The Law of Ueki

TV Tokyo (ended 2006)


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  • Deeply etched memories

    THE LAW OF UEKI has always been my favorite since 18 years old and am still watching ueki despite the monotonicity. Japanese Anime will always remain in the deepest parts of my heart. No wonder y the Japanese are so successful..... They induce pentup emotions to one's soul through people who never even it Ueki,NARUTO,DragonBall never be forgotten..

    LIVE LONG ANIME ( sobs. )
  • Recommended for all who love nature and fighting.

    As I said this show is recommended for tree-huggers and for those who just love amazing fight scenes. First of all, this show is not only very original in terms of powers and combat strategies, but also in terms of character designs, personalities and most importantly plot. Because of this show my mind opened up to a lot more possibilities and it also motivated me even more to keep recycling and find new ways to save our home planet. Again, anyone will love this show and by anyone I mean absolutely anyone. Also, I believe that this show can definetely change people's point of view on nature and recycling. And this, my fellow users is exactly why this show is very influential...
  • It can be Engaging for the time but soon after you finish it you might want to move on

    Law of Ueki is an Action Comedy show thats about Heavenly Beings,Devils and Humans. Ueki a Human at first but is actually a Heavenly Being and with a tournament coming and bad guys everywhere,he'll need all the power he can get!

    He also has other Company. Mori(Is that right? I havent watched it in awhile) was a simple school girl who cheered him on until a fateful day she recieved a power and joined the team.

    Sano a guy who dreams of making the perfect Hotspring (weird eh?) has the power to change Towels into steal with limits of course ;)

    Rinko(once again I'm not completely sure) has the power to turn Beads into Bombs and along with her Imagination she can turn those into different weapons! Shes rich BTW

    and last Hideyoshi(Ugh I should really fix my spelling)
    Monkey looking guy with the power to inplants Voices into material objects and repeats the voice used.

    All Powers have a level 2 adding new powers to some of the Ueki Team Members.

    Anyhow great show for the time watching it. You can pass it if you want but enjoy it while you can
  • Overall this show rocks! Its full of heart thumping moments and the battles are cool!!!!!!! I love the powers,its great!

    the law of ueki is the BEST....lOVE THIS SHOW...A SUPERB oscar anime award for you..full of excitement and adventure.hope this show got season 2,3,4 and many more.i was a loyal fan 4 this show from the very start.i love anon's maoh than ueki's maoh but ueki's maoh is kinda cute.kobasen with a beer.hehehehe...
  • this is a good show.

    law of ueki is a reall good tells us the story of an eighth grader named kousuke ueki who is given the power to change thtrash into trees by his favorite teacher kobasen(or kobayashi) who happens to be a heavenly seems that there is a tournament where a 100 god candidates compete against each other to become a succesor to god.the rules are to select a mortal from earth and give him a particular powers with which he must compete with other such power users.the powers are usually to turn item a into item b (for eg:towels into steel).ueki meets many friends and rivals on his way to winning the tournament.if he wins,kobasen will become a god.this anime is interesing and has a good is worth watching for pure entertainment.moreover,i love ueki's sense of justice
  • Mindblowing!

    Nice powers. Ueki is just an average junior high student who has the power to change trash into trees. This power was given to him by Koba-sen so that Ueki can participate in the "Battle of the Supernatural Powers". If Ueki wins, then Koba-sen becomes the new King of the Celestial World while Ueki will recieve the "Talent of Blank", allowing him to choose whatever talent he desires. However, the battle will not be easy since he will have to face may unsavory opponents who want the "Talent of Blank" for their own selfish reasons. Ueki will undergo many trials and sacrifices in order to win the battle and prevent the "Talent of Blank" from falling into the wrong hands.
  • Interesting ideas, quite fun and keeps to its values. Stands out even in its own genre. I approve!

    It seems these days that Anime can get just a little repetitive. But I'm glad to say this one shines out from the rest.

    The Law of Ueki's main protagonist has the power to change thrash into trees. Among the first few thoughts that come into mind is that this might be a show about saving the environment. That is not the main focus of the show, though at some points, Ueki can be seen sweeping the park and planting trees. The show is overall fast paced, but it had never seemed rushed. I think a lot of shows like this tend to drag on a bit but battles in Law of Ueki seem to last for 1 and a half episodes max.

    The shows number 3* focus is on the battles during the Battle of the Supernatural Powers that takes place. The abilities of the contenders are each unique though all share the same concept: Changing object A into object B. However, their powers differ from the usual fire and ice fare. Examples include turning tomatoes into magma or fingers into rockets! Their powers are all over the place so the battles themselves are quite enjoyable to watch.

