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The Law of Ueki

Season 1 Episode 31

The Law of the Strongest Tag

Aired Monday 6:30 PM Oct 31, 2005 on TV Tokyo
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Episode Summary

The Law of the Strongest Tag
With one win, Team Ueki looks optimistic, but a new challenge awaits the group. This time around, Sano and Rinko will have to face a pair of gifted that make use of each other's abilities to defeat opponents. Muunin can turn bad puns into reality when the opponent laughs and Pastello can turn any line drawing into a portal which he uses to tickle the intended victim. Sano and Rinko are competent on their own, but lately they've been getting on each other's nerves. Can Sano look past Rinko's carefulness? Can Rinko look past Sano's carelessness? If they want to win this battle, they will have to find a way to look past each other's flaws and work together as a team.moreless

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  • Teamwork! That's the spirit!

    Okay, let’s recap, the members of the enemy team have the following variety of powers:

    - The power to change clothes into armor.

    - The power to change a sculpture into the real thing.

    - The power to change a line picture into a warp portal.

    - The power to turn a pun into reality if the victim of the pun laughs.

    I’m really curious now to the power of the tiny little guy. Furthermore, on the island the battles are taking place, there are giant meat-eating oranges, who bite your head off if you touch the trees they’re growing on.

    I just want to know in what kind of mood the creators were when they thought of this. These things are so utterly creative, it’s almost inhuman. I especially like the pun guy. If he wants to change something of the opponent, he uses the picture guy to tickle them through the portals so that they laugh. If he wants to change something of himself, he sets up an incredibly fake, but still hysterical and maniacal laugh. The result is quite hilarious.

    Anyway, we first have Ueki and Mori get separated in a rather funny way. You have to see if for yourself, but I can assure: you will NOT see it coming. Then Mori meets up with Hideyoshi for a short, but extremely funny while. Afterwards, she ends up right next to Rinko and Sano in a rather peculiar situation… Anyway, Sano and Rinko are having some issues with working together while they are up against a combination of the Pun guy and the Picture guy. The ending, is of course predictable, but the way they manage to beat them at last deserves a few credits.

    The next episode will probably feature Ueki versus the little guy and the sculpture guy, while the little guy learns a few lessons from him. And when the hell does Mori get to figure out her powers?!?!moreless
  • Brilliant, just brilliant.

    Thanks to Pikol, Ueki and Mori were separated. Soon after, she encounters Hideyoshi, who's being chased by the team's leader whose power is turning models into real life, in which he was in a tank. Mori was somehow separated by Hideyoshi as well, and finds herself hanging on a log with Rinko and Sano on the ground watching. They battle against a guy with an extremely small head for his body, and another dirty looking middle aged man. Their power; to turn paintings into dimensional warps, and to turn horrible puns into reality. In order for the puns to work, they would need to laugh, and thanks to the dimensional warp, Rinko and Sano are forced to laugh. Mori has high hopes for the two because they've fought well together in the past, but their personalities collided. However, when they thought of Ueki, they immediately created a plan to cover each other's flaws, and defeat their two opponents.

    The battles in Law of Ueki are becoming my favourite so far. Picture this; almost every single fight is comparable to the one in Naruto, when Shikamaru battled Temari. It's just so strategical, smart, and jaw dropping amazing. While it does seem a little far fetched that these two people who were moments ago, incapable of working together, think of such a complicated plan in the time span they had, who cares? What I really adored the most about this fight is that most other fights in shounen would build upon one smart tactic or plan, and then finish it off there. However, there were many layers within Sano and Rinko's plan, that you dropped your jaw several times when one layer was unraveled, and the other revealed. What I also really liked about the episode was how at first, it seemed like Rinko and Sano magically got along when they were both down, yet it fueled some fire for even more arguing. How they worked together was taken on a lot more seriously, though it's to no surprise that because they were thinking of Ueki, they succeeded. Shounen manga authors seem to love involving the main character in almost every little situation one way or another. Oh well, it brought forth a very entertaining and smart fight.moreless

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    • Team Gurano:


      Likes painting and expresses himself through colors ("lucky purple", happy pink"). He can make his line drawings a portal. Using his large brush, he can tickle the opponent, thus making them laugh and become exposed to Muunin's word attacks.

    • Team Gurano:


      Enjoys traditional poetry. However, when he says a bad pun and the person he told it to laughs, the pun becomes real. Able to turn the word attack on himself to attack his enemies.

    • Muunin has a gimmick in which he constantly speaks in the form of haiku poems.

    • Pastello and Muunin's Strategy:

      Muunin's power lets him turn his bad puns into reality, usually in the form of something bad happening to the opponent. However, the pun can only become a reality when someone laughs. So, Pastello uses his power to change his drawings into warp tunnels so that he can tickle the opponent from afar with his paint brush, and thus, the pun takes into effect.

    • Character Stats:

      Middle School Year 2
      Hobby - Haiku
      Reality - Bad Puns

    • Character Stats:

      Middle School Year 2
      Hobby - Painting
      Reality - Line Drawing

    • Rinko was blaming Sano for being too careless. On the other hand, Sano was blaming Rinko for being too cautious.

    • Gurano's power is that he can change sculptures into real objects. For example, he can change a sculpture of a dog into a living one.

    • Sano and Rinko defeat Pastello and Muunin. Now, Ueki's team has 3/5 parts of the map.

    • Pastello's power is that he can turn his line drawings into warp tunnels. He commonly uses this power to tickle his opponents with his paint brush through these warp tunnels.

    • Muunin's power is that he can change his (really bad) puns into reality. However, the pun can only become a reality when someone laughs.


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