The Lawrence Welk Show - Season 3

ABC (ended 1982)




Episode Guide

  • August 30, 1958
    August 30, 1958
    Episode 52
    Appearing are Alice Lon, the Lennon Sisters, Larry Dean, Dick Dale, Larry Hooper, Maurice Pearson, Aladdin and the Lawrence Welk Band. Highlights: Songs include "Lazy Summer Night", "Everybody Loves a Lover", "Wedding Bells Are Breaking Up That Old Gang of Mine" and "Thank Heaven for Little Girls".
  • August 23, 1958
    August 23, 1958
    Episode 51
    Appearing are Alice Lon, the Lennon Sisters, Maurice Pearson, Dick Dale, Jack Imel, Tiny Little, Aladdin, Bob Lido, Larry Dean and the Band. Highlights: "Cheerful Little Earful" "You Need Hands" "Tin Pan Alley Rag" "Mention My Name in Sheboygan" "Watermelon Weather".
  • August 9, 1958
    August 9, 1958
    Episode 49
    Highlights: "Slow Poke", "Polly", "Piccolo Pete" and "Sugar Blues". Performers Alice Lon, the Lennon Sisters, Bob Lido, Rocky Rockwell and Orie Amadeo.
  • August 2, 1958
    August 2, 1958
    Episode 48
    From New York City Highlights: The Orchestra performs "Manhattan". The Lennon Sisters sing "Sugar Moon". The Orchestra performs "Cecelia". Alice Lon sings "More Than You Know". The Orchestra performs "Row, Row, Row" and "It Must Be True". Larry Dean performs "On the Street Where You Live" and "Tell Me Tonight". Joe Feeney does "Someday". Aladdin and Larry Hooper do "Yakkity Yak". The Orchestra performs "Viennese Lantern". Myron Floren conducts the orchestra in a medley of Stephen Foster songs. Norman Bailey on trumpet performs "Sweet and Lovely". Larry Hooper does "Roll Out the Barrel" and "Sidewalks of New York". Aladdin performs "Volare" and "Maple Leaf Rag". Maurice Pearson performs "On Galway Bay" and "That's a Plenty". A medley of "Swinging Down the Line", "There's Danger in Your Eyes". Aladdin, Bob Lido, Alice Lon, Jimmy Roberts, and Larry Hooper join in for "Goodnight Ladies".moreless
  • June 21, 1958
    June 21, 1958
    Episode 42
    Folk-singer Paul Thompson, who once appeared on "Top Tunes and New Talent", makes his debut tonight. He will appear as a regular on the show during the summer. Regulars include Alice Lon, the Lennon Sisters, Buddy Hayes, Pete Fountain and the Lawrence Welk Band. Highlights: Songs include "The Only Man on the Island", "Summertime" and a medley of Sigmund Romberg songs. Also an old-fashioned square dance.moreless
  • June 14, 1958
    June 14, 1958
    Episode 41
    The Welk's Little League Baseball team from Van Nuys, California visit the program and sing their theme song, "Little Leaguer". Regulars include Alice Lon, the Lennon Sisters, Myron Floren, Aladdin, Dick Dale, Jack Martin, Bob Lido, Larry Hooper, Maurice Pearson, Alvan Ashby and the Lawrence Welk Band. Highlights: Songs include "Dad's Waltz", "Little Lads Make Believe", "Blue Tattoo", "Johnny B. Goode", "Green Grass Grew All Around" and "North Dakota".moreless
  • June 7, 1958
    June 7, 1958
    Episode 40
    Appearing are Alice Lon, The Lennon Sisters, Aladdin, Dick Dale, Jack Martin and Curt Ramsey. Highlights: Songs include "By the Sea", "Tom Boy", "I've Told Every Little Star" and "The Old Lamplighter".
  • May 31, 1958
    May 31, 1958
    Episode 39
    Appearing are Alice Lon, the Lennon Sisters, Bob Lido, Buddy Merrill and Aladdin. Highlights: Songs include "I Like Mountain Music", "Curbstone Cutie", "The Old Lamplighter" and "We Saw the Sea".