    Focus no.2* are the characters. Many of the characters have depth, allies and enemies alike. Most of the time, we get to see their motives for battling, giving us valuable insight into their identities and giving us opportunities to understand where they're coming from. Most of their personalities differ giving variety to the cast. Ueki for examples, is not quite like the many protagonists out there: He's determined, too honest, self sacrificing (almost to the extreme), hardworking, friendly and might not seem to quite grasp the situation at times.

    The number 1* focus is what I also believe to be one of the central messages of the show: Work hard for what you believe in. Ueki fights for what he believes to be right: his friends, good people and 'justice'. Even though most of the time he finds himself in a weaker position, he manages to overcome the obstacles either by strength, will or just understanding and believing. I find that very admirable.

    Special mention goes to the comedic attributes of the show. Without them, the show would only be a hollow shell of itself. Most of it is caused by Ueki who can be, for lack of a more accurate word, 'silly' as well as the antics of his friends and enemies.

    In conclusion, this show may not be special-est but it should not be ignored ever (especially if you do not despise the typical shouts of 'I need to be stronger' or something along those lines). If the sequel is ever made, it would have a very high bar to jump.

    *Remember that these are just my opinions.

    P.S: Yes, I noticed I mentioned Ueki a lot in this review but if I get started on more characters, we could be here for a while.
  • Cool power!

    Ueki is just an average junior high student who has the power to change trash into trees. This power was given to him by Koba-sen so that Ueki can participate in the \"Battle of the Supernatural Powers\". If Ueki wins, then Koba-sen becomes the new King of the Celestial World while Ueki will recieve the \"Talent of Blank\", allowing him to choose whatever talent he desires. However, the battle will not be easy since he will have to face may unsavory opponents who want the \"Talent of Blank\" for their own selfish reasons. Ueki will undergo many trials and sacrifices in order to win the battle and prevent the \"Talent of Blank\" from falling into the wrong hands. Ueki Kousuke He may seem like a normal Jr. High student, but the only thing that begins to seperate him from normal people is his power to turn normal recycled trash into trees. Though, it\'s not only for show as he will have to use it in his fights with 100 other combatants. Other than that, he may not always be intelligent when it comes to class time \"_\". Mori Ai Ueki\'s friend in Jr. High. She accompanies Ueki in his quest to challenge the many combatants and will try to aid him outside of the fights. Seichirou Sano The guy that can turn towels into iron. He is also Ueki\'s friend. Rihou Master of Taijutsu (Martial Arts), and he promises to train hard so he can live up to his father\'s legacy. He is among the evil guys that wishes to challenges Ueki, though he might have a change of heart. Koba-sen (Kobayashi-sensei) Teacher of Ueki & Mori. He\'s the god candidate that bestowed Ueki with the special ability to turn trash into trees. \"God\" (Kami-sama) The guy that calls the shots in how the tournament will be played out. Opening/Ending Themes + Lyrics Opening #1 Falco by Hitomi Shimatani Ending #1 Little Planets by Aiko Kayo Falco - Lyrics kimi wa nani wo nozumu no dare no tame ni kizu tsuki? yume wa ukabu kuuhaku hitomi wo tojita saffran saita koko no umi suna arashi ga yami nari sabaku yori mo hate naki toki wo samayou yorokobi ya kanashimi kara ima uketotta chikara hoho netsu ni kawaru chorus: mirai sono te ni tobitatsu falco kakeru kimi ni yume wo tsukame chikai hibi kasu kegare naki sora koeru SAHARA taiyou ga michibiyuku Little Planets - Lyrics itsumo soko ni iru hazu to omotte ita kimi ga inai dokoka natsukashiku kanjirukedo samishiku wa nai nani genaku miageta ano aoi iro no sora ni chorus: kokoro ga ukabeta planet mayotta toki ni wa **** ano hi no bokura ga kitto itsumo kanata de mitsumete kurete iru sukitooru hitomi no planet zutto kawaranu omoi ga koko ni aru
  • One of the best anime shows ever!

    I've watched tons of anime before and this show was one of the best ones around...

    The Law of Ueki tells the story of the Battle of the Supernatural Powers, a tournament to decide who will be the next King of the Celestial World.

    So in every episode, the main character, Ueki battles in a tournament to gain the blank talent or blank zai. He is doing so so that others wont abuse the blank talent to destroy the world.

    Ueki has a sense of justice because he looked up to the man who saved him from falling from a building when he was a young boy. The man who had saved him later became his God candidate. His God candidate gave him an unusual ability; to change trash into trees.

