The Legend of Tarzan

Toon Disney (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Tarzan
      Episode 1
      When her baby is slain by Sabor the leopard, Kala, mate of gorilla leader Kerchak, takes in a human baby boy (whose parents have met the same fate) and names him Tarzan. Kerchak refuses to accept Tarzan as a son, but allows him to remain in Kala's care, and the boy soon befriends Terk, a young, rough-and-tumble gorilla, and Tantor, a hypochondriac elephant of similar age. The trio remain close, even as Tarzan grows into a man, until three humans from England - a Professor, his daughter Jane, and their jungle protector, Clayton - arrive in Africa to study the gorillas. Kerchak doesn't trust the humans, so when they ask Tarzan to take them to the gorillas, he must say no, despite having fallen in love with Jane. However, as the jungle's British visitors prepare to leave, Tarzan agrees to accommodate their request before they do. Little does anyone suspect that Clayton's presence belies a sinister motive, and that he has something wicked planned for the gorillas.moreless
    • Tarzan and the Race Against Time
      Tarzan is bitten by a poisonous spider and the gang must go to the top of the waterfall to find the antidote. Meanwhile, Terk is having a hard time getting accustomed to Jane.
    • Tarzan and the Leopard Men Rebellion
      The Leopard Men of Opar kidnap Jane and Tarzan must rely on Queen La's help to rescue her. But La has motives of her own...and so do the Leopard Men.
    • Trading Post
      Trading Post
      Episode 2
      A trade manager named Renard Dumont makes his trading post where the rhino herd is, causing them to move into gorilla territories. Will the gorillas have to move?
    • Tarzan and the Lost Cub
      Jane finds a lost leopard cub and decides to keep it, but everyone knows that Tarzan won't like having a leopard around.
    • Lost City of Opar
      Two leopard-men take the Professor to the forgotten city of Opar, where Queen La is hoping for a king. Tarzan and the others go to try to save him, but when La sees Tarzan she falls in love with him and plans to get rid of Jane.
    • The Fugitives
      The Fugitives
      Episode 5
      Two American deserters from the French Foreign Legion find themselves in the jungle and befriended by Tarzan.
    • Rogue Elephant
      Rogue Elephant
      Episode 6
      Baruti and Jamila, an elephant couple, migrate into Tantor's herd to protect their hypochondriac son, Jabari, from the mad rampages of Mbaya, an elephant gone rogue. Tantor and Jabari instantly bond, but, Tantor comes to believe that he's responsible for Mbaya's recent rampage through Tarzan's protectorate and retreats into the jungle. Meanwhile, Jane attempts to discover something that Tarzan's afraid of.moreless
    • Poisoned River - Part One
      Tantor drinks some water from the river and gets ill. While Terk tries to save Tantor, Tarzan, Jane, and Archimedes try to go upstream to find out just what's poisoning the river. Along the way, they loose their boat and later get captured by a group of natives who think they are the ones who poisoned the river.moreless
    • Poisoned River - Part Two
      Archimedes and Jane figure out that it's a mine that's poisoning the river and that Tarzan and the native warrior are in trouble. Meanwhile, Tantor (who has recovered) and Terk are on the search for Tarzan and they all meet up after a crazy adventure when Archimedes and Jane impersonate mine inspectors...moreless
    • Enemy Within
      Enemy Within
      Episode 9
      Tarzan and Terk find an injured gorilla named Gobu in the forest. Little do they know, but he is under orders from his leader to lure Tarzan back to Gobu's family. Once the injured gorilla is better, he and Tarzan embark on the long journey to Gobu's home, only to find the evil Tublat, a bull ape who was expelled from Kerchak's family many years before, was waiting there to trap him. Meanwhile, Jane and Professor Porter attempt to teach Terk to be more lady-like.moreless
    • Tarzan and the Fountain
      The Professor eagerly awaits the arrival of a Professor Doyle. Upon arrival, all are surprised to find that he's... a she? Professor Robin Doyle had come to Africa to study Keewazi's tribe with the Professor. While they study, they find some of the older men to have quite startling ages (from 500 to 700), and learn about a great fountain. Professor, who feels he's too old for Robin (he likes her), secretly sets forth to find this fountain.moreless
    • Hidden World
      Hidden World
      Episode 11
      When the Professor's rival, Samuel T. Philander, visits Africa, he must come up with something spectacular to become famous on before Philander. That's when Tarzan tells them about Pellucidar, an underground world where dinosaurs live. But Philander follows them there to take pictures, and so, to try and get some credit, the Professor steals a tyranosaurus rex's egg. Now they must escape from the T-Rex, whose baby the Professor stole.moreless
    • Tarzan and the Rift
      Tantor's new girlfriend thinks Terk is loud and obnoxious and forces Tantor to choose between them. Meanwhile, poachers are operating in the jungle and capture Terk.
    • Tarzan and the Giant Beetles
      When Terk and Tantor accidentally spill some of the fluid from the giant flowers the Professor was studying onto a few beetles, it makes them giant themselves. To stay out of trouble, they keep it a secret. But how can you keep a couple of huge beetles a secret?
