The Law of Ueki

Season 1 Episode 22

The Law Of Inumaru

Aired Monday 6:30 PM Aug 29, 2005 on TV Tokyo

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  • Suspenseful and clever.

    Karlpaccho revealed a little tidbit that no one knew; heavenly beings are immune to the poison in the bracalets, so even if they do lose, only Mori and Rinko will die. However, Karlpaccho will kill Inumaru if Sano loses. With no other choice left, Inumaru decides to violate the rules by giving Mori some of his powers. Inumaru was sent to hell, and he recalls the story of how him and Sano became good friends. After he gave off his powers, he was sent to hell. Ueki, all pissed off, directly challenges Karlpaccho. Robert changed the rules in order to match the two up. Karlpeccho then reveals his power; to change his ring into a rocket! Then, in order to get rid of the electrical rope, he used his ability to change his whistle into a laser to cut it off! He then reveals his true powers; to copy anyone's powers, as long as he stays within range for 24 hours. It seems like the end for Ueki, but he reveals his next power; skates. The only drawback for them is that he can't jump, but since there's no rope, he can use them freely.

    Wow, I can't believe I didn't start watching Law of Ueki when it was first released. It's close, but I'm starting to enjoy this anime more than Bleach and Naruto! It's just so good! While it's pretty common to find a fighter in a shounen anime who can copy other people's powers, how everything was built up to that fight was really what made it so surprising. All the attention was drawn into Inumaru's last moment and Sano's storytelling. Inumaru giving his powers to Mori was surprising enough, then Karlpaccho's broken ability just took the cake. And Ueki had enough trouble as it is with Myoujin, who possesses two abilities, now he has to deal with a fighter with ten! Though the suspense didn't stop there. When it seemed like Ueki was going to get annihilated with those bomb beads, he revealed his seventh sacred treasure, the lighting skates. It was just so clever because he had the treasure with the fight with Sano, but was disabled of it thanks to the rope, which Karlpaccho got rid of. It's safe to assume that the next battle is going to be as exciting or even more so than the one with Sano and Ueki.