The League

Wednesday 10:30 PM on FXX Premiered Oct 29, 2009 In Season





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  • If you just "don't get" why some people love football and all of the nonsense that whirls around it, you'll probably like this show. If you do "get it", you definitely will.

    There are a lot of people, I suspect, that avoid this show like they avoid fantasy sports, numbered jerseys, and any league best known by a series of capital letters. But when it comes right down to it, this show is a bit like a head-on collision between Seinfield and Desperate Housewives. It's quick, easily digestible, observational humor that showcases why all the absurdities of life drive people to embrace (and elevate the importance of) these completely fabricated competitions and institutions. For people that "don't get it" here's an opportunity to laugh at those that do. And for those that do, here's an opportunity to laugh at yourselves and feel a little better about your lives not being quite *this* absurd.