The Lawrence Welk Show

ABC (ended 1982)




Episode Guide

  • Season 28
    • The Welk Stars: Through the Years
      The Welk Stars: Through the Years, salutes 18 members of the Lawrence Welk Musical Family. Hosted by longtime Welk singer and dancer Mary Lou Metzger, the program features a collection of outstanding musical production numbers from the last 10 years of Welk television specials on public television. Members of the Welk Musical Family featured in The Welk Stars: Through the Years are Anacani, Bobby Burgess, Jo Ann Castle, Henry Cuesta, Dick Dale, Ken Delo, Arthur Duncan, Ralna English, Joe Feeney, Myron Floren, Guy Hovis, Jack Imel, the Lennon Sisters (Dee Dee, Peggy, Kathy and Janet), Mary Lou Metzger, Tom Netherton, Bob Ralston, Jimmy Roberts and Norma Zimmer. These featured Welk solo and group artists are spotlighted in short biographies, illustrated by their personal collections of photographs. The stars and their family members share one-of-a-kind photos, most including treasured childhood snapshots, as well as current, never-before-seen photographs. Highlights of songs performed in this special include Myron Floren's "Tiger Rag"; "Sing, Sing, Sing" by Henry Cuesta; "Amazing Grace" by Ralna English; "God Bless the U.S.A." by Guy Hovis; "His Eye Is on the Sparrow" by Norma Zimmer; "Exodus" by Jo Ann Castle; and many more. A comprehensive tribute to members of the Welk Musical Family, underscored by the song "Through the Years" recorded by Guy Hovis, is the touching finale of The Welk Stars: Through the Years.moreless
    • Lawrence Welk TV Treasures
      Lawrence Welk's TV Treasures, is the first all-encompassing documentary about the legendary television series, The Lawrence Welk Show. It features entertaining, rarely seen footage from more than 50 years of the longest-running series on national television, as well as outstanding never-before-seen archival performances by members of the Welk Musical Family, starting with the earliest days of the show. Fourteen members of the Welk Musical Family are interviewed for this special, and include, Ava Barber, Bobby Burgess, Jo Ann Castle, Dick Dale, Ken Delo, Arthur Duncan, Ralna English, Guy Hovis, Jack Imel, Dee Dee & Janet Lennon, Mary Lou Metzger, Rocky Rockwell, and Norma Zimmer. They vividly describe how the weekly show was produced and tell many "behind the scenes" stories viewers will enjoy. In addition, Costume Designer Rose Weiss and Larry Welk, the son of Lawrence Welk, discuss the early days of the show and how it evolved from a "band" showcase into a full-fledged weekly series.moreless
    • Precious Memories
      Precious Memories
      Episode 17
      Lawrence Welk Precious Memories is an all-new, two-hour PBS special that abounds with spiritual hymns, inspirational songs and gospel medleys reminding viewers of their shared family values based on loving and heartfelt beliefs. This nostalgic special will lift your spirits, heal your heart and take you into the safe haven of your past with promises for a brighter tomorrow. This PBS special was taped before a LIVE audience at the Welk Resort Theatre in Branson, Missouri in early September, 2004. The audience was thrilled by the songs of faith and responded with numerous standing ovations. "Lawrence Welk Precious Memories" will premiere nationally on PBS in March 2005 (check local listings). "Lawrence Welk Precious Memories" features 15 stars from the Welk Musical Family, including The Lennon Sisters, Ralna English, Guy Hovis, Jo Ann Castle, Norma Zimmer, Mary Lou Metzger, Jack Imel, Tom Netherton, Ken Delo, Dick Dale, Gail Farrell, Bob Ralston, and Joe Feeney. The special also features The Welk Champagne Music Makers under the direction of John Bahler. The first three Acts feature more than 20 songs of inspiration including "Precious Memories," "Swing Low Sweet Chariot," "Ave Maria," "How Great Thou Art," "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands," "Find Us Faithful," "Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho," "My Tribute," and "May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You." A special moment is highlighted in Act Three with a heartfelt salute to the late incomparable clarinetist Henry Cuesta, who was a featured performer with the Lawrence Welk Orchestra for more than 30 years. Act Four features a "Precious Memories Medley" with the Welk Musical Family singing 12 all-time favorite hymns and a special reading of "Footprints In the Sand."moreless
    • God Bless America
      God Bless America
      Episode 16
