The Law of Ueki

Season 1 Episode 38

The Law of Sano's Awakening!!

Aired Monday 6:30 PM Dec 19, 2005 on TV Tokyo
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The Law of Sano's Awakening!!
Ueki is left to face Marilyn who has a strange ability to dodge every single attack Ueki throws at her. After some careful testing, Ueki discovers she can stretch 1 second into 10 seconds, thus being able to attack and move at seemingly rapid speeds.

Marilyn is quick to display how advantageous this power truly is on an unfortunate Ueki. Meanwhile, Sano is left to face he-of-the-six-arms, Matthew. No matter what Sano throws at Matthew, it is all shot down. Matthew goes so far as to claim Sano's power to be completely worthless. But Sano thinks otherwise; this power is a special gift from his friend, Inumaru.

Wishing he could be stronger to make better use of this gift, he discovers his level 2: the power to turn his iron into a powerful magnet. Matthew's bullets and guns are no more the advantage they were. Unfortunately, he has an ace up the hole of 6 brass batons. With an uncanny close range fighting ability, Matthew relentlessly attacks Sano.

How will his newly found level 2 help in this situation?moreless

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  • Finally, we get to see someone else, other than Ueki, in action. And in this case, Sano got his golden chance to show what he can REALLY do in battle...

    During the start of the episode, we see Ueki getting beaten up, while Sano is in his own battle with Matthew. In previous episodes, we seldom see Sano in action. We know he fights really good, but we never got the chance to see HOW good. Now, we are given the opportunity to see him use his ability to turn towels into steels and his methods of defeating his opponent.

    While battling it out against Matthew, Sano found out of his level 2 power, which was magnetism. I find the way he uses this power rather amusing, especially the way he finished off his battle by combining his level 1 and level 2 power, plus his own strenght to out-beat Matthew. This also showed that Sano can also be as smart as Ueki in thinking up strategies and can fight just as well too. Sano truly is a great fighter and it's good that he had a chance to shine in the spotlight every once in a while.moreless
  • Sano shines.

    Ueki tries experimenting with a couple of his sacred treasures in order to discover Marilyn's power. He found out that Marilyn's power is to covert a second for her into ten seconds, which explains why she's able to run so fast and dodge almost every attack depsite all odds. However, even without her powers, Marilyn is a formidable opponent. Meanwhile, Sano is busy with Matthew and his six arms. He tried doing a sneak attack, but it failed horribly. With his will to become stronger, Sano finally activated level two, which was magnetism. Because most of what Matthew was equipped with dealt with metal, Sano was at an advantage. He thought using brass weapons would save him, but with Sano's brilliant planning again, Sano prevailed. There still remains Mori, who's being chased by that one girl, and Marilyn, who Ueki is having a hard time dealing with.

    It's definitely great that Sano finally achieved his level 2. I guess it was wrong to question God's candidate ranking in the first round, since it looks like he ranked them among potential--then again, Ueki should have definitely been ranked first, since Anon said he has the potential to become stronger than Robert. What really impressed me the most about Sano's performance was how quickly he adjusted to his new powers. Normally, people who would have new powers would be one dimensional about it, using it recklessly, but Sano actually came up with a plan that included his level 2 power, and used it to his extreme advantage. Though this'll make it more interesting how Ueki will defeat Marilyn in the end. The harder it is for the main character to defeat the antagonist, the more satisfying it is in the end. Most shounens if they were in this position, would pull out a Deus ex machina, but going by Law of Ueki's Deus ex machina free fights so far, I expect great things.moreless
Satsuki Yukino

Satsuki Yukino

Marilyn Carry

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Shinichiro Miki

Shinichiro Miki


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Juurouta Kosugi

Juurouta Kosugi


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