The Law of Ueki

Season 1 Episode 20

The Law of Cat and Mouse

Aired Monday 6:30 PM Aug 15, 2005 on TV Tokyo
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The Law of Cat and Mouse
It's Rinko vs. Kabara, and they fight in field? The objective is to get the opponent to get eaten by a cat...a giant cat, and to do that, they have to turn into a mouse! By slapping the cat's nose and the opponent becomes a mouse! Kabara seems to have the advantage in this one thanks to his ability to fly, but Rinko has a few tricks up her sleeves: some new weapons and for animals?moreless

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  • Rinko just got cooler!

    Since the previous battle ended in a tie, the two fighters are still able to participate. Up next, Kabara vs. Rinko in the field of cats! The object is to get the cats to eat the opponent. And if you touch a cat's nose, the opponent will turn into a mouse. Thanks to Kabara's ability to fly, he was able to easily touch a near by cat's nose, turning Rinko into a mouse. Also, since Mori wasn't a power user, he wasn't able to use his feather shurikens, but now he is, and it's a much more lethal attack than his pachinko balls. It was a cat and mouse game for most of the match, but Rinko used her knowledge of cats by putting citrus around her, which cats hate, and touching its nose. However, Kabara was too strong, so Rinko stepped up her game, showing off her two new abilities; Rinko rocket and Rinko cannon! Kabara was defeated, and the next match was already determined; Sano vs. Ueki.

    The first half of the episode was pretty average, which was mostly Rinko being chased by all the cats. There isn't much to write about there, though what happens after that was creative and strategic battling. Rinko's new abilities were especially great, using her beads to rocket her into the sky, and putting metal tuves in her fingers, creating a machine gun like hand, using a single bead to ignite the other beads. It was really brilliant battling. Plus, while Kabara lost most of his coolness after going bald, his feather shurikens attack is just so damn cool, even though other characters with wings use such similar attacks in other animes. Also, it's great to see more of Ueki's stupidity in this episode.moreless
Noriaki Sugiyama

Noriaki Sugiyama


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Akira Ishida

Akira Ishida


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Wataru Takagi

Wataru Takagi


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Mitsuki Saiga

Mitsuki Saiga

Robert Hayden

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    • The theme song "Falco" starts playing in the background when Rinko uses her Rinko Rocket technique.

    • After the events of the last episode, Kabara decided to shave his head bald.

    • Rinko uses special techniques with her bead bombs in this episode:

      Rinko Rocket - Rinko uses bead bombs encased in her shoes to fly. Her shoes are made of a special alloy that prevent them from cracking under pressure of the bead explosions. There is a cork in the bottom of the shoes that gives way to the explosions.

      Bead Cannon - Rinko places tubes on her fingers. The tubes are loaded with many bead bombs. Rinko exlodes one loaded bead, which then launches all the other bead bombs from the tubes.

    • Kabara reveals that he held back during his battle with Mori. Since Mori is not a power-user, Kabara would have lost Zai if he used his power to hurt her.

      So, during his fight with Rinko, Kabara uses his power to change his cape into wings and launch wing shuriken attacks.

    • Although Kabara was knocked unconscious due to his earlier battle with Mori, he did not lose his power, since Mori is not a power-user.

    • Rules of the Cat Field:

      - Combatants are shrunk and fight in a room filled with giant cats.
      - Combatants can touch the nose of a cat to make the opponent transform into a mouse.
      - As a mouse, the only thing that the person can only say "Chu". Furthermore, the cats will only chase after the person who is the mouse.
      - The person who is the mouse can touch a cat's nose to return to normal and make the opponent turn into a mouse.
      - The only way to win this game is to get the opponent eaten by a cat.

    • Rinko defeats Kabara.


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