueki make it in time to help his friends or will they all end up in the care of gentle ghosts like Rinko did?moreless
    • The Law of "You Tricked Me"!
      Ueki's strategy of stalling for time has been found out and it greatly amuses Team Marilyn that Ueki would think of such a thing. Revealing their history of growing up on the battlefield, Ueki finally understands just how combat ready these opponents are. Leaving Baron to deal with Ueki, the other Team Marilyn members give chase to the remaining members of Team Ueki. Ueki tries to follow, but Baron doesn't let him.

      Determined to keep his opponent busy, Baron attacks Ueki with his close combat knife fighting, a specialty of his. It is quickly revealed that Baron's knife is more useful than it appears; Baron's power is to transport himself to wherever his knife is, an ability that leaves little maneuverability for Ueki.

      When Ueki adjusts his fighting style to combat this ability, Baron reveals his level two ability: to stop himself and his opponent in their tracks if he teleports within one meter of the person.

      Forced with a close combat battle, can Ueki come up with a usable strategy to grab victory before Baron does?moreless
    • The Law of Team Marilyn
      The battle between the Ueki team and Marilyn team begins. Marilyn is so confident that her team will win that she vows to defeat Ueki's team in four minutes!
    • Assault! The Law of Ueki vs. Li Ho
      The Ueki team's next opponent is the Marilyn Carey team, who defeated Caption's team in less than five minutes! What's more is that Li Ho has challenged Ueki to a fight, and Li Hou has significantly grown stronger since their last encounter.
    • The Law of Real Strength!
      Ueki talks with Pekol who wishes to be strong just like Ueki. Inspired by Ueki's defeat of Gitar, he decides to quit working with Gurano. When he confronts his teammate about this, though, Pekol is verbally deflated and submits to Gurano's whims. With the ability to turn models into the real thing, Gurano summons a giant robot to combat Ueki. With no robot of his own, Ueki must rely on his own abilities. With a bit of ingenuity, Ueki knocks down the first robot, but Gurano summons another more powerful machine. How can Ueki keep fighting someone who can create an endless supply of powerful opponents?moreless
    • The Law of the Strongest Tag
      With one win, Team Ueki looks optimistic, but a new challenge awaits the group. This time around, Sano and Rinko will have to face a pair of gifted that make use of each other's abilities to defeat opponents. Muunin can turn bad puns into reality when the opponent laughs and Pastello can turn any line drawing into a portal which he uses to tickle the intended victim. Sano and Rinko are competent on their own, but lately they've been getting on each other's nerves. Can Sano look past Rinko's carefulness? Can Rinko look past Sano's carelessness? If they want to win this battle, they will have to find a way to look past each other's flaws and work together as a team.moreless
    • The Law of the Third Battle
      Ueki and friends are ready to start the team tournament stage. They make way to Heaven where they meet four other teams of gifted whom they are meant to battle. God makes an appearance to tell the teams the rules for this stage of the tournament and with his usual penchant for eccentricities, starts off with a treasure hunting battle by sending the two teams to their destination via a heavenly pachinko method. Ueki's Team is going to be up against the Gurano Team. Right from the start, Ueki is up against Gitar, a music loving guy in a full black suit. Ueki attacks him with everything he has, but Gitar just shakes off the attacks, claiming to be invulnerable. How will Ueki be able to defeat someone he can't even hurt?moreless
    • Don't Die! The Law of Tenko
      Tenko is grateful to Ueki. He has given him friendship, a purpose and treasured memories. But Tenko has a secret: if he raises Ueki up to nine stars, Tenko will die. Tenko knows that if he tells Ueki this he will refuse to reach the nine-star level. However, Tenko knows that Ueki has to get stronger to face his opponents. Unsure about what to do, Tenko decides to give his life for Ueki's quest to become stronger. After all, it was the first time in a long while that Tenko has felt needed and he appreciates it so much. When Mori finds out about this secret, she rushes off to stop Tenko from raising Ueki's level, but it is too late: Ueki is already inside of the awakening organ and he can't hear Mori from the outside. Will Ueki lose another precious friend in the name of this heavenly tournament?moreless
    • The Law of the Sun House
      Zack and his team of power-users try to coerce Hideyoshi into joining them by threatening to destroy the Sun House orphanage. But not if Ueki has anything to say about this!
    • The Law of Hideyoshi
      The second round of the Battle of the Supernatural Powers is coming in three weeks, and the power-users can form 5-man teams. So, Ueki and Mori try to find a fifth member for their team. They meet Hideyoshi Soya, a very tricky power-user, but he's being targeted by his own God Candidate, Zack, to join his team of evil power-users.moreless
    • Terror! The Law of Anon
      Ueki meets a new enemy named Anon, who is even more twisted than Robert Haydn ever was.
    • Resurrection! The Law of Mr. K
      The battle between Ueki and Robert reaches its climax!
    • The Law of Young Robert Haydn

