The Legend of Calamity Jane

The WB (ended 1998)



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  • Stylized action heroine from the old west. Everything you could want from the genre: Indians (misunderstood), train robberies, abandoned gold mines. All in one, well animated package.

    First off, I love the style and design of the series; from the eye-catching Wild Wild West (TV series, not the movie) style opening to the sleek character designs. The show delivered old west style action (Indian/Cavalry conflicts, train robberies) to modern cartoon tastes. The stories had depth and the characters had life.

    A doomed series from the Kids WB first offerings ... it never had a chance to show the world what it got.
  • This cartoon about about The Legend of Calamity Jane.

    Like a said up there it's about The Legend of Calamity Jane with wild bill and all that set in the old west. When I first saw this for this on T.V in 1997 I was captivated because it had alot of action in it which i like. I can't really remember much about it because it's been eight years and thats when i was alot younger when i was about 10. Anyways the T.V channals who play cartoons should air this cartoon again because it's a great cartoon set in the mid to late 1800's in american in other words a "western" cartoon. Anyways later.
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