The Law of Ueki

Season 1 Episode 30

The Law of the Third Battle

Aired Monday 6:30 PM Oct 24, 2005 on TV Tokyo
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The Law of the Third Battle
Ueki and friends are ready to start the team tournament stage. They make way to Heaven where they meet four other teams of gifted whom they are meant to battle. God makes an appearance to tell the teams the rules for this stage of the tournament and with his usual penchant for eccentricities, starts off with a treasure hunting battle by sending the two teams to their destination via a heavenly pachinko method. Ueki's Team is going to be up against the Gurano Team. Right from the start, Ueki is up against Gitar, a music loving guy in a full black suit. Ueki attacks him with everything he has, but Gitar just shakes off the attacks, claiming to be invulnerable. How will Ueki be able to defeat someone he can't even hurt?moreless

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  • Normally, I tend to dislike fighting anime. In this case, I’ll make a huge exception. This anime is so utterly creative, it scares me.

    We have a very eccentric god, who organizes a tournament. 100 middle school students are given special powers, and have to battle each other. The winner gets the special talent he wants (and it can really be ANYTHING, including the power to destroy the world, which instantly takes care of the antagonists). There are just two catches: the first one is that the powers given to the persons are not ordinary powers you often see in these kinds of anime, no, the powers each are unique and beyond anything I’ve ever seen in anime (for example: the power to turn trash into trees, cotton into spikes, tomatoes into magma, beads into bombs, and those are just the least original of the bunch). The second catch is that each of the powers has a limit, or something that the power user has to do in order to use his powers. (think of: the power to turn water into fireballs if you put it in your mouth, the power to turn lightning into SUGAR when your eyes are open, the power to change your forehead into diamonds when your hands are in your pocked, and of course the power to turn towels into steel if you hold your breath).

    This, of course offers for a tremendous amount of strategy in battles. The Law of Ueki executes this perfectly, and manages to put humour in it as well. I could keep on rambling about all the small things the creators thought of, but I’ll keep that for a next time.

    This episode, is sort of the beginning of the second season, though there is only one season for The Law of Ueki. The break is over and the next round begins. The first half features a very humorous explanation of the next round, as well as an introduction of new characters (the ones seen above). It was nice to see some old characters returning. I was fairly surprised when I learned that after the whole explanation the creators still managed to include a fight, as well as finishing it. The fight was also one of the funniest. How many times do you see an enemy who’s main weapon is karaoke?moreless
  • Looks are deceiving; definitely applies to Ueki.

    Through some bizarre turn of events, Ueki's team failed the second which they were automatically sent to the third round. The mushroom guy, God's assistant, takes Ueki's team to heaven, where the third round will be held. All the participants were there, and Rihou and Robert, or Anon, were exempt from participating in the third round, automatically advancing to the next. Ueki's team battles Gurano's, in which they have to find a treasure in an island. They're given maps, but nothing is on it. Every time they defeat a member of the opposing party, a fifth of the map will be revealed. Ueki battles against Gitaar and Pikol. Luckily Ueki and Mori, Pikol is weak, so it was only between Gitaar and Ueki. It seems like Gitaar was invincble at birth; being born with super strong armour. And his ability to turn his voice into shockwaves also seems invincible. Will Ueki's run end here?

    Of course, there was much more to this episode than what I have left off, but I found that everything that Ueki discovered with his fight against Gitaar a really cool twist, in which I don't want to spoil. Even though he appears to be a dope with no brain at all, Ueki is easily one of the smartest and more intelligent characters within the anime with his amazing analyzing skills and ability to improvise under any circumstance. I mean, how he got around Gitaar was just brilliant. Though like almost every other shounen out there, it's plagued with a forced moral to be solved by the episode's end. In this case, Pikol, or however you spell his name, is being told he is weak from birth, and was sent to the earth to serve the strong. This is awfully similar to a certain something in Rurouni Kenshin. The difference between the two situations is that this one only lasted for 10 minutes and was underdeveloped, while in Rurouni Kenshin, it took a couple episodes. Not to say this can't be developed more in future episodes, just that it seemed like the answer was found. These events just happened way too fast to be appreciable.moreless
Isshin Chiba

Isshin Chiba


Guest Star

Toshio Furukawa

Toshio Furukawa


Guest Star

Toshiharu Sakurai

Toshiharu Sakurai


Guest Star

Maki Sawamura

Maki Sawamura

Assistant God

Recurring Role

Juurouta Kosugi

Juurouta Kosugi


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • There are five teams that made it to the final round of the tournament to find the next God. Other than Ueki's team, there is the Caption Team, Gurano Team, Marilyn Team and Barou Team. There is also Anon (disguised as Robert) and Li Ho who made it as teams of one each.

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  • NOTES (13)

    • Team Gurano:


      Able to turn his clothing into a barrier. His Level Two is to attack within the barrier he makes on his opponent. He cannot do both at the same time. He lied about his power saying he was invulnerable and that he could send out soundwaves, but that was just to psyche out his enemies. Loves music, particularly karaoke.

    • Team Gurono:

      Gurono Kuwahara

      Leader of Team Gurono. He has the ability to turn a toy model into a real life working version. His level two is that he can control whatever he makes come to life. Seems to put up a nice guy front but is actually quite mean.

    • Near the end of the tournament, power users are allowed to form groups of five for "battle royale"-style fighting. Knock-outs during this stage do not result in losing powers. Each team is given a penalty if it loses, such as having all of the members die or losing their hair in addition to losing their powers. To decide who receives the Blank Talent among the winning team, a device is used to measure the growth in power that each participant has shown from the beginning to the end of the tournament. To decide who is to become God, the winning team votes which of the God Candidates is given that honour.

    • There are also rules which apply to the King of the Celestial World Candidates. The punishment for breaking them is that the King of the Celestial World Candidate is sent to Hell.

    • Sacred Treasures:

      8. Namihana - The eight-star treasure.

      Similar to the Pick, but it can bend at will and is more flexible like a whip.

    • Gitaar's supposed power is that he can change his voice into shockwaves.

      However, his real power is that he can change clothes into a barrier. The "Level 2" of this power is that he can attack from inside the barrier/clothes. So, the thing about changing his voice into shockwaves is a lie.

    • For the first time, Ueki uses the 8-star Sacred Treasure, Nami Hana ("Wave Flower"). It is a large whip that Ueki can bend at will.

    • Character Stats:

      9th Grade
      Hobby: Playing with Models

    • Character Stats:

      8th Grade
      Hobby: Traditional Poetry

    • Character Stats:

      8th Grade
      Hobby: Painting

    • Character Stats:

      9th Grade
      Hobby: Music

    • Character Stats:

      7th Grade
      Hobby: Making Models

    • Anon/Robert Hayden and Rihou return in this episode. They have passed the Second Round and are exempt from the Third Round.


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