  • A Salute to Norway
    A Salute to Norway
    Episode 37
    A salute to Norway. Appearing are Myron Floren, Alice Lon, The Lennon Sisters, Pete Fountain, Jack Imel, Tiny Little, Bob Lido, Larry Dean and Aladdin. Highlights: Myron Floren plays "Skol, Skol, Skol". Other songs include "Mr. Clarinet Man", "Witch Doctor", "Amelia Polka", "Fascination", "Oregon Trail", "The Darktown Strutters' Ball" and "Cocktails For Two".moreless
  • April 19, 1958
    April 19, 1958
    Episode 33
    Appearing on tonight's show are Alice Lon, The Lennon Sisters, Aladdin, Larry Dean and the Lawrence Welk Orchestra. Highlights: Songs are "Old MacDonald Had A Farm" and "Mountain Greenery".
  • March 29, 1958
    March 29, 1958
    Episode 30
    Appearing tonight are Alice Lon, the Lennon Sisters, Buddy Hayes and Bob Lido. Highlights: "When Yuba Plays the Tuba Down in Cuba". "Papa Won't You Dance With Me". "Zip-a-dee doo-dah". "An Old Love Letter". "I Love You, You, You". "Lullaby of Broadway".
  • March 22, 1958
    March 22, 1958
    Episode 29
    Appearing tonight are Alice Lon, Bob Lido, the Lennon Sisters and Dick Kesner. Highlights: Bob Lido performs "I Love a Piano". Alice Lon sings "A Dreamer's Holiday". Dick Kesner performs "Brahm's Lullaby".
  • March 8, 1958
    March 8, 1958
    Episode 27
    Highlights: The Orchestra performs "18th Century Drawing Room" Alice Lon sings "Mean to Me". Jack Imel does "Stumbling". The Lennon Sisters sing "Siamese Cat Song". The Orchestra performs "Liebesfreud". Bob Lido (also on violin) performs "My Little Red Wagon". Myron Floren on accordion performs " Canadian Capers". Larry Hooper performs "When the Bell in the Lighthouse Rings Ding Dong". Big Tiny Little on honky tonk piano performs "Hindustan". Alice Lon sings "Early Spring". The Lennon Sisters with Pete Fountain on clarinet sing "Mr. Clarinet Man". Dick Kesner on violin, and Russ Klein on clarinet perform "Melody of Love". Rocky Rockwell (also on trumpet) does "I'll Be Hanging Around". Buddy Merrill on electric guitar performs "Panhandle Rag". Dick Dale and Alice Lon with Aladdin, Jack Martin, and Rocky Rockwell perform "I Never See Maggie/Alice Alone". Kenny Trimble on trombone does "Careless". The Orchestra performs "High Society". Buddy Hayes (also on bass) performs "Everywhere You Go". Dianne Lennon with Big Tiny Little on piano perform "I Want to be Loved by You". Alice Lon, Aladdin, Bob Lido, Jimmy Roberts, and Larry Hooper join in for "Goodnight Ladies".moreless
  • February 22, 1958
    February 22, 1958
    Episode 25
    February has been designated "Heart Month" and tonight's show is dedicated to the Heart Fund. Highlights: The Lennon Sisters sing "In My Loving Heart". Peggy Lennon and Joe Feeney perform "Sweethearts". Jack Imel does "Nobody's Sweetheart". Dick Kesner performs "Let Me Call You Sweetheart".
  • February 15, 1958
    February 15, 1958
    Episode 24
    Lawrence Welk and the band present a series of impressions of famous bands playing the musical selection each is known for. Highlights: "Got a Date with an Angel" (Hal Kemp) "You Made Me Love You" (Harry James) "Hot Lips" (Henry Busse).
  • February 8, 1958
    February 8, 1958
    Episode 23
    Tonight's program is dedicated to the United Spanish War Veterans on this 60th anniversary of the sinking of the battleship Maine. Highlights: Bob Lido performs "I Married For Money". The Band does "I Want a Girl". Larry Hooper performs "Practice What You Preach". The Lennon Sisters sing "If We All Said A Prayer".moreless
  • February 1, 1958
    February 1, 1958
    Episode 22
    Highlights: Aladdin and the audience sing "Let's All Sing Like the Birdies Sing". Alice Lon and Dick Dale duet on "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off".
