The Lawrence Welk Show

Season 9 Episode 24

February 22, 1964 - Southtown USA

Full Episode: February 22, 1964 - Southtown USA


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Lawrence Welk's guests are the fabulous Mills Brothers. Also appearing are the Lennon Sisters, Norma Zimmer, Larry Hooper, Joe Feeney, Jo Ann Castle, Dick Dale and the Lawrence Welk Orchestra. Highlights: The Mills Brothers sing "It Hurts Me More" and "Paper Doll". All join in for "Southtown USA" The Lennon Sisters sing "Hummingbird" and "The Johnson Rag". Norma Zimmer sings "The Wayward Wind" and "Beyond the Blue Horizon". Larry Hooper performs "Misty" and "This Old House". Joe Feeney performs a Medley in F and "Luck There's My Heart". Jo Ann Castle performs "That Ragtime Piano Gal". The Orchestra performs "El Cumbanchero", "Buttons and Bows", "Stockholm" and "The Third Man". Dick Dale and the Lennon Sisters sing "Gotta Travel On". The Band closes with "The 12th Street Rag" and "For All We Know".moreless
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