      One of the most dramatic patriotic music specials ever produced for public television, will be presented nationally in March, 2003. This all-new, two-hour PBS special pays a musical tribute to America's freedoms, its leaders and its veterans, and to the patriotism Lawrence Welk held dear as part of the classic American success story of his life. The premiere of this special marks the 100th birthday of Lawrence Welk, who died in May, 1992. Because his lifetime spanned most of the 20th century, "Lawrence Welk: God Bless America" looks at our nation's history through the eyes and experiences of this bandleader who achieved "The American Dream." "Lawrence Welk: God Bless America" features 18 stars from the Welk Musical Family, including Anacani, Elaine Balden, Bobby Burgess, Jo Ann Castle, Henry Cuesta, Dick Dale, Ralna English, Joe Feeney, Myron Floren, Guy Hovis, Jack Imel, The Lennon Sisters, Mary Lou Metzger, Tom Netherton, Bob Ralston and Norma Zimmer. The special is co-hosted by Mary Lou Metzger and Tom Netherton and also features The Welk Champagne Music Makers under the direction of conductor John Bahler.moreless
    • Milestones & Memories A Musical Family Reunion
      Lawrence Welk Milestones and Memoris is an all new, two and one half-hour, five-act musical reunion special, celebrating the Welk Show's remarkable longevity and accomplishments. The special includes over 30 favorite songs and musical numbers, plus a special medley of 25 more songs in the final act, all performed on state at the Champange Theatre in Branson, Missouri. Highlights of the program include the first-time-ever performance by Bobby Burgess and his three dancing partners, Barbara Boylan, Cissy King, and Elaine Balden, and an exuberant piano duet by Jo Ann Castle and veteran virtuoso, Big Tiny Little. Also included are exciting numbers by The Lennon Sisters, Pete Fountain, Tom Netherton, Anacani, Myron Floren and Guy Hovis and Ralna English, in one of their rare performances together on stage.moreless
    • Songs of Faith
      Songs of Faith
      Episode 14
      The spiritual legacy and "amazing grace" of Lawerence Welk lives on and his tradition of reverence for God and Country continues in this long awaited television special. Six stars of the Welk Musical Family, Norma Zimmer, Ralna English, Guy Hovis, Tom Netherton, Mary Lou Metzger and Bob Ralston celebrate America's favorite hymns and songs of inspiration. The cast shares personal memories and stories as they introduce their own songs and the hymns and gospel songs presented over the years on the Lawrence Welk Television Show by the many Welk stars. Also featured on the show is a loving tribute to Jimmy Roberts.moreless
    • Lawrence Welk's Favorite Holidays
      Special includes highlights from Lawrence Welk's holiday shows from the late 1950s, 1960s and '70s. Hosted by Janet Lennon, Ken Delo, Norma Zimmer, Bobby Burgess, Mary Lou Metzger, Jo Ann Castle who recall favorite holiday memories and personal stories from their experiences on the show.
    • To America With Love
      The elegant hosts, Myron Floren and Norma Zimmer and 16 Musical Family Stars sing and dance their way through the best of 20th century American music, including Big Band favorites, pop entertainment standards, patriotic, classics, and inspirational masterpieces. Hosted by Myron Floren and Norma Zimmer, Bobby Burgess, Elaine Balden, Anacani, Gail Farrell, Guy Hovis, Ken Delo, The Lennon Sisters, Jack Imel, Mary Lou Metzger, Jo Ann Castle, Joe Feeney, Jim Roberts, Ralna English, Lori Gier, The Lennon Brothers and Gail and The Lawrence Welk Orchestra under the Direction of John Bahler.moreless
    • A Lawrence Welk Family Christmas
      In the 40 year holiday tradition of "The Lawrence Welk Television Show," the Musical Family of Stars gather at the Champagne Theatre in Branson, Missouri for an all new Christmas Reunion Concert. Hosted by Champagne Lady, Norma Zimmer, this program includes more than 30 favorite Christmas carols and musical numbers. Personal reminiscences of past holiday shows, with a special appearance by Fern Welk, the wife of the late Lawrence Welk, accompanied by many of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren make for a special holiday family reunion. Hosted By Norma Zimmer. Starring: The Lennon Sisters, Jo Ann castle, Anacani, Bobby Burgess, Eliane Balden, Ken Delo, Joe Feeney, Guy Hovis,Jack Imel, Mary Lou Metzger, Tom Netherton, Myron Floren, The Lennon Brothers and Gail, Lori Gier, The Osmond Brothers, The Lennon Daughters and Sons, Wendy Burgess, and Christopher Feeney and the Champagne Music makers under the Direction of Larry Cansler.moreless
    • Lawrence Welk Then and Now
      Recorded at the Champagne Theatre in Branson, Missouri, this made for TV special includes new performances by your favorite Musical Family stars, plus clips from the tv program beginning with 1955. Performances by the Lennon Sisters, Myron Floren, Joe Feeney and others. Songs include How Great Thou Art."
