The Legend of Tarzan

Toon Disney (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Tarzan 2
      Tarzan 2
      Episode 4
      Tarzan, as a young boy, tries to adjust to his new way of life, especially, later, being the newly-appointed leader of the apes. Up until that point, Tarzan has had a somewhat distressing and joyful life. This feature film follows the adventures Tarzan had when he was a little tyke.
    • Tarzan and the Flying Ace
      Bobby Canler, a bush pilot which happens to be an old friend of Jane, comes for a visit. Tarzan senses something bad about him, but later is convinced he's just jealous so he backs off. Unfortunately for everyone, Tarzan was right: Bobby's a double agent!
    • Tarzan and the Volcanic Diamond Mine
      Two sneaky men named Johannes Niels and Merkus come and want Tarzan to take them to the volcano on the other side of the jungle to look for diamonds. Tarzan agrees as long as he gets a diamond for Jane in return. Little does he realize, Niels and Merkus are planning to kill him when the diamonds are collected--or that the gang is following them.moreless
    • Tarzan and the British Invasion
      Jane's friends, Eleanor, Greenley, and Hazel, thinking Jane is in trouble, come to rescue her. When they find her and everything is explained, they fret Jane has changed. So, to prove she hasn't, Jane takes them on a picnic in the jungle. That's when trouble comes up.
  • Season 1