The Lawless Years - Season 1

NBC (ended 1961)




Episode Guide

  • The Prantera Story
    The Prantera Story
    Episode 19
    The legend of Chicago crime boss Nick Prantera grew when he disappeared after serving a ten year sentence in prison. A crooked lawyer representing a New York gangster recognizes him as a bum in the Bowery and hatches a plan. He intends to send his client to the electric chair so he and Prantera can take over the mob. Not about to share power with anyone, Nick double crosses the lawyer so he can take sole control.moreless
  • The Poison Ivy Story
    Ruditsky is temporarily sent to Brooklyn to catch a gang of young hooligans known as the Poison Ivy Mob, named for their fondness for knocking off drug stores. Their leader, Harry the Horse, is a sick man with a long record and nothing to lose. Harry drops out of sight after breaking his leg escaping Ruditsky, forcing the cop to wait him out.moreless
  • The Morrison Story
    The Morrison Story
    Episode 17
    Judge Robert Morrison is warned by the district leader to clean up his act because the governor's investigators are looking into his shady activities. This includes dumping Mary Drew, his girlfriend on the side. An upset Mary whines to a couple of hoodlum pals who come to her aid--and kill the judge at her apartment.moreless
  • The Story of Lucky Silva
    Ricardo Silva gets the name Lucky after being cut up by Legs Diamond's boys and surviving. After recovering, he approaches his Mafia leaders with the plan of bring the other mobs under their leadership and turning it into an unstoppable force. They dismiss his idea, so he takes it to, of all people, Diamond.moreless
  • The Ray Baker Story
    The Ray Baker Story
    Episode 15
    A young woman is killed when she's pushed out of window during a party thrown by gangster Earl Colman. Ruditsky gets a murder confession out of racketeer Ray Baker, but there's a complication. Dying from gunshot wounds, Charlie Trout, a lieutenant for Coleman, tells Barney he was at the party and caught Colman murdering the girl.moreless
  • The Tony Morelli Story
    Gangster Gabby Bishop uses violence to take over waterfront operations and force honest dock boss Tony Morelli to join their enterprise. Ruditsky gives Tony a last chance to clear his name and win back his family by supplying police with the arrival time and location of a huge narcotics shipment.
  • Four the Hard Way
    Four the Hard Way
    Episode 13
    Flashy gambler Big Ziggy Adams is back in New York, ignoring Ruditsky's previous warnings to stay out of the city. He promises Barney he'll leave tomorrow. First, though, he gets suckered into a crooked card game run by guys who work for Rothstein, the gambling kingpin who despises Big Ziggy.
  • Framed
    Episode 12
    Ruditsky hauls in Rick O'Neil after exchanging shots with the hood. this displeases big-time gangster Nate Owens who doesn't like his henchman being badgered by the police. He sets about framing Ruditsky as as a bribe-taking cop. O'Neil's girlfriend is about to spill the beans on her beau until her "accidental" overdose of barbiturates gets in the way.moreless
  • The Muddy Kassoff Story
    Muddy Kassoff runs a car rental shop and is forced to do business with racketeers needing vehicles. He also secretly tips off the police about what he knows. Barney begins to worry when he doesn't show for a meeting they'd scheduled. The next day, Muddy's wife and brother get a ransom call demanding $25,000 for his return.moreless
  • The Maxie Gorman Story
    Ex-convict Maxie Gorman gets a Machiavellian character named A. J. to finance his entry into the bootlegging business. The two men become partners but when the money starts rolling in Maxie looks for a way to rid himself of A. J.
  • The Marie Walters Story
    Paula Gould is fished out of the river some two weeks after having been murdered and dumped. Tracking down the source of the weights used to sink her body, Ruditsky and Fields retrace Paula's final days, who she was seen with, and why she was killed: she talked too much when drinking. Marie Walters, girlfriend of a gangster, is the witness they need to tie the thug to the murder.moreless
  • The Payoff
    The Payoff
    Episode 8
    Tony Sappio is an ambitious punk who wants to "spit on" everyone who's done him wrong. He knocks off the boss because he's holding him back; he hates Big Al for stealing his girlfriend. Learning Al's got truckloads of booze coming down from Canada, Tony hijacks the caravan right from under his nose. The girlfriend who's been playing both Al and Tony learns she shouldn't talk so much.moreless
  • No Fare
    No Fare
    Episode 7
    A cab driver is gunned down because he wouldn't join the "union" gangster Meyer has started. Rudinsky talks with the investigating detective, his old friend Harry, and gets the runaround. Barney is suspicious because the cabbie's last fare was a recent girlfriend of Meyer who is now dating Harry.
  • The Lion and the Mouse
    A small-time hood who works in a garage for Johnny Lucky is severely beaten by the gangster's henchmen for wanting a meeting with the mob boss. After recovering, "mama's boy" Eddie Safronik stars his own successful shakedown racket of gas stations by using Lucky's name. All the while, his suffocating mother tries to run his life. When Lucky hears about his name is being used, he is not a happy man.moreless
  • The Dutch Schultz Story
    Mobster Dutch Schultz is squirming thanks to special prosecutor Thomas Dewey and wants to make a hit on him. A meeting of the syndicate is called to consider the idea, but the other crime bosses object because it will bring serious heat down on all of them. The hot-headed Schultz storms out, intending to knock off Dewey without their approval or help.moreless
  • The Story of Cutie Jaffe
    Cutie Jaffe is a small time Lower East Side hood with an outsized sense of importance. He and his flunkies hijack one of his brother-in-law's bootlegging trucks that's loaded down with good imported booze. Cutie sells it to Mannie, a club owner, then tells his brother-in-law Mannie was behind the truck theft. All of his double-crossing soon catches up with him.moreless
  • The Jane Cooper Story
    Parolee Jane Cooper's goal is to improve her status in life by trading in her low-class boyfriend for progressively wealthier gangsters. As she moves up the food chain and plays one man off another, each of her ex-boyfriends meets a tragic end. This doesn't go unnoticed by Ruditsky or the mob; they give her the nickname "Jane the Jinx."moreless
  • The Immigrant
    The Immigrant
    Episode 2
    Tommy Pavlock, a immigrant teen, begins hanging out with a gang. After finding a gun in his room, his distraught mother comes to Ruditsky hoping he can set her son straight. Gang leader Puggy applies the pressure, giving Tommy another gun with orders to do a robbery, or have something unfortunate happen to his mother. Ruditsky works fast to get to the boy before he makes a serious mistake.moreless
  • The Nick Joseph Story
    Young hood Nick Joseph is put in charge of recruiting new "customers" in a small time protection organization. He has ambitions and wants to get a cut of the bookies' business. Ruditsky gets involved when Nick murders a bookie in cold blood to prove he's serious. This leads to an offer from the big time mobsters to become their contract hit men.moreless