The Legend of Calamity Jane

Season 1 Episode 12

I'd Rather Be in Philadelphia

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jun 19, 1998 on The WB



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    • Jack: Yankee deserves to die.
      The Captain: Uh-uh. No shooting unless you have to. It's not that I'm a Northern lover, Jack. We just can't afford to get any blood on the uniforms.

    • Jane: Gal's quite a reach, doesn't she, Joe?
      Joe: Sure enough. I wouldn't mind having her on my side in a to-do.
      Jane: That's the Statue of Liberty, you know. She's always on your side in this land.

    • Joe: We really going to meet President Grant?
      Jane: That's what Vanderbilt said.
      Joe: Well, hot diggety-dang. My mother would be so proud.
      Jane: But Joe, your mama was a Rebel, tried and true.
      Joe: So she was. Oh well.

    • Jane: You can drop the terrified act, Amanda, we got 'em.
      Amanda: You think it's an act? Being terrified is the only thing about this whole horrible situation that I'm good at!

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