The Law of Ueki

Season 1 Episode 2

The Law of the Battle Commencement!

Aired Monday 6:30 PM Apr 11, 2005 on TV Tokyo
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The Law of the Battle Commencement!
Mori has decided to help Ueki, but she’s starting to see threats in every direction. When any middle school student could be a gifted, who knows when Ueki will be challenged.

Two gifted do cross their paths. One is Seiichiro Sano, a decent type who they met while trying to rescue a small girl from a big fall. Another is Maruo Taira, a less than decent individual who has no problem attacking from behind. With the ability to turn water in his mouth to fire (and a little help from his God Candidate), how will Ueki fair in his first official gifted fight?moreless

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  • good episode

    The tournament to determine the new god gets underway.Mori doesn't want Ueki to use his powers even for defense.She is determined to protect but starts seeing enemies everywhere.They run into a couple of other power-users.One is a guy named Seiichiro Sano who seems to have a pretty unimpressive power to turn towels into steel.Another one is a guy named Taira Marou who isn't above using sneaky tactics like attacking from behind.He has the power water into fire(while putting it in his mouth).It's revealed that power-users only lose zai when they use their powers against non-submitted students.But they can use brute strength as much as they want.Saying so,Taira knocks Mori out so that she doesn't interfere and uses his ultimate attack on Ueki.He takes several shots from that attack but still manaes to stand up.Taira runs out of water but his god candidate intrferes and brings him more.He is about to finish Ueki off when the other power-user named Sano comes and effortlessly deflects the attack.After seeing him,both Taira and his god-candidate get frightened.In this episode,the null zai is mentioned and it's revealed that Ueki is supposed t use his powers only to fight other power-users.but I gave it an "8" because I expected etter considering it was Ueki's fighting debut.moreless
  • A little on the confusing side.

    This whole tournament thing to see who becomes "God", has commenced. Mori is concerned for Ueki because of the previous battle. Though Mori doesn't know much of the rules, and is getting worried over nothing. They stop by at a scene, where a young girl is stuck on the top of a chimney. Another guy with powers rescues her, while Ueki gets the item that the girl climbed the chimney for. Then, Ueki and Mori run into trouble in a fire breathing fighter named Taira, whose power is the ability turn the water he swallows into fire. Ueki remains to be absent minded as Mori runs away with him from Taira. They arrive in a gym, and after Taira slaps Mori unconscious, Ueki fights back. However, to his disadvantage, he's facing against a person with the ability to breath fire. Though it seems like Ueki had his own plans. When Taira ran out of water, his teacher illegally comes in and provides some more. When it seems like Taira was going to deliver the finishing blow, the metal teacher interferes.

    Much like the previous episode, I found this episode to be quite confusing with the pacing to be too fast to grasp. This unknown kid comes out of nowhere and can turn bandanas into metal, doesn't seem to be of any kind of important, then suddenly, Taira starts to shiver from his presence, as well as his teacher. From what I can tell so far, this metal power kid seems to have a unique personality, but if the pacing were a little slower, his debut in this anime would have been way more appreciative. So far, it took me a while to thoroughly understand what's going on so far, and sometimes that's not a good thing. However, zai seems to be really unique, which utilizes the contradicting object or element of your main one (trash and trees, water and fire). This episode is still interesting, but if they slowed it down a little, it would have been much better.moreless
Etsuko Kozakura

Etsuko Kozakura

Lafferty (Japanese)

Guest Star

Takayuki Douoka

Takayuki Douoka

Power User B (Japanese)

Guest Star

Mika Outake

Mika Outake

Celestial Girl A (Japanese)

Guest Star

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