      After Robert's past is revealed, Ueki begins his battle against Robert.

    • The Law Of Ueki Vs. The Ten
      Ueki continues his fight with Karl Paccho, who has more tricks up his sleeve. An event from Robert Haydn's past is revealed.
    • The Law Of Inumaru
      The Law Of Inumaru
      Episode 22
      Inumaru sacrifices himself in order to save everyone. Later, Ueki begins his fight with Carl Pacchio.
    • The Law of Seiichirou Sano
      Ueki battles against Sano on the Rope-Jumping Field. The real reason why Sano joined Robert's Ten is revealed.
    • The Law of Cat and Mouse
      It's Rinko vs. Kabara, and they fight in field? The objective is to get the opponent to get eaten by a cat...a giant cat, and to do that, they have to turn into a mouse! By slapping the cat's nose and the opponent becomes a mouse! Kabara seems to have the advantage in this one thanks to his ability to fly, but Rinko has a few tricks up her sleeves: some new weapons and for animals?moreless
    • The Law of the Cossack Dance
      Ueki continues his battle with Yun-Pao, still trying to figure out Yun-Pao's limit.
      Later in the next fight, Mori finds herself battling on the Cossack Field against Kabara, a member of Robert's Ten and a notorious hunter known in the underworld.
    • Tremble! The Law of Dogura Mansion
      Ueki receives an invitation to a "party" held by Robert Haydn. So, Ueki, Rinko, Inumaru, and Mori all go to an arcade that leads to Robert's underground theme park called Dogura Mansion. There, Ueki fights in the first round against Yun-Pao, one of the new members of Robert's Ten.
    • The Law of the Two Powers
      Ueki battles Myoujin, the last of Robert's Ten. Myoujin uses his two powers to overwhelm Ueki.
    • The Law of Neo
      The Law of Neo
      Episode 16
      Ueki's exhaustion finally catches up with him. So, Tenko places Ueki in a Healing Chamber. Ueki will have to stay in the chamber to heal for 12 hours. While Ueki heals, Tenko and Rinko must fend off the remaining members of Robert's Ten, Oni, Becky Wolf, and Myoujin Tarou.
    • The Law of Rinko
      The Law of Rinko
      Episode 15
      Now a 4-star Heavenly being, Ueki easily defeats Don in their rematch. Word about this gets out to the rest of Robert's Ten, including Marco Mardini and Rinko Gerard, whose sad past is revealed.
    • The Law of the Awakening Organ
      Ueki tells the rest of Robert's Ten (except Robert himself) that he defeated Alessio. As a result, the Ten's Don decides to fight Ueki.

      Using his power to change his finger ring into a rocket, Don soundly defeats Ueki.

      In order to get stronger, Tenko has Ueki train in the Awakening Organ so that Ueki can raise his Heavenly-Being rank.moreless
    • The Law of the Heavenly Beast
      A large Heavenly Beast appears during the fight between Ueki and Alessio.

      Ueki learns more about his potential powers as a Heavenly Being from the Beast, who befriends Ueki.
    • The Law of Heavenly Beings
      Robert has Ueki perform an entry test for him to pass if Ueki wants to join the Ten.