  • January 25, 1958
    January 25, 1958
    Episode 21
    Highlights: The Orchestra performs "The Band Played On". Alice Lon sings "The Wayward Wind". Myron Floren on accordion performs "Avalon". The Lennon Sisters sing "Loch Lomond". Jack Imel on marimba and Buddy Merrill on steel guitar perform "Blue Skies". The Violin section perform "I Love You Truly". The Orchestra does "Allah's Holiday" and "Exactly Like You". Alice Lon and Buddy Hayes duet on "Ain't We Got Fun". The Orchestra performs "Gay Ranchero". Bob Lido (also on fiddle) performs "Ain't She Sweet". Larry Hopper with Rocky Rockwell, Curt Ramsey, and Dick Dale perform "Low in the Lehigh Valley". The Orchestra performs "Wolverine Blues". Jack Martin sings "My Bonnie Lassie". Big Tiny Little on piano does a medley of "Bye Bye Blackbird","Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey" and "I'm Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover". Rocky Rockwell (also on trumpet) performs "That's My Girl". Dianne Lennon sings "Chapel in the Moonlight". The Orchestra performs "It's Delightful to be Married". Kenny Trimble on trombone performs "I'll Be Seeing You". Alice Lon, Aladdin, Bob Lido, Rocky Rockwell, and Larry Hooper perform "Goodnight Ladies".moreless
  • January 11, 1958
    January 11, 1958
    Episode 19
    Featured are Alice Lon, Larry Hooper, Rocky Rockwell, Bob Lido, Curt Ramsey, Dick Dale and the Lennon Sisters. Highlights: Alice Lon sings "Allegheny Moon". Alice Lon and Rocky Rockwell perform "Town and Country Polka". Larry Hooper, Bob Lido, Curt Ramsey and Dick Dale perform "Barbershop Quartet".
  • January 4, 1958
    January 4, 1958
    Episode 18
    Lawrence's guest is Alvan Ashby. Highlights: The Band performs "Bamballino". Alice Lon sings "Singin' in the Rain". The Lennon Sisters sing "Melodie d'Amoure". Big Tiny Little performs "Dill Pickles". Jack Martin sings "Somebody Stole My Gal". Jerry Burke, Larry Hooper and Tiny Little Jr. instrumental offering of "Just One of Those Things." Alvan Ashby sings "Last Roundup". Alice Lon and Dick Dale team up for "Snuggled on your Shoulder."moreless
  • December 21, 1957
    December 21, 1957
    Episode 16
    Lawrence Welk Christmas Show. Highlights: Larry Dean and Diane Lennon reminisce about the good old days before they were born in "Let's Have an Old Fashioned Christmas". Other holiday features. Aladdin's rendition of "The Night Before Christmas". Rocky Rockwell performs "Nuttin' For Christmas".
  • December 14, 1957
    December 14, 1957
    Episode 15
    Highlights: Janet Lennon sings "Two Front Teeth". The Lennon Sisters sing "Santa Claus Is Here Again". Larry Hooper performs "High on the Housetop". Larry Dean does "Twelve Gifts for Christmas".
  • Top Tunes and New Talent Show
    A classic Christmas special as only Lawrence Welk could deliver! In this episode, Christmas is in the air with musical selections that truly celebrate the season.
  • November 16, 1957
    November 16, 1957
    Episode 11
    Lawrence's guest is Jayne Walton is the original Champagne Lady who joined up with the then little known Welk outfit in 1940 at Omaha, Nebraska. She left in 1945 to go it alone. She had some success with her Spanish songs "Marie Elena", "Cielto Lindo" and "Say Si, Si". Highlights: Alice Lon sings "But Not For Me". Aladdin and Big Tiny Little perform "Oh, Marie". Rocky Rockwell does "I Took My Horn to a Party". Larry Hooper performs "Ding Dong Daddy". Jack Martin does "Well, I Swan".moreless
  • Variety Special 2
    Variety Special 2
    Episode 5
    A stellar episode of Lawrence Welk and his band.
  • September 28, 1957
    September 28, 1957
    Episode 4
    The Music Makers Songs. Highlights: Music heard during "Champagne Hour" are "Autumn Leaves", "Love Me To Pieces", "New Moon Over My Shoulder", "Annen Polka" and "Miss You".
  • September 7, 1957
    September 7, 1957
    Episode 1
    Highlights: The Orchestra performs "Eyes of Texas", "Jingle, Jangle Jingle", "Deep in the Heart of Texas" and "Texas Millionaire". Alice Lon sings "Alice From Dallas" and "Yellow Rose of Texas". Lawrence and Alice perform "Put Your Little Foot Right There". The Lennon Sisters sing "White Silver Sands". Bob Lido does "In All the World" and "Texas". Pete Fountain performs "On the Alamo".moreless