    • The Lawrence Welk Holiday Special
      Great Moments and Memories of Christmas. A three hour holiday special of Christmas music with Myron Floren, Jo Ann Castle, Ken Delo, Norma Zimmer and other "Welk Show" regulars and their families over the years.
    • The Lennon Sisters Easy To Remember
      From the moment the Lennon Sisters appear on the screen till the close of this extraordinary special, you'll be enthralled with this nostalgic 1992 compilation hosted by "America's Sweetheart of Song". Dianne, Peggy, Kathy and Janet have chosen achival black & white footage from their early days on the Welk show and recent footage from a variety of "old haunts" at the Santa Monica Pier, their family Victorian home and St. Monica's High School. They recall highly personal backstage memories and full-scale production numbers featuring such Welk stars as Larry Hooper, Myron Floren and Pete Fountain. It's superb entertainment form the glory days of television.moreless
    • From the Heart, A Tribute to Lawrence Welk and the American Dream
      Regardless of the changing trends of musical fashion, from 1955 to 1982 The Lawrence Welk Show was a perennial favorite with television audiences, as Welk and his Orchestra offered up the light, bubbly melodies which made "The King of Champagne Music" a national institution. This stirring tribute to the "King of Champagne Music", Hosted by Barbara Mandrell with guest performances from Dixieland king Pete Fountain, pianist Floyd Cramer and The Jordanaires, as well as appearances from Welk regulars The Lennon Sisters, Jo Ann Castle, Myron Floren and others. A performance special that looks back at the long and illustrious career of bandleader Lawrence Welk. Includes a reunion concert of Welk stars at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville and a segment about the restored Welk homestead in Strasburg, North Dakota.moreless
    • Stars of the Lawrence Welk Show
      Myron Floren hosts the Stars of the Lawrence Welk Show with Bobby Burgess, Ralna English, Henry Cuesta, Jimmy Roberts, Jo Ann Castle, Arthur Duncan, Barbara Boylan, Jack Imel, Barney Liddell and many more.
    • A Champagne Toast to the Big Bands
      The best of the Lawrence Welk shows covering the Big Band era. The "Champagne Music Makers" feature the music and archival footage of the major bands of the time: Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Harry James, Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, Woody Herman, and a dozen others. Hosts: Myron Floren, Henry Cuesta, Barney Liddellmoreless
    • Lawrence Welk: Television's Music Man
      Lively, tuneful and nostalgic documentary about Lawrence Welk, hosted by Kathy Lennon and including many show excerpts, clips from early soundies and KTLA TV shows and mid-1980s footage of Lawrence at yearly summer reunions in Escondido. Features interviews with Myron Floren, Barney Liddell, Bobby Burgess, Guy & Ralna, the 4 Lennon Sisters, Arthur Duncan, ABC executive Jack Minor, George Cates, Dick Dale, Jack Imel, Norma Zimmer, Ken Delo, Jo Ann Castle.moreless
    • Christmas Reunion
      Members of the Musical Family reunite for a holiday show filled with timeless Christmas carols.
    • Christmas Reunion - Home For Christmas
      Lawrence Welk visits the stars of his show - past and present - and welcomes his guests the Lennon Sisters as the gangs all back for a Christmas reunion. This is a fun filled show with lot of love and laughter and showing off the talents of the growing children.
    • On Tour With Lawrence Welk
      A special "road adventure" takes you on tour with Lawrence and his musical family. All your favorites from those Saturday nights are here, including a travelling bubble machine. Highlights: Songs include "Everything's Coming Up Roses," "Night and Day," "On the Road Again.
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