The Lawrence Welk Show - Season 16

ABC (ended 1982)




Episode Guide

  • Say It With Music
    Say It With Music
    Episode 46
    Maestro Welk ends 16 years on network TV by introducing such crew members as costumer Rose Weiss and prop man Bobby Quy. Highlights: The Orchestra performs "Say It With Music". Sandi and Salli sings "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter". "Moon River" is danced by Bobby and Cissy. A boy conducts the orchestra while his little sister dances with Mr. Welk to "Josephine". Norma Zimmer sings "I Asked the Lord". Clay Hart sings "Gentle on My Mind". Buddy Merrill performs "It May Be Silly, But Ain't It Fun". Jimmy Roberts sings "No Other Love Have I". The Orchestra performs "Calcutta". Guy and Ralna duet with "True Love". Gail Farrell with Sandi, Salli, and Ralna sing "It's a Most Unusual Day". "Indiana" is danced by Arthur Duncan Joe Feeney performs "Across the Irish Sea". Ken Delo sings "My Cup Runneth Over". Myron Floren plays "My Accordion". Tanya Falan Welk and cast join in for "That's Amore". Dick Dale sings "Lenny Sue". The Hotsy Totsy Boys with Mary Lou Metzger perform "Running Wild".moreless
  • County Fair
    County Fair
    Episode 45
    All gather for the County Fair. Highlights: Salli, Cissy, Mary Lou, Ken, Bobby, and Arthur join in for "Make'em Laugh". Guy Hovis and Ralna English duet on "Tom Green County Fair". Bobby Burgess & Cissy King dance to "Fun Goin' to the County Fair". Bob Ralston plays "Baby Elephant Walk". Tanya Falan sings "Too Long at the Fair". The Orchestra performs "Goofus". "It's Fun Going to the County Fair" is danced by Bobby and Cissy. Clay Hart (also on guitar) performs "Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By". Sandi and Salli duet on "If They Could See Me Now". Joe Feeney with chorus sing "Shine on Harvest Moon". Gail Farrell (also on organ) with Sandi, Salli, Cissy, and Mary Lou perform "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down". The Orchestra performs "Cornsilk". "It Don't Mean a Thing..." is danced by Arthur Duncan. Ralna English sings "Hubby Gone Blues". "Spoons" is played by Jack Imel, sung by Gail, Sandi, Salli, and Cissy. Jack Imel and Mary Lou Metzger perform "Cotton Candy and a Toy Balloon". Ken Delo sings "Thank Heavens for Little Girls". Myron Floren plays "The Tiger Rag" on accordion. Tanya Falan sings "Have I Stayed Too Long at the Fair". Jimmy Roberts sings "Stars in Your Eyes". All join in for "Kick Up Your Heels".moreless
  • A Musical Smorgasbord
    The Maestro and his Music Makers have a musical Smorgasbord. Highlights: Norma Zimmer sings "Old Refrain". Tanya Falan sings "Sunny". Charlotte Harris & Bob Ralston perform "Somewhere My Love". Ken Delo performs "On the Isle of Capri". Clay Hart sings "Games People Play". Jimmy Roberts sings "Where Is Your Heart?"
  • A Salute to Summer
    A Salute to Summer
    Episode 43
    Lawrence Welk and the Music Makers have a Salute to Summer. Highlights: All join in for "June, July and August". Norma Zimmer sings "Summertime". The Guitarists perform "You Are My Sunshine". Ken Delo performs "Green Leaves of Summer". Gail Farrell & Dick Dale duet on "Summer Sounds". Bob Ralston plays "Summer Samba".moreless
  • California
    Episode 42
    Spotlighting California. Highlights: Arthur, Ken, Dick, Bob R., Guy, Bobby, Cissy, Ralna, Mary Lou, Gail, Sandi, Sally join in for "California Here I Come". Jimmy Roberts sings "I Left My Heart in San Francisco". Sandi & Salli duet on "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?" Arthur Duncan dances to "Avalon". Gail Farrell & Dick Dale duet on "San Fernando Valley". The Orchestra performs "On Moonlight Bay". Guy Hovis & Ralna English sing "My Blue Heaven". Bob Ralston plays "When My Dreamboat Comes Home" at the piano. Norma Zimmer sings "Red Sails in the Sunset". "Route 66" is performed by Arthur, Bobby, Jack, Charlie, Ken, Guy, Bob R., danced by Arthur, Bobby & Jack The Orchestra performs a medley of songs from "The Sound of Music". Tanya Falan sings "Que Sera Sera". "Avalon" is danced by Arthur Duncan with Bob Smale on piano. Myron Floren plays "It's a Small World" on accordion. Ken Delo sings "When the Sea Is Calling Me". Bob Lido & the Hotsy Totsy Boys with Mary Lou and all the girls perform "By the Beautiful Sea". Joe Feeney with Bob Ralston on piano perform "In My Little Grey Home in the West". Charlie Parlatto, Norma Zimmer, Dick Dale, Gail Farrell, Curt Ramsey with orchestra, danced by Bobby Burgess and Cissy King, also sung by Tanya, Ken, Mary Lou, Guy, Ralna, Sandi, Jimmy, Sally join in for "Let's Go Dance Again".moreless
  • Father's Day
    Father's Day
    Episode 40
    Lawrence Welk and the Music Makers celebrate Father's Day. Highlights: Norma Zimmer sings "Mr. Wonderful". Sandi & Salli duet on "My Guy". Guy Hovis & Ralna English sing "This Guy's In Love With You". Joe Feeney performs "Sunrise, Sunset". Ken Delo performs "Oh, My Papa". Dick Dale performs "Daddy Sang Bass". Jimmy Roberts sings "Sonny Boy".moreless
  • Everything's Coming Up Roses
    Songs about America's favorite flower, the rose. Highlights: The Orchestra and cast join in for "Everything's Coming Up Roses". Clay Hart sings "Ramblin' Rose". The Orchestra performs "Moonlight and Roses". Ken Delo performs "Red Roses for a Blue Lady". Guy and Ralna sing "Primrose Lane". The Orchestra performs "Rose Room". Joe Feeney performs "My Wild Irish Rose". The Orchestra performs "To a Wild Rose". Norma Zimmer sings "Only a Rose". Myron Floren performs "The Yellow Rose of Texas" on his accordian. "San Antonio Rose" is danced to by Arthur Duncan. Tanya Falan Welk sings "I Wish You Love". Charlotte Harris on cello, Bob Ralston on piano perform "Mighty Like a Rose". The Orchestra performs "Rose of Washington Square". Sandi and Salli duet with "Rose Garden". The Orchestra performs "Days of Wine and Roses". The Hotsy Totsy Boys with Mary Lou Metzger perform "Rose of the Rio Grande". Jimmy Roberts singing to dog sings "Mexicali Rose". Dick Dale, Gail Farrell, and the entire cast join in for "One Dozen Roses".moreless
  • National Secretaries Week
    Maestro Welk and his Music Makers celebrate the opening of the Baseball season with "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" featuring dancers Jack Imel, Arthur Duncan and Bobby Burgess. Lawrence Welk also honors the hard-working secretaries of the country as they observe "National Secretaries Week" with a song by Gail Farrell and the girl group.moreless
  • Easter Show (1971)
    Easter Show (1971)
    Episode 30
    Easter Show. Special Guest star Gospel Singer Willa Dorsey. Highlights: Willa Dorsey sings "How Great Thou Art". Norma Zimmer and Jimmy Roberts duet on "Whispering Hope". Arthur Duncan dances to "Sunday". Joe Feeney performs "The Holy City". Myron Floren on accordian plays "The Lost Chord". All join in for "Easter Parade".moreless
  • Academy Awards Show (1971)
    Academy Awards. An hour of Oscar-winning songs are performed with special guest star Jack Benny. Highlights: Sandi, Salli, Ken, Cissy, Jimmy, Norma, Joe, Gail, Dick, Bobby, Mary Lou, Arthur perform "High Hopes". Guy Hovis sings "High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darlin')". Guy Hovis & Ralna English duet with "Buttons and Bows". Myron Floren plays "Never on Sunday" on accordion. Norma Zimmer & Jimmy Roberts sing "Three Coins in the Fountain". Theme from "Love Story" is danced by Bobby Burgess & Cissy King, accompanied by Bob Ralston at the piano. Sandi Griffith & Salli Flynn duet with "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head". (From Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) A special monologue from special guest star Jack Benny. A Comedy version of "Love in Bloom" with special guest star Jack Benny on violin. Ken Delo performs "The Sweetheart Tree". The Orchestra with Bobby, Cissy, Guy, Ralna, Jimmy, Norma perform "Georgy Girl". Clay Hart sings "Jean". Tanya Falan sings "For All We Know". "The Continental" is danced by Arthur Duncan. A Medley of songs from Walt Disney movies: Norma Zimmer sings "When You Wish Upon a Star". "Chem Chem Cher-ee" is danced by Bobby & Cissy. "Zip-a- Dee-Doo-Dah" is performed Bob Lido & the Hotsy Totsy Boys. Joe Feeney with entire cast join in for "Born Free". Guy, Ralna, Sandi, Salli, Norma, Jimmy, Gail, Dick, Ken, Mary Lou, Tanya, Arthur, Joe join in for "Thank You Very Much".moreless