      Ueki then picks a fight with one of Robert's Ten, Allegio Yuriano.

      Mr. K discovers the truth about Ueki and Robert.
    • The Law of Robert's Ten
      Ueki's fight with Kuro Kage comes to an abrupt end when Kamui Rosso (a.k.a. Shiro Kage) takes out Kuro Kage.

      Ueki defeats Shiro Kage and is then asked to join Robert's Ten. For some reason, Ueki accepts.
    • The Law of Justice That Never Comes
      Ueki continues his fight against Kuro Kage, whose sad past is told by Kuro Kage's little brother.
    • The Law of Onimon's Training
      The fight between Ueki and Onimon reaches its conclusion.

      A week afterwards, Onimon trains Ueki so that Ueki can fight a stronger enemy known as Kuro Kage, one member of Robert Haydn's Ten.
    • Fair and Square! The Law of Onimon!
      Ueki's next opponent is Onimon (full name - Oniyama Monjirou), who can turn the dirt he kicks into cannon balls. This guy is different from all the other guys, and it's not because he likes to shorten names.
    • The Law of Mr. K
      The Law of Mr. K
      Episode 7
      Ueki finds out why Mr. K was so interested in him. Ueki also gets a new God Candidate, Yodogawa (AKA Yotchan), who wants him to drop out of the battle.

      Ueki fights his next opponent, Bolo T, who can turn his forehead into a diamond.
    • The Law of Goodbyes
      Mr. K sacrifices himself to save Ueki from certain death.
    • The Strongest Ability-Holder, Law of Robert Haydn
      With another win and another zai under his belt, Ueki is able to relax for a little bit. When traveling by train one day, he meets Junichi Baba a.k.a. B.J., a hip-hop enthusiast who takes an immediate liking to Ueki.

      So why does he also say his name is Robert Haydn when he discovers that Ueki is also a gifted? Fortunately, B.J.'s ability to turn coins into wind is not enough to stop Ueki.

      The two part on friendly terms, but when the real Robert Haydn shows up, what will happen to Ueki’s new friend?moreless
    • The Law of Li Ho, the Man of Physical Skills!
      Mori is determined to learn more about this tournament so when the opportunity arrives to gain such information from Mr. K, she leaps at the chance.

      During their talks they are interrupted by another gifted. Unlike Ueki’s previous opponents, though, this one is different. Li Ho prefers to use his own body to fight rather than his given ability.

      When Li Ho starts smashing Ueki’s trees with his bare hands, not even the sarcastic talent can help our hero. So what can he do when Li Ho unleashes his most powerful attack: The Count of Monte Cristo?moreless
    • The Law of Talent
      Thanks to Seiichiro Sano, Ueki defeats Taira. As Sano leaves, he talks about the Talent of Blank...

      Afterwards, Ueki and his school's running team practice with another school's running team. However, Ueki is soon lured into a trap by Adachi, who can turn cotton into stakes.
    • The Law of the Battle Commencement!
      Mori has decided to help Ueki, but she’s starting to see threats in every direction. When any middle school student could be a gifted, who knows when Ueki will be challenged.

      Two gifted do cross their paths. One is Seiichiro Sano, a decent type who they met while trying to rescue a small girl from a big fall. Another is Maruo Taira, a less than decent individual who has no problem attacking from behind. With the ability to turn water in his mouth to fire (and a little help from his God Candidate), how will Ueki fair in his first official gifted fight?moreless
    • Kosuke Ueki's Law of Righteousness
      Kosuke Ueki is an 8th grader who received the power to turn trash into trees from his teacher Mr. K. He is closely being watched by Mr. K to decide whether he puts the power to good use. Mr. K wants to enter Ueki for a tournament that will allow a Celestial Being like Mr. K to become the Celestial King if their candidate wins the tournament. Moreover, if Ueki uses his power to hurt others, he will lose one of his talents. And if all of his talents are gone, Ueki will disappear. Can Ueki refrain himself from hurting others when he has to deal with a demented doctor who's harassing a bully who's sworn off fighting and a young boy?moreless