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  • OMG what for big s%&t!

    The last 5 episodes sucked so big. Guys if had no idea for an end or you were bored why didn't you stopped after last season?
  • why fix whats not broke

    I am sure Im not the 1st to say WTF!? Please fix this season NOW!!!
  • Falls flat

    I don't know I just can't get in to the show. I don't really find it that funny. It makes me feel embarrassed to be a man because of these weak piss ants of a main cast. It's like the show tries too hard but ultimately falls flat because the fantasy league these guys are bound together by is not integral enough so it relies on making these guys lives interesting enough to make us care and laugh at them but it's just too boring. I get the show and what it's all about. They screw up and then blackmail eachother for better players for their fantasy teams. The premise is good and the acting is decent but it just doesn't make me care or laugh.
  • no clever title from this stoner, just an awsome review

    this is the funniest show on TV together with sunny philly. Its just so fucking hillarious! Great that Jon Lajoie finally gets a spot on a TV-show, it was just his time cause he's great. But the funniest guy on this show is Rafi, man i shit my pants every time he makes an appearance.
  • om effing g-ridiculous how funny this show is!!

    me, girl-don't like football, much less fantasy football, fantasy anything for that matter. stumbled upon this show like 6 months ago and i am hooked!! had to catch up on netflix. tho, i became a little frightened when i saw mark duplass was going to be on that mindy show on fox and nick kroll going to have a show on comedy central, wtf is this show coming to an end???? love all the characters but please more brolo and eli<------she is too funny with her little lisp but then has major attitude!!
  • Rafi's amazing

    Im not really interested in anything and I pretty much hate television. I watch football, Dexter, South Park, and The League. My fav shows of all time are Threes Company and SNL from 88-95. I like this show cos its quite clever. Unexpected punch lines and jokes that friends would make so I can relate a bit. Its dry at times. I like the characters. I like the actors. I love the premise. I love the random characters that show up. Sofias amazing. Rafis something else man.
  • Totally underrated!

    After i finished community, i needed a new show to dig in to, i was recommended this one by a freind.

    The first 3 episodes almost made me regret it, but as i continued watching i could'nt stop, the characters are hilarious and the jokes in whole are spot on, as far as my humor goes at least.

    So, if you like "always sunny in Philadelphia" and such, do yourself a favor and watch this!
  • This show is Amazing and I love the cast. Just perfect. Everything Just Blends.

    This show is so under rated. It is so hilarious, and even made me want to pick up playing Fantasy Football. This show is about more than just the game of Fantasy Football, its more about the friendship between the characters because of the game. And they are all just so dam Hilarious. And I think its funny how in the show Jenny is married to Kevin but married to Pete in real life. Taco brings in this dumb humor that we just love, Kevin and Jenny are just he cutest, Pete you can't help but like, Ruxin is just the darkness of the show that really makes it different, and last Andre just kills it. I mean, we all have that friend that we just fuck with and its just great. Watch the show, spread it, and I hope it grows really big,
  • Not as much about Fantasy Football as the name would lead you to believe.


    At first I was apprehensive about watching The League, as the premise for the show is that the main characters play in a Fantasy Football league together, and I have zero interest in Fantasy Football. In reality, while the talk of football comes up from time-to-time, it mainly stands as a plot vehicle to bring together a group of "friends" to allow for a bunch of trash-talking, pranks, and buffoonery.

    I've seen Nick Kroll and Paul Scheer in other shows and shorts, and I've always found them very funny and willing to push the envelope of crassness and filth for incredible humor. John Lajoie is absolutely hilarious as the complete idiot Taco, and his appearances often make the episodes.

    Overall, the series focuses on a group of men in their 30s with a cross-cut of family and friendship issues that many of this age cohort can relate with, with highlights about the immaturity men carry over into their adulthood and the jackass fireworks that erupt among a group of guys hanging out doing guy stuff.

  • Funniest show on television!


    The League is without doubt the funniest show on television. To think that it is largely ad-libbed makes it all the more impressive.

    Inappropriate as all great comedies are and incredibly witty and clever, just an outstanding show for fans of football and most everyone else too.

  • If you just "don't get" why some people love football and all of the nonsense that whirls around it, you'll probably like this show. If you do "get it", you definitely will.

    There are a lot of people, I suspect, that avoid this show like they avoid fantasy sports, numbered jerseys, and any league best known by a series of capital letters. But when it comes right down to it, this show is a bit like a head-on collision between Seinfield and Desperate Housewives. It's quick, easily digestible, observational humor that showcases why all the absurdities of life drive people to embrace (and elevate the importance of) these completely fabricated competitions and institutions. For people that "don't get it" here's an opportunity to laugh at those that do. And for those that do, here's an opportunity to laugh at yourselves and feel a little better about your lives not being quite *this* absurd.

    great show for any adult who isn't easily offended. the amount of vulger language kind of takes you by surprise for a show that can be found on basic cable but no more than a sopranos episode on hbo. it's got the right amount of laughter (wife fingering husbands prostate during sex) and situations (fun with feces, a phase in which a child is intrigued by what the body can shoot out the pooper) that occur in everyday life. Some of it can be considered off the wall, but it's overall an extremely funny show that for some reason my wife likes.
  • lovin it so far...

    Four Friends compete in a fantasy football league and try to balance thier home lives and the life of the league. Great talent of actors(who get some good jokes in although quite crude humor) only complaint is that the female roles all seem very similar to one another and they don't get the best lines.

    This show is f***ing funny. I am not to interested in the characters but i am very pleased with how they play jokes off one another. Why this show has such horrible rating i will never understand. tacos song in the pilot ep was amazing i was on the floor laughing. i don't expect a great overall story because it is what it is... a comedy. i couldn't care less about where the characters are going to end up or how thier relationships will be affected by the league, as long as i'm laughing every episode i'm happy. if you can deal with the crude jokes this show is something to watch.
  • Brilliantly written and hilarious!

    Based on the previews for this show, I *never* thought it would be one that I anxiously await every week. Yet, The League has totally pulled me in...and I don't even like football. After the Testees cancellation, I feel FX owes its viewership continued episodes of this brilliantly written series. The characters' wildly witty friendships that seem to thrive amongst their real-life situations completely drew me in to the series. Plus, the wives are portrayed as both hilarious and sexy. This seems to be a rare, yet enjoyable, quality in such a male-oriented series. As a woman who never watches football, my addiction to this show seems to stem from the genius it exemplifies with pride.
  • Touchdown! Pending Official Review...

    Crude, crass but ultimately amusing. A show about a bunch of 30-somethings who compete to be champion of their fantasy football league. The league provides a link between the characters and drives the show. When 'the league' is at the centre of proceedings the show is at its best. The football 'references' are sure to make any fan giggle:'Tim' Brady B*tches'. However, although 'the league' is the erstwhile raison detre, the show is also about these mens' lives (or lack thereof) with their wifes and male companionship. This is where the league becomes a little mundane. The League is the only show where a fantasy football league is at its core. As such the focus should be on this. Regardless, it is funny with a good mix of characters (nothing out of the ordinary-)and I'm willing to give this show a...Touchdown! Pending official vision of more than 2 episodes...