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The Lawrence Welk Show

ABC (ended 1982)



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The Lawrence Welk Show

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Welcome to The Lawrence Welk Show guide at TV.com.

The Lawrence Welk Show was good old fashioned family entertainment at its best with all kinds of music, particularly from the Big Band Era. The show had a close-knit group of singers, dancers, and musicians known as the "Musical Family."

The Lawrence Welk Show made its national television debut on July 2, 1955. It was originally filmed in black and white and then it went into color September 18, 1965. The show was on Saturday nights on ABC until 1971 when the network canceled the show; that year, it went into first-run syndication with new episodes being produced until 1982. Reruns began airing until 1983. There were also two Christmas reunion specials, in 1984 and 1985.

On October 3, 1987, reruns of the The Lawrence Welk Show began airing on PBS, where they continue to air to this day. These shows were hosted by members of the Musical Family until the 2005 season, when Mary Lou Metzger interviewed former members of the Musical Family after each show.

Below is a list of Lawrence Welk PBS specials: 2001 - Milestones and Memories 2003 - God Bless America 2005 - Precious Memories 2007 - Lawrence Welk's TV Treasures

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  • When I was young I thought this was my dad's show. Now that I'm older I realize what a fool I was when I was young.

    Kids don't realize what's good. When I was a kid I had no idea how great this show was. There's hardly anything on TV today that's anywhere near as good as this show was. The people and the music aren't for kids though. I can't believe what a fool I was when I was young. We need more people like Lawrence Welk. I say that as a liberal, but also as a conservative. Why is it you have to get old to realize what's good? Or as the kids today would say, this show rocks. I hope if young people watch this show in the future they won't be as dumb as I was.moreless
  • I can see how some people say that there are problems with The Lawrence Welk Show but I personally think that it is still very enjoyable.

    I can see how some people say that there are problems with The Lawrence Welk Show but I personally think that it is still very enjoyable. It's nowhere near some of the other shows that I've watched lately but it's just because those were particularly good not that The Lawrence Welk Show was particularly bad. Recommended if you have time to spare.
  • A show with some of the best singers,dancers,and performers. The cast is very friendly. They play music and dance.

    A great classic because it has some of the best music in the whole entire world. I could spend the rest of my life watching this show The dances make me dance. Watch it you will see how great it is. You will love the dances because they are fun.

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