The Leftovers

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AIRED ON 9/7/2014

Season 1 : Episode 10

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Based on the new novel,The Leftovers,by Tom Perrotta, the series will show what happens in a town after the Rapture occurs.

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  • Almost lost me.

    I found the initial conditions and premise quite interesting and full of potential but a lot of it got squandered over the subsequent season with the psuedo-profoundness and the "LOST"ness.

    I had every intention of merely finishing off this season and then never watching this series again but the last 2 episodes changed my mind -hopefully in season 2 the show will lay off the pretension a little and ensure that the movement of the plot is a little less glacial.moreless
  • Afraid it is a Lost ending coming up

    I like it a lot, the episodes I have seen, but I'm afraid that there is no answers to all or some of the mysteries, or at best, some stupid last-minute solution by the authors, as in Lost. It is after all the same writer.
  • A challenge!!!

    Is there a secret to get what's going on in this show? Is this show sponsored by a cigarette company? Or maybe a valium distributor? This show is slow slow slow !!!! I'll keep watching cause it's like rubik's cube even if you can't crack it you still want to try. I don't know if it's genuis or random events issued from the tortured spirit of a mad man.
  • Thought Provoking

    To say this show is thought provoking is an understatement. It got me to thinking, should I carry on watching or bash my toes with a hammer, which would give me more entertainment. Real "bottom of the barrel" drudge.
  • A thought provoking show

    This is show is very gripping. There are many oddities and mysteries that propel you forward, wanting to view the next episode. In this respect, it is similar to Lost. The characters are very 3 dimensional and interact in interesting ways. I was a little disappointed that the first season stopped at 10 episodes because I want more of the questions answered.

    Is the cop going crazy?

    How will the white clothed smokers continue from now?

    What is so special about the baby?

    What was the rapture?

    Are they all held in a simulation from which those that left woke up? Or was it really due to God?moreless

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  • POOF!

    The Leftovers Is Making Some Big Changes in Season 2

    The Garveys might be moving for Season 2, leaving lots of people behind.

    • Is it believable?
      Not the disappearance of 2% of the world population, of course - which could happen anytime, poof, gone - but how the people react...

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