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The Law of Ueki

Season 1 Episode 35

The Law of "You Tricked Me"!

Aired Monday 6:30 PM Nov 28, 2005 on TV Tokyo
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Episode Summary

The Law of "You Tricked Me"!
Ueki's strategy of stalling for time has been found out and it greatly amuses Team Marilyn that Ueki would think of such a thing. Revealing their history of growing up on the battlefield, Ueki finally understands just how combat ready these opponents are. Leaving Baron to deal with Ueki, the other Team Marilyn members give chase to the remaining members of Team Ueki. Ueki tries to follow, but Baron doesn't let him.

Determined to keep his opponent busy, Baron attacks Ueki with his close combat knife fighting, a specialty of his. It is quickly revealed that Baron's knife is more useful than it appears; Baron's power is to transport himself to wherever his knife is, an ability that leaves little maneuverability for Ueki.

When Ueki adjusts his fighting style to combat this ability, Baron reveals his level two ability: to stop himself and his opponent in their tracks if he teleports within one meter of the person.

Forced with a close combat battle, can Ueki come up with a usable strategy to grab victory before Baron does?moreless

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  • Great episode.. Shows Ueki's kind heart to prevent his team from getting hurt..

    Aha, after a couple of weak episodes, The Law Of Ueki shines again. This time, every criminal goon gets poked fun at (aah delightful :)). We basically have a big strong guy versus Ueki. This big strong guy strongly believes that listening to people is the right thing to do. While that’s a very noble cause, this guy believes in it a little too much. With hilarious results.

    The new opponents also seem very interesting, especially during their introductions. The last team was a team about artists, this team is a team about soldiers. It works pretty well, and I really liked the way Ueki tricked everyone to buy the others some time. It really shows that the bad guys aren’t perfect as well. It also offers lots of possibilities for the next couple of episodes.

    Also his powers are another beautiful piece of creativity you hardly see anymore in anime.moreless
  • Changing your location to that of a knife? LAME! But Law of Ueki makes it look cool!

    Ueki does a brave deed, and stays behind in order to stall for his friends. However, team Marilyn runs past him, and Baron, their physicailly strongest member--or so it seems--stays behind. His power is to change his location that to a knive, plus he's a knive master, as well as a great hand to hand combat specialist. Ueki tries using all of his sacred treasures to over power Baron, but it was no use. He then tries using his heavenly powers, but that's also no use. Ueki then realizes that the difference between his fighting style and Baron's, is that he combines both weapons and fighting, while Ueki isn't. Once he got over that, Ueki started winning, but the tables turn once again when Baron uses his level two.

    Ignoring the last episode, this has been the fourth episode in a row when an entertaining fight has been delivered. Honestly, Law of Ueki has a bag full of different fights, making a great variety appealing to many fans of different tastes. If you have loose tastes, then you're in for a treat. While the powers are getting what it seems to be more obsecure, it's brilliant how the fighters use them to their advantage. Changing your location to that of a knife seemed pretty stupid at first, but how Baron used it and implemented it with his fighting style, was just jaw droppingly amazing. Plus, it kept the momentum going with his level two power. Then, Ueki came back with his once again, brilliant strategizing, which spelt the end for Baron. It doesn't get any more amazing than Law of Ueki.moreless

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    • The Marilyn Team's Past:

      During their childhood, where a war took place, Marilyn and the team were trained in the art of war. Before they could actually go into battle, the war ended. Afterwards, Marilyn's father's business gained lots of money, and so Marilyn lived rich while Memory, Matthew, Baron and Pudding were taken in as servants for Marilyn's family. Marilyn is participating in the Battle of the Supernatural Powers because she believes that the battlefield is where she belongs.

    • Baron's power is that he can teleport himself to his knife's current location.

      The Level 2 of this power is that when Baron teleports to a new location through this power, everything (including Baron himself) within a one-meter radius that Baron teleported to gets its legs stuck to the ground.


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