  • Music From A to Z
    Music From A to Z
    Episode 28
    Running the musical gamut from A to Z. Highlights: Ken Delo and Bob Ralston perform "Amazing Dancing Bear". All join in for "Bye Bye Blackbird". Gail Farrell & Dick Dale duet on "Gonna Get Along". Myron Floren performs "La Paloma" on accordian. Norma Zimmer sings "Yous Is My Heart Alone". Bobby Burgess & Cissy King dance to "Zorba the Greek".moreless
  • Traditional Songs
    Traditional Songs
    Episode 27
    An hour of traditional tunes. Highlights: Norma Zimmer sings "Love's Old Sweet Song". Jimmy Roberts sings "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny". Clay Hart performs "Scarlet Ribbons". Joe Feeney performs "Home, Sweet, Home". Ken Delo performs "Home On the Range". Dick Dale sings "Old Dan Tucker". Sandi & Salli duet with "Frankie and Johnny".moreless
  • Musical History Makers
    Artists who have become "Musical History Makers" and their songs. Highlights: All join in for "Music, Music, Music". The Orchestra performs "Moonlight Serenade". Sandi and Salli duet with "I'd Rather Be Blue". The Orchestra performs "Calcutta". Norman Bailey and Charlie Parlato on trumpet perform "Hot Lips". Clay Hart (also on guitar) performs "Gentle on My Mind". "Big Noise from Winnetka" is danced by Arthur Duncan. Bob Ralston plays "Rhapsody in Blue" on piano. Jimmy Roberts sings "I Left My Heart In San Francisco". The Orchestra performs "Stars and Stripes Forever". Tanya Falan sings "We've Only Just Begun". Peanuts Hucko on clarinet performs "Begin the Beguine". Norma Zimmer sings "When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain". Joe Feeney performs "Be My Love". Guy and Ralna duet on "Bye Bye Love". Bob Lido and Mary Lou Metzger duet on "Toot Toot Tootsie". Ken Delo performs "To Each His Own". The Girls' chorus performs "Hoop De Doo". The cast wishes Lawrence Welk a Happy 68th Birthday!moreless
  • February 27, 1971
    February 27, 1971
    Episode 24
    Academy Award winning composer Henry Mancini is the special guest of maestro Lawrence Welk and his Champagne Music Makers who honor him with a salute to his most popular songs. Highlights: Henry Mancini and the Music Makers performs a medley of "Days of Wine and Roses", "Sweetheart Tree", "Dear Heart" and "Moon River". Henry Mancini plays a piano solo of his newest hit, the theme from the motion picture "Love Story".moreless
  • National Brotherhood Week
    Gospel singer Willa Dorsey is Lawrence Welks guest. Highlights: Willa Dorsey sings "Battle Hymn of the Republic". The Music Makers perform a medley. Jim Roberts sings "Love Thy Neighbor". Arthur Duncan dances to "It's A Great Feeling". Guy Hovis performs "1432 Franklin Pike Circle Hero". Bob Lido and the Hotsy Totsy Boys do "Friendship".moreless
  • Tribute to Irving Berlin
    Tribute to Irving Berlin. Lawrence's guest is Kate Smith. Highlights: Kate Smith sings "God Bless America". The Band performs "Alexander's Ragtime Band". Bobby Burgess and Cissy King dance to "Let's Face the Music and Dance". Guy & Ralna sing "Remember".
  • Rose Bowl (1970)
    Rose Bowl (1970)
    Episode 15
