The League

Wednesday 10:30 PM on FXX Premiered Oct 29, 2009 In Season





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  • This show is Amazing and I love the cast. Just perfect. Everything Just Blends.

    This show is so under rated. It is so hilarious, and even made me want to pick up playing Fantasy Football. This show is about more than just the game of Fantasy Football, its more about the friendship between the characters because of the game. And they are all just so dam Hilarious. And I think its funny how in the show Jenny is married to Kevin but married to Pete in real life. Taco brings in this dumb humor that we just love, Kevin and Jenny are just he cutest, Pete you can't help but like, Ruxin is just the darkness of the show that really makes it different, and last Andre just kills it. I mean, we all have that friend that we just fuck with and its just great. Watch the show, spread it, and I hope it grows really big,