The Law of Ueki

Season 1 Episode 22

The Law Of Inumaru

Aired Monday 6:30 PM Aug 29, 2005 on TV Tokyo



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    • Sacred Treasures:

      6. Raika - The six-star treasure.

      Gained through Anticipation. A pair of rollerblade-like attachments show up on Ueki's feet allowing him rapid movement on the ground. Ueki cannot jump when using these.

      This roughly translates to "flash of lightning".

    • Inumaru gives his power to Mori. It is forbidden for God Candidates to give their powers to more than one contestant in the battle. God Candidates who do this are brought to hell, and they are sentenced to death.

      Inumaru did this so that there would be no point for Karlpaccho to awaken the Death Pentagon.

    • Karlpaccho's power is that he can copy the powers of other ability-users. However, to copy powers, Karlpaccho has to be within 10 meters of power-users for over 24 hours. Since Karlpaccho is with Robert's Ten, he has accomplished this requirement and gained all of the members' powers (except Robert's).

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