    Salute to the Rose Bowl and Ohio State. Highlights: Sandi, Sally, Ralna, Norma, Gail, Cissy, Mary Lou, Arthur, Joe, Guy, Dick, Jimmy, Bobby, Ken perform "This Could Be the Start of Something Big". Tanya Falan sings "May You Always". Myron Floren on accordion with Richard Maloof on tuba and percussion work by Gail Farrell & Mary Lou Metzger perform "The Music Goes Round". Ken Delo performs " Roses and Lollipops". The Early Days of the Dance (Cakewalk, Charleston, Jitterbug, Soul is sung & danced by Bobby Burgess & Cissy King. Guy Hovis & Ralna English sing "This Guy's in Love with You". Clay Hart (also on guitar) with guitarists Buddy Merrill, Neil Levang and Richard Maloof on bass perform an unidentified number. Norma Zimmer sings "I Could Have Danced All Night". Sandi Griffiths & Sally Flynn with Richard Maloof on tuba perform "The Music Goes Round and Round (and It Comes Out Here)". Joe Feeney with Bob Ralston at the piano perform "Your Eyes Have Told Me So". Bob Ralston at the piano plays "Cumana". Myron, Charlotte, Curt, Ralna, Guy, Gail, Sandi, Dick, Sally, Bobby, Ken, Tanya, Joe with musicians and Arthur, Cissy & Mary Lou leading the parade perform "Before the Parade Passes By". "Everything's Coming Up Roses" is danced by Arthur Duncan. Norma Zimmer & Jimmy Roberts duet on "Beautiful Ohio". Bob Lido & the Hotsy Totsy Boys (Charlie Parlato, Richard Maloof, Jack Imel, Russ Klein, Bob Havens, Bob Ralston perform "Down by the Ohio". Dick Dale & Gail Farrell with Cissy, Bobby, Arthur, Norma, Jimmy, Sally, Myron, Sandi, Mary Lou, Ken, Charlotte, Guy, Ralna, Joe, Tanya and musicians Bob Havens on trombone, Johnny Zell on trumpet, Peanuts Hucko on clarinet and Bob Ralston at the piano join in for "Let's Start the New Year Right". Bob Havens on trombone, Johnny Zell on trumpet, Peanuts Hucko on clarinet perform an unidentified number. All join in for "Auld Lang Syne".moreless
  • Christmas Show (1970)
    Christmas show. Holiday favorites are performed. Highlights: "Jingle Bells" & "Silent Night" sung by Norma Zimmer. "Ring Those Christmas Bells", with Arthur Duncan. "Sweet Little Boy Jesus", with Guy Hovis and Ralna English. "O Holy Night," with Joe Feeney.
  • Thanksgiving (1970)
    Thanksgiving (1970)
    Episode 10
    "Thank You, America". A red-white and blue Thanksgiving Day Salute. The Music Makers are patriotically costumed in a program of songs devoted to love of God and Country. Highlights: The tribute includes gospel singer Willa Dorsey with a soulful rendition of "God Bless America" with pianist Bob Ralston and "The Star-Spangled Banner". Bob Lido, Joe, Jimmy, Guy, Bobby, Cissy, Ralna, Mary Lou, Norma perform "I Give My Thanks to America". Salli, Sandi, Charlotte, Gail, Tanya, Dick, Ken, Arthur, Curt, Bob perform "Come and Join Me in a Prayer". Bob Lido, Ralna, Guy, Cissy, Bobby, Mary Lou, Jimmy, Norma, Joe perform "You're a Lucky Fellow Mr. Smith". Arthur, Bob Ralston, Curt, Ken, Dick, Sandi, Salli, Charlotte, Gail, Tanya and 10 musicians join in for "Your Land and My Land (Is the Best Land of All)". Sandi Griffiths & Salli Flynn duet with "Let's Make America What It Used to Be". Tanya, Gail, Cissy, Mary Lou, Norma, Ralna, Guy, Jimmy, Bobby, Joe, Bob perform "This Is a Great Country". Joe Feeney with pianist Bob Ralston perform "Be Thankful, Be Grateful". A medley of George M. Cohan Songs, "Yankee Doodle Dandy/You're a Grand Old Flag" is danced by Bobby Burgess & Cissy King. Norma Zimmer sings "Bless This House". Cissy, Ralna, Mary Lou, Sandi, Salli, Gail, Norma, Tanya, Joe, Arthur, Bobby, Dick, Jimmy, Ken, Guy, Bob Ralston + Myron Floren speaking join in for ""The Battle Hymn of the Republic". (with special lyrics) Tanya Falan sings "Count Your Blessings (Instead of Sheep)". "Red Wing" is danced by Arthur Duncan. Jimmy Roberts and chorus sing "Anyone Can Move a Mountain (Just Believe It)". Ken Delo performs "To America with Love". Guy Hovis (on guitar) and Ralna English perform "This Land Is Your Land". Gail, Mary Lou, Charlotte, Sandi, Norma, Salli, Cissy, Tanya, Ralna, Jimmy, Bobby, Dick, Joe, Ken, Arthur, Guy with recitation by Lawrence Welk join in for "America the Beautiful".moreless
  • Big Band Era
    Big Band Era
    Episode 9