    Throughout the series, we see him using his abilities cunningly. By abilities, I mean that he can also use his power manifested with sacred treasures or jingies.
    He also make friends and turns heads along the way..

    This show is very amusing and fun to watch!
    So if you have time, try watching it on youtube ^^
    or better yet, buy the VCD xD
  • the law of ueki

    the law of ueki is also the best! i had said that all of the cartoon action/comedy/adventure and missions are so awesome to me because i love powers as they used..the truth,i'm a ambitious man who wanted to have powers(hehe..will not happened..)i'm a totally number 1 fan of the "power shows"!!! so law of ueki has their awesome powers as they used their own ability like ueki..he has a power of nature and the other characters!!! i promised this show is so fun!
  • The Law of Ueki

    the law of ueki was awesome,fabulous,fantastic,incredible,and undefeatable! this series is so awesome that their powers was so nice! i like ueki's power with nature and the girl that's the power was a bomb..a man i forgot their names..that controls and turn curtains into steel..and their battle was so fantastic!!! i love animax!
  • Yeah!!!! My number 1 show!!! Law Of Ueki!!!

    I very Like This Show Coz,
    The character Some kind for cute person!!^_^
    I love the character like ueki,mori ai,sano and Kobasen!!
    hahaa....!! yeah the guy of evil side like robert haydyn is trully good person you all know?
    hermm... i can wait when ueki have a big fight with an anon!!
    hahaa.... so?
    Enjoy watch this show!!!
  • i really like this show!

    i really like this show because it shows how noble peoples intentions could be... and not all people are bad. ueki is a really nice person out to protect the blank talent from people who wants to use it for their own good. he does what he thinks is right and never goes against it. he is a really good person and he believes in justice. no matter how hopeless it gets he keeps fighting and for me thats really noble. i like the morals this show teaches. i also like the story line and how incredibly slow ueki could get sometimes!
  • Think of the Shikamaru vs. Temari fight in Naruto. Now, think of even deeper fights, this time, in almost every episode!

    Me being the shounen freak I am, I've been running out of shounen to watch lately, and I was given the choice between Law of Ueki and Gash Bell. Despite being a shounen freak, for some reason, I haven't watched Gash Bell, and to this day--at least at the time I've written this review--I still haven't watched it, because the anime series I decided to watch was Law of Ueki. Why would I choose this rather unknown title over a popular one that got more recommendations than any other of the available shounen title when I asked what shounen I should watch next at a random anime message board? Well, for the fact that Ueki, the main character, is able to change trash into trees. To me, that was a lot more interesting than controlling a little doll with blonde hair. After what the first episode presented me, I was wondering if the mangaka used this as a marketing tool to make other people like me, buy the Law of Ueki manga over the Gash Bell manga, because it presented an even more interesting and unique concept.

    Believing this anime, much like how Ueki believes in his friends, was what rewarded both me and him. Many others like Ueki, are able to change one element or object, into a contradicting one, such as towels into steel, water into fire, etc. It still sounds pretty basic, and it remains pretty basic for the first twelve episodes, but things get much deeper later on when the story starts getting juicier. While Ueki making it his goal to defeat the villain within the show, Robert Hadyn, doesn't seem anything more ordinary than what the first twelve episodes contain, the battle outside of Robert and Ueki starts developing, and all of a sudden, the story starts changing and shifting, and what's left on your plate is what makes everyone who have seen this anime, refer it as the most underrated anime ever.

    Though revealing content beyond that would kind of be spoiling it. Honestly, while the first twelve episodes were quite mediocre, I found them excellent for the comedy alone. Ueki isn't your normal klutz shounen main character that are Naruto and Luffy. While he does seem pretty empty minded, he's funny, and while Naruto and Luffy are also funny, what makes Ueki is the type of comedy he presents, which is thanks in help with the zai. There's this tournament going on in The Law of Ueki, and everyone who's been selected are given the powers like mentioned before. The condition is that you can't attack a non power user, or you'll lose your zai one by one, or more preferably, talents. These talents are basically, talents, like studying, running, doing black flips, etc. If you lose all your talents, you'll disappear. The earlier episodes do a wonderful job of combining comedy with these zai, which for me, makes Law of Ueki the funniest shounen I have ever seen.

