The Lawrence Welk Show

Season 11 Episode 11

November 13, 1965


Full Episode: November 13, 1965


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Lawrence Welk has Norma Zimmer co-host in a show centered around her. Highlights: Bobby, Barbara, Natalie, Bob Duncan, Kathy, Steve, Janet, Greg, Dianne, Dick, Jo Ann, Jimmy, Larry and the Dixieland musicians featuring Bob Havens on trombone and Frank Scott at the piano perform "Smiles". Norma Zimmer sings "Whistle While You Work". "The Jolly Caballero" is danced by Bobby Burgess & Barbara Boylan with Myron Floren and Jo Ann Castle on the accordion The Lennon Sisters sing "Tammy". Norma Zimmer with husband Randy, sons Mark and Ron and the orchestra perform "Memories" (with picture montage of Norma's family). Natalie Nevins with the Blenders sing "Lida Rose". Jo Ann Castle on the honky tonk piano with accompaniment by Buddy Merrill perform "Song of the Islands". Norma Zimmer, Barbara Boylan and Bobby Burgess perform "Would You Like to Learn the Polka?" "Tea for Two" is danced by Arthur Duncan. Bob Ralston at the piano performs "Don't Take Your Love from Me". Joe Feeney with Frank Scott at the piano perform "Latin Prayer". Jack Imel with Bobby, Barbara, Arthur, Jo Ann, Dick, Janet perform "Pick Yourself Up". Lawrence Welk and Norma Zimmer dance to "Vienna Echoes". Janet Lennon with the Blenders sing "I'm Gonna Build a Fence Around You". Mahlon Clark on the clarinet with the orchestra performs "The St. Louis Blues". Larry Hooper sings "Cotton Fields". Norma Zimmer & Jimmy Roberts sings "Will You Remember? (Sweetheart)". Bob Lido & Aladdin duet on "Beans from Boston My Hometown (Beans, Beans)". "Getting to Know You" is performed by the Orchestra conducted by Norma Zimmermoreless
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