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Fantasy Football is at the core of The League, a comedy that explores how the online sports obsession affects marriages, friendships, families, and completely shuts down Sundays. The comedy will be partially improvised, with the team from Curb Your Enthusiasm behind it. The show begins its fourth season in October on FX.

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  • why fix whats not broke

    I am sure Im not the 1st to say WTF!? Please fix this season NOW!!!
  • Falls flat

    I don't know I just can't get in to the show. I don't really find it that funny. It makes me feel embarrassed to be a man because of these weak piss ants of a main cast. It's like the show tries too hard but ultimately falls flat because the fantasy league these guys are bound together by is not integral enough so it relies on making these guys lives interesting enough to make us care and laugh at them but it's just too boring. I get the show and what it's all about. They screw up and then blackmail eachother for better players for their fantasy teams. The premise is good and the acting is decent but it just doesn't make me care or laugh.moreless
  • no clever title from this stoner, just an awsome review

    this is the funniest show on TV together with sunny philly. Its just so fucking hillarious! Great that Jon Lajoie finally gets a spot on a TV-show, it was just his time cause he's great. But the funniest guy on this show is Rafi, man i shit my pants every time he makes an appearance.
  • om effing g-ridiculous how funny this show is!!

    me, girl-don't like football, much less fantasy football, fantasy anything for that matter. stumbled upon this show like 6 months ago and i am hooked!! had to catch up on netflix. tho, i became a little frightened when i saw mark duplass was going to be on that mindy show on fox and nick kroll going to have a show on comedy central, wtf is this show coming to an end???? love all the characters but please more brolo and eli<------she is too funny with her little lisp but then has major attitude!!moreless
  • Rafi's amazing

    Im not really interested in anything and I pretty much hate television. I watch football, Dexter, South Park, and The League. My fav shows of all time are Threes Company and SNL from 88-95. I like this show cos its quite clever. Unexpected punch lines and jokes that friends would make so I can relate a bit. Its dry at times. I like the characters. I like the actors. I love the premise. I love the random characters that show up. Sofias amazing. Rafis something else man.moreless

    The League Season 7 Premiere Review: It's Good!

    The Season 7 premiere was the opposite of garbage time.


    The League's Final Season Will Feature Familiar Faces and Sex Concussions, Tackle Deflategate

    Season 7 premieres Wednesday, September 9 at 10pm.

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