The Lazy Environmentalist

Tuesday 9:00 PM on Planet Green Premiered Jun 16, 2009 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Lazy Boyfriend/The Lazy Baker
      In segment 1, The Lazy Boyfriend, Host Josh Dorfman tries to help recently engaged comedian Frank Nicotero become greener in order to impress his fiancé. In the second segment a very skeptical baker proves to Josh that baking eco-friendly cakes and cookies is a lot harder than it sounds.
    • The Lazy Athlete/The Lazy Funeral Director
      In the first segment Host Josh Dorfman gets kicked around, literally, by a professional martial arts athlete who Josh tries to find green training solutions for. Segment 2 features a San Francisco-based funeral director and Josh searching for green caskets, urns and embalming techniques.
    • The Lazy Daycare/The Lazy Jewelers
      Segment 1 finds Host Josh Dorfman a bit out of his element trying to green a Tucson-based daycare by finding eco-friendly toys, art supplies and diapers. In the second segment Josh must find eco-friendly stones and materials for two San Francisco-based jewelry designers who are hosting an open house featuring their new green jewelry lines.moreless
    • The Lazy Band / The Lazy Mover
      In the first segment, The Lazy Band, Host Josh Dorfman attempts to green the band Raining Jane by giving them eco-friendly instruments and merchandise to test out at an LA gig. In segment 2 Josh tries to green a moving company which then has to use all new eco-materials on a big move.moreless
    • The Lazy Surfer / The Lazy Teenager
      In segment 1, The Lazy Surfer, Host Josh Dorfman must find green solutions for a professional surfer to test out in a competition. In the second segment, greening a typical teenager proves to be a tougher challenge than Josh anticipated.
    • The Lazy Make-up Artist / The Lazy Exterminator
      The first segment features a Lazy Make-up Artist who doesn’t believe that beauty products come in shades of green. In segment 2, Host Josh Dorfman tries to convince Lazy Exterminator John Gloske that you can still kill bugs dead using an eco-friendly approach.
    • The Lazy Fashion Designer / The Lazy Mechanic
      In the first segment, The Lazy Fashion Designer, Host Josh Dorfman meets high-end fashion designer Nony Tochterman and tries to find sustainable fabrics that meet her impossibly high standards. In segment 2 Josh gets his hands dirty trying to convince two Lazy Mechanics that it’s easy to green their auto customizing business.moreless
    • The Lazy Interior Designer / The Lazy Campers
      In segment 1, The Lazy Interior Designer, Host Josh Dorfman struggles to find green solutions for a very skeptical and demanding interior designer. In the second segment a family of campers pack up their generator and creature comforts to camp with as little environmental impact as possible.
  • Season 1