The Legend of Black Heaven

Ion Television (ended 2004)




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The Legend of Black Heaven

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Also known as Hard Rock Save the Space Kacho Oji Oji Tanaka is your typical salaryman in Japan, with the wife and young child. But years ago, he was quite the guitar hero as the leader of a metal band called Black Heaven. As his wife cleans house and nearly throws his guitar away, Oji feels a bit down over his rather mundane life when he meets a mysterious blonde named Layla, who invites him to play guitar in a special studio. Little does Oji know that the studio is actually aboard a spacecraft that is using the guitar sounds to fight an intergalactic war. Can Oji rock on to save the Earth while keeping his day job? This short series originally aired in Japan in the mid 1990s, and then aired on International Channel in the US in 2004.