The Lawless Years - Season 2

NBC (ended 1961)




Episode Guide

  • The Sonny Rosen Story
    The playboy son of millionaire parents, Sonny Rosen, is kidnapped and held for a ransom of $100,000.00. Ruditsky spots gangster Fats Brady coming out of the hotel where the ransom call was placed. The word on the street is that Sonny owed Fats a huge gambling debt and couldn't pay it.moreless
  • The Billy Grimes Story
    Somebody's trying to gun down Ruditsky, and the mob bosses say it's not one of their guys. Barney gets a name and description of the out-of-town hit man from an incarcerated numbers racket member. He goes about making himself an easy target, hoping to get in the first shot. Meanwhile, Max trails Barney to look out for him on the instructions of Billy Grimes, a childhood friend who's now part of the city's big political machine.moreless
  • The Joe Angelo Story
    Trucker Joe Angelo is severely beaten by Nick Sarecki's boys for refusing to pay up and join their "association." He gets out of the trucking business altogether and opens a candy store. With new governor Dewey cracking down on mobs, Nick wants to get people like Angelo and his family out of town for a while. He refuses because his wife is in the hospital, but that's not the answer the gangsters want to hear.moreless
  • The Big Man
    The Big Man
    Episode 5
    Gangster Louis Otto tosses one of his drunk henchmen off the balcony of his penthouse apartment during a party he's thrown in the man's honor. It seems the underling was about to sing to the police. Ruditsky grew up with both thugs and doesn't believe for a minute Otto's story about the boozer jumping or his crocodile tears.moreless
  • The Billy Boy Creel Story
    The commissioner and the press are applying serious pressure on Ruditsky to bring in the killer of a young girl. The child was gunned down by psychotic gangster Billy Boy Creel who was aiming for crime boss Bobo Konig on a city street. Meanwhile, Bobo's offering a $50,000.00 bounty to whoever brings him Billy Boy's corpse.moreless
  • The Art Harris Story
    Gangster Art Harris wants to make sure easily-bought politician Pat Riley stays in office. Not only does he bribe voters, he has Riley's opponent killed. Ruditsky's knows who the murderer is because of his weapon of choice; it's Riley's younger brother who loves to kill with a pipe wrench.
  • The Big Greeny Story
    A factory owner gunned down because he refused to follow the orders of Lepke Buchalter, the mob boss who controlled the garment industry. Before firing, the hitman declared, "With love, from Lepke." Since the killer was seen by the man's widow, Lepke sends Big Greeny to Los Angeles to hide out under the auspices of the notorious Bugsy Siegel.moreless
  • The Al Brown Story
    The Al Brown Story
    Episode 1
    Ambitious small-time hood Al Brown starts working for gangster Frankie Yale and soon starts using Yale's men to do his personal dirty work. This includes blowing up a cleaners run by a blind man. While Ruditsky turns up the heat, Yale grows tired of the upstart's ambition and, like Barney, soon wants Al to leave town permanently. Brown will soon make his mark using his real last name: Capone.moreless