    However, as the story starts getting more serious, the comedy is sort of sacrificed in return. This is a good thing, but for me, the comedy was just absolutely hilarious, and while Law of Ueki got tremendously better overall, the jump to mediocre to greatness wasn't that big to me as it has been to others. However, it still made a huge jump thanks to the daily servings of some of the greatest, most strategic battles in shounen history. It almost seems like in every episode after 17, there's a long, yet strategic battle going on that is consistently dropping your jaw out of pure amazement. Ueki, along with his crew, use absolutely everything in their surroundings to win. Whether it's because they predicted the person into doing something, cracks on the floors, science, physics, math, whatever, all of these factors are strung together to make brilliant battle plans even deeper than what Shikamaru presented in his fight with Temari in Naruto.

    Fans of the Shikamaru and Temari fight will definitely be pleased with what Law of Ueki has to offer, because it almost seems like fights even better than that occur every episode. So was the sacrifice of the comedy more than worth being fed with such awesome battles? Of course! Though it's kind of sad both couldn't have happened. The comedy however, still retains some of its presence thanks to the somewhat unusual characters and rather ironic situations. Though often times, they act more as comic relief than anything, and are blown out completely out of the water when being compared to the hilarity of the first couple episodes.

    While I do got to thank the characters for being hilarious and smart, like most shounen characters, they're kind of corny. I'm on the verge of giving up on shounens, because these one speech wonders are making me sick. Well, shounens are becoming aimed at towards naive little kids, but honestly, how naive can you get to have someone else much older than you, drill common sense through your head? Almost every battle, speeches are exchanged between Ueki and his enemy, and you can't help but think these battles would be so much better if it weren't for all this unncessary talking. Though there are a couple moments when Law of Ueki are impressive philosophically and psychologically, specifically 4/5's through the thing.

    So, was my decision to choose Law of Ueki over Gash Bell just? I haven't seen the latter, but there's no doubt in my mind, my choice was right even if Gash Bell turns out to be a superior anime, because in the end, no matter how I look at it, Law of Ueki is an anime that I would rank up there in the best shounen tier list that includes Rurouni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho, Hunter X Hunter, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, etc. The keyword in this anime is enduring and believing that it'll turn out great later on. While Ueki's philosophy of believing turned out to be a weakness in the show that ended up dragging it, his other aspects of him, such as his funny personality, along with his brilliant strategic planning, are by far, some of the best when compared to other shounen protagonists, which makes Law of Ueki, one of the best there is.
  • it's a nice show...i didn't really watched it from the beginning of the first ep. but I can still understand on whats going on ^_^

    Thus begins the ultimate battle for all eternity to find the next god: a hundred handpicked "God Candidates", formerly angels, will vie for the position of god through a series of matches fought by their respective student "Power Users" - the winning Candidate becomes God, and the winning student receives a blank "zai" granting him any ability he desires!

    The Candidates are thus sent to Earth to choose one "Power User" each - and Kobayashi chooses Kousuke Ueki, a well-meaning but clumsy middle-schooler, and grants him the power to turn trash into trees!
  • It's like Zatch Bell, but better.

    Meet Ueki Kousuke. He's just your ordinary Japanese junior high school student, but there's one thing that seperates him from the rest of the kids. He has the power to change trash into trees!! You heard me. It seems that the time to decide who would be the next God (that's right, the almighty God) has come, and Koba-sen, Ueki's teacher/God Candidate, has selected Ueki to duke it out with other junior high schoolers with insane powers to see who would be God. With the help of classmate Ai Mori, and other power users like Sano Seiichirou and Rinko Jerad, Ueki may prevail over the rest and stop his twisted rival, Robert Haydn, from being selected God.

    The story may a bit hard to get into after watching the first episode, since it doesn't explain things too clearly, and the whole battle plot has been used too often. But it won't be long till you get into the show. After all, there are kids with insane powers like turning towels into steel, cotton into spikes, and beads into bombs.

    The animation is not exactly great, but it's still good. It's just not outstanding. But the character models are very original. The power users each have a distinct look and work well in the setting.

    The show's strong points are its fight scenes and its comedy. The battles go by rather fast and furious. Maybe not fast, since some of them drag on into the next episode, but furious nonetheless. The comedy the show brings will have you laughing out loud at Ueki's aloof moments and Ai's freak-out moments.

    The point is that "The Law of Ueki" is a great show.
  • The show is great. I watch it all the time.

    I have been watching this show for awhile now, unforuantly as you can see on this website it isn\'t getting a whole lot of attention, but it is one of my personal favorites. If the stupid level system thing ever lets me hit level 2, I will try to help out with this page. There is only one fansubbing group out there right now that I know of, but I hope they keep chugging away. Naruto has gotten boring over time, so I am basically left with Bleach and Law of Ueki. I really do look forward, to when I see another release of the show.