    Recalling the Big Band Era.

    The Orchestra performs Woody Herman's "Woodchopper's Ball".
    Clarinetist Peanuts Hucko performs Benny Goodman's "Let's Dance".
    Guy Hovis and Ralna English perform Les Brown's "Sentimental Journey".
    Norma Zimmer sings Paul Whiteman's "When Day is Done".
    Lawrence Welk and Cissy King perform Wayne King's "The Waltz You Saved For Me".
    Ken Delo performs Rudy Vallee's "My Time Is Your Time".

  • Salute to Small-town America

    A tribute to small-town America.

  • Halloween Show
    Halloween Show
    Episode 7

    The Music Makers get scary for a Halloween celebration.

    The band plays "When the Saints Go Marching In", "Nola" and "Wreck of the Old '97".
    Sandi and Salli duet with "Me and My Shadow".
    Dancers Bobby Burgess and Cissy King step out to "Satin Takes a Holiday".

  • Salute to the Southern States

    A musical salute to Dixie.

    Sandi & Salli duet on "Southtown, U.S.A.".
    Peanuts Hucko performs "St. Louis Blues".
    Buddy Merrill performs "Panhandle Rag".
    Hotsy Totsy Boys perform "Deep in the Heart of Texas".

  • October 17, 1970
    October 17, 1970
    Episode 5

    Lawrence Welk salutes the Football Season.

    Included are "The Notre Dame Fight Song", "The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi" and "You Gotta Be a Football Hero".
    Other songs "Gentle on My Mind", "Just a Closer Walk", "I'll Never Fall in Love Again" and "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows".
    Dancers Bobby Burgess and Cissy King step out to "Stand to the Rear".
    16-year-old trumpeter David Joy returns in the finale hailing football.

  • October 10, 1970
    October 10, 1970
    Episode 4

    No theme, just music.

    Norma Zimmer sings "The Sound of Music".
    Bobby Burgess & Cissy King dance the "Tarantella".
    Joe Feeney performs "Climb Every Mountain".
    Clay Hart performs "Let It Be Me".
    Myron Floren performs "Tzena, Tzena".
    Tanya Falan sings "Put On A Happy Face".

  • The Roaring 20's
    The Roaring 20's
    Episode 3

    The Roaring 20's is featured this week as the Music Makers theme.

    Peanuts Hucko joins the Music Makers as a regular.
    Sandi & Salli sing "Snow Bird".
    Guy Hovis & Ralna English duet on "All I Have to Do Is Dream".
    Joe Feeney does "Rose of Tralee".
    Ken Delo performs "Scarlet Ribbons".
    Tanya Falan sings "It Had to Be You".

  • Salute to September

    September steps into the spotlight on this hour of melody.

    Other songs are "Early in the Morning", "School Days", "Buddy's People" and a medley of tunes from "Showboat".
    Norma Zimmer sings "September Song"
    Tanya Falan does "September in the Rain".

  • Big Bands of Yesteryear

    The sounds of Big Bands of Yesteryear are featured as The Lawrence Welk Show opens the 1970-1971 season.

    Singer Paul Fresque, a recent Welk discovery sings "Shadow of Your Smile" and "Love Me With All Your Heart".
    Accordionist Myron Floren plays "Spanish Eyes".
    Guy Hovis and Ralna English present "Love of the Common People"
    Bob Lido and the Hotsy Totsy Boys do "Baby Face"
    and Tanya Falan offers "If You Go Away".

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