The Lawrence Welk Show - Season 10

ABC (ended 1982)




Episode Guide

  • 8/7/65
    Variety special with performances by Norma Simmer, Jo Ann Castle, and more.
  • July 10, 1965
    July 10, 1965
    Episode 45
    The theme for the show is traveling. Highlights: Jo Ann, Kathy, Janet, Peggy, Natalie, Barbara & Bobby (also dancing), Larry, Dick, the Blenders & trumpetist Dick Cathcart join in for "South Town U.S.A." Norma Zimmer & Jimmy Roberts duet with "Harbor Lights". The Orchestra performs "Easy to Love". The Lennon Sisters sing "Sentimental Journey". Jo Ann Castle on honky tonk piano performs "On the Beach at Waikiki". Larry Hooper sings "This Train". Myron Floren on accordion and Neil Levang on guitar perform "Stranger on the Shore". Bobby Burgess & Barbara Boylan dance to "Twirl, Twirl, Twirl". Joe Feeney with pianist Frank Scott perform a Medley of "Peggy O'Neil/Mother Machree/When Irish Eyes are Smiling". The Orchestra performs "The Dipsy Doodle". Kathy Lennon & Steve Smith sing "Moon Over Miami". Jack Imel & Jo Ann Castle with chorus perform "Powder Your Face with Sunshine". Art Duncan dances. Norma Zimmer sings "Secret Love". Dick Dale & the Lennon Sisters sing "Big Rock Candy Mountain". The Orchestra performs "Dainty Miss". The Blenders sing "Moon River". A saxophone section & organist Bob Ralston perform "When You're a Long, Long Way from Home". Bob Lido & Dixieland musicians led by little Connie Havens (Bob Havens' daughter) perform "Bourbon Street Parade".moreless
  • May 1, 1965
    May 1, 1965
    Episode 35
    Lawrence Welk's guest is Nick Lucas. The Music Maker salutes the Movies. Highlights: Nick Lucas sings "Painting the Clouds With Sunshine" which he sang in the 1929 film "Gold Diggers of Broadway". Barbara Boylan and Bobby Burgess dance to "Change Partners" and "I Could Have Danced All Night". Dick Dale and Kathy Lennon duet on "You Ought Be in Pictures". Art Duncan dances to "I Got Rhythm".moreless
  • February 13, 1965
    February 13, 1965
    Episode 24
    Valentine's Day Show Highlights: Songs include, "My Funny Valentine" and "Let Me Call You Sweetheart".
  • Country & Western Show (1965)
    Country & Western Show Highlights: All join in for "Happy Trails".
  • January 23, 1965 - 500th Show
    Celebrating 500 shows on ABC 500th Show Celebration Highlights: Lawrence Welk & Myron Floren on accordion perform "The Twelfth Street Rag". Buddy Merrill on electric guitar performs "Buddy's Boogie". The Lennon Sisters and their seven siblings sing "There's a Meetin' Here Tonight". Norma Zimmer & Jimmy Roberts duet on "Beautiful Ohio". Bobby Burgess & Barbara Boylan with Myron Floren on accordion, Frank Scott at the piano and Kathy, Janet, Dianne, Norma, Dick, Larry, Jimmy perform "Calcutta". Joe Livoti on violin performs "Among My Souvenirs". Aladdin remembers his gallery of characters (to the song "That's Amore"). Aladdin & Bob Lido duet with "Be Yourself". Jack Imel at the marimba performs "Bye Bye Blues". Joe Feeney with pianist Frank Scott perform "Little Bit of Heaven". Jo Ann Castle on honky tonk piano performs "Shanty in Old Shanty Town". Norma Zimmer sings "Beautiful Dreamer". Bob Ralston at the piano performs "Deep Purple". Larry Hooper performs "Oh Happy Day". Jimmy Roberts sings "I". The Lennon Sisters sing "Hoop Dee Doo". Annie Lennon impersonating Al Jolson sings "April Showers". Art Duncan dances to "Together". Dick Dale with Jo Ann, Norma, Barbara, Kathy, Janet, Dianne, Bobby, Jimmy, Joe, Aladdin, Jack, Larry, Arthur, Charlie and Neil Levang on guitar join in for "Saturday Night".moreless
  • January 16, 1965
    Episode 20
    Gypsy Show. Highlights: Frank Scott on harpsichord, Buddy Merrill on guitar, and Jerry Burke on organ perform "Apples and Bananas". All join in for "The Happy Wanderer."
  • January 9, 1965
    January 9, 1965
    Episode 19
    A Salute to Winter. Highlights:
    All join in for "Let It Snow".
  • New Year's Eve Show (1964)
    New Year's Eve Celebration. The Music Makers greet Tournament of Roses queen Dawn Baker and her court. Highlights: All join in for "Let's Start the New Year Right". Jo Ann Castle performs "There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight". The Lennon Sisters sing "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?" Jo Ann Castle and Myron Floren perform "Beer-Barrel Polka". Norma Zimmer & Jimmy Roberts sings "Moments to Remember". Bob Lido performs "I Want to Be Happy".moreless
  • Christmas Show (1964)
  • December 5, 1964
    December 5, 1964
    Episode 14
    Appearing are the Lennon Sisters, Dick Dale, Barbara Boylan, Bobby Burgess and the Lawrence Welk Orchestra. Highlights: Barbara Boylan & Bobby Burgess dance to "Swiss Boy Shoe Dance". The Lennon Sisters sing "Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo". Cathy Lennon and Dick Dale duet on "Let It Snow".
  • Thanksgiving (1964)
    Thanksgiving (1964)
    Episode 12
    Thanksgiving Show.
  • October 17, 1964
    October 17, 1964
    Episode 7
    Appearing are Buddy Merrill, Neil Levang, Bobby Bruce and the Lawrence Welk Orchestra. Highlights: Bobby Bruce on violin, and Buddy Merrill and Neil Levang on guitar perform "Sugarfoot Rag".
  • October 3, 1964
    October 3, 1964
    Episode 5
    Maestro Lawrence Welk salutes the World Series. Highlights: Songs include "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and "Batter Up, Batter Up, Play Ball". Aladdin recites "Casey at the Bat."
  • September 5, 1964
    September 5, 1964
    Episode 1
    Maestro Lawrence Welk swings the spotlight on his instrumentalists tonight. Highlights: Songs include "Saxophobia", "Wang Wang Blues", "All Through the Night" and "The Trolley Song".
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