The League

Season 1 Episode 1

The Draft

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Oct 29, 2009 on FXX

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  • Not a promising start.

    The League reminds me of Spike TV's Factory, which briefly aired in the summer of 2008. Not well-known, but established male comedians at the forefront and then these random, lifeless women in the background. While the males tend to get the better lines in sitcoms it is extremely vital to have strong female characters as well, not just to attract viewers, but to balance the show out. Would Seinfeld have been as successful without Julia Louis Dreyfuss, or could 30 Rock work with a man instead of Tina Fey?

    The League is also similar to Factory in that the quality is pretty poor. A good line here, a nice remark there, but just about every joke fell really flat. The show kept switching between being raunchy and then trying to replicate It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The show has no identity, it's the Dr. Pepper of television, except Dr. Pepper is actually good.

    I also have to question whether or not a lot of people would get the football references. Does the average American know who Matt Forte is?

    For The League to be successful they need to bring in a funny female to the cast, tone down on the raunchy humor and focus on football, but do it in a way where people who are not huge fans of the sport can also enjoy it (see Friday Night Lights).
  • Strong start needs to be careful

    This show had a low key pilot funnily introducing all the characters. It is clear that the show could stumble with the lack of female characters and at times in-depth references. However i do not watch football and enjoyed the show, it is aiming for the Judd apatow market place of man-children but does so subtely also including some genuinely funny jokes.
    This sitcom is refreshingly different from other fall premieres like cougar town and eastwick. It takes a regular subject and builds a funny and genuine ensemble around it. However like all pilots the characters need development and hopefully this will occur over the next few episodes. I look forward to following this show after a truly funnt and promising start.
  • An interesting start that keeps me put for the duration of it, while leaving me wanting a little more.

    Most shows stand and fall at the first episode. If it's not well received, people wont watch it. Sometimes, a poor pilot can end a show before it's even started, while other times, a poor pilot means nothing, as great episodes follow. While The League only had a total of six episodes in the first season, they sure were filled to the brim with fun. Some might not enjoy the simple jokes, jokes that don't require a lot of thinking or intelligence, jokes that make you laugh even though you're not really sure what's funny.

    This first episode was, I admit, not the best. The ones to follow were better, and the show could've done better if this pilot was any better. You're never really sure what the episode is about, which really goes for the whole show. While it's announced to be a show about a fantasy football league, there's very little fantasy football involved. Which I don't mind, as I don't play fantasy football myself.

    Most of the jokes center around immature humor, and often a little too vulgar for most. Those that don't mind very vulgar jokes will find it funny, while those that don't really like them, will find it repulsive. That's just how it works. The episode gives you an introduction to The League. You get to know the characters, but other than that, very little happens. The big problem is that you never really find out what you're watching. What the story is, and what it's all about.

    One thing is for sure. If you watch this, hoping for a show about fantasy football, you will be disappointed. If you're open-minded, you might very well find it extremely enjoyable. I sure did.