The League

Wednesday 10:30 PM on FXX Premiered Oct 29, 2009 In Season





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  • Not as much about Fantasy Football as the name would lead you to believe.


    At first I was apprehensive about watching The League, as the premise for the show is that the main characters play in a Fantasy Football league together, and I have zero interest in Fantasy Football. In reality, while the talk of football comes up from time-to-time, it mainly stands as a plot vehicle to bring together a group of "friends" to allow for a bunch of trash-talking, pranks, and buffoonery.

    I've seen Nick Kroll and Paul Scheer in other shows and shorts, and I've always found them very funny and willing to push the envelope of crassness and filth for incredible humor. John Lajoie is absolutely hilarious as the complete idiot Taco, and his appearances often make the episodes.

    Overall, the series focuses on a group of men in their 30s with a cross-cut of family and friendship issues that many of this age cohort can relate with, with highlights about the immaturity men carry over into their adulthood and the jackass fireworks that erupt among a group of guys hanging out doing guy stuff.