    • Tarzan and the Jungle Madness
      Tarzan and Jane return from a trip to the Waziri village (on a "Jungle Cruise"-style steamer piloted by Hugo and Hooft) to find the Professor missing and his camp in ruin. Jane momentarily fears the worse, but soldiers on with Tarzan in an attempt to determine her father's whereabouts and condition -- a pursuit impeded by the hordes of apparently mad animals (among them, Terk and Tantor) destroying everything in their path and pleading for the cessation of a mysterious, unheard ringing.moreless
    • Tarzan and the Protege
      Tarzan befriends a young boy while Archimedes attempts to rekindle an old romance with his overprotective aunt.
    • Tarzan and the Rough Rider
      Tarzan and his jungle are visited by President Teddy Roosevelt and, while on the hunt for animal specimens to study (which of course Tarzan heavily disapproves of), both are kidnapped by conspirators. In the process of escape, Tarzan teaches the President the importance of respecting nature, and he gains a new appreciation for it by the time he leaves, promising to bring that lesson home to America.moreless
    • Tarzan and the Seeds of Destruction
      Disgusted by the decay near the elephant territory, Jane tries to use an English vine to cover up the scent. But the vines cover up everything and are too poisonous to eat. While Jane and the Professor try to think of a solution, Tarzan invites the elephants to live with the gorillas, but how long can they live together in harmony?moreless
    • Tarzan and the Silver Ape
      The Professor learns about a spiritual silver ape that, supposedly, cures the injured of the jungle. Not believing this is a spiritual creature, he plans to study it more. But when Philander steals his notes and finds out about the ape, he plans to capture it.
    • Tarzan and the Challenger
      A giant python named Histah is terrorizing the gorillas. Tarzan's leadership of the family is challenged by Moyo, but they must fight together to defeat Histah and save the family.
    • Tarzan and the Outbreak
      A logger who cuts down trees only for the money gets a dangerous disease. Not only him, but his only child and friends, also. Tarzan nurses and does whatever he can for them, despite the logger the logger being unkind to Tarzan's home.
    • Tarzan and the Silver Screen
      A film crew comes and Tarzan becomes confused with the acting. Later, a fire starts at the trading post and they must stop it!
    • Tarzan and the Beast From Below
      Terk gains an appreciation for Tantor's phobias when a velociraptor (loose from Pellucidar) scares her silly.
    • Tarzan and the All-Seeing Elephant
      Tantor and the others travel to the peak of a mountain to prove the existence of the All-Seeing Elephant.
    • Tarzan and the New Wave
      A schooner is sinking and, on board, are Jane's Friends Greenley, Eleanor, Hazel and Greenley's fiancée Henry. Eleanor and Hazel do not think Henry is very 'well rounded' and hope exposing him to Tarzan can toughen him up. His bravery and manliness is put to the test when they are swept away by a tidal wave.moreless
    • Tarzan and the Lost Treasure
      Count Nikolas Rokoff hears about a treasure in the valley of the leopards and plans to find it. Tarzan doesn't want to help... until Nikolas threatens to kill Jane if he doesn't.
    • Tarzan and the Return of La
      While the gang is setting up a surprise croquet game for the Professor, Jane encounters an ill-looking fawn. Upon touching the fawn, the soul of--none other than--Queen La enters her body. Failing to return to Opar by herself, La turns to Tarzan, who senses something wrong right away. So, she turns to Dumont for help. Can the aid of Usula, the Waziri elder, bring Jane back before La retrieves her staff and brings Opar to life again?moreless
    • Tarzan and One Punch Mullargan
      The arrogant and aggressive heavyweight boxing champion 'One Punch' Mullargan, along with his manager and personal journalist, visit the jungle while on a safari. When Tarzan accidentally knocks One Punch out cold, the boxer demands a rematch. Tarzan refuses, however, One Punch is stubborn and looks for a way to provoke Tarzan into a fight.moreless
    • Tarzan and the Missing Link
      Philander goes to Africa with the two British thugs to capture "Tarzan: The Missing Link" in an effort to pay off the thugs. While there, they meet up with Porter and Philander attempts to convince the thugs that Porter is Tarzan.
    • Tarzan and the Prison Break
      In this episode, Hugo and Hooft use Tarzan to help them gather special ingredients for their hot sauce. The sauce, with the guys' names on the bottle, becomes popular to the French Foreign Legion, and is brought to the attention of Lt. Col. Staquait. Staquait then vows to re-capture Hugo and Hooft for deserting when they did. He hasn't left without a plan, though. Trapping both Hooft, Hugo, and Tarzan in two separate nets, he is able to take them in... to "Cape of Doom" prison. Upon attempting to free his friends, Tarzan is captured and locked up, too. Can Jane contact the Magistrate and settle this once and for all?moreless
    • Tarzan and the Eagle's Feather
      Tarzan and Jane are invited to the Waziri village for the wedding of Basuli and Naoh. Basuli must journey to a tall mountain and bring back an Eagle's feather. He is allowed to take one person with him and he chooses Tarzan which angers Muviro. Their journey is fraught with hardships and Tarzan begins to wonder if someone else isn't interfering.moreless
    • Tarzan and the Face from the Past
      Zutho, a shady mandrill from Tarzan's past, resurfaces, demanding a favor he claims owed for keeping a 20-year-old secret. Much of this episode takes place in flashback as Terk relates to Jane the events that allowed Zutho to gain such a hold over the lord of the jungle.
    • Tarzan and the Caged Fury
      Two miners, Neils and Merkus, arrive looking for their lost diamonds and Tarzan reluctantly allows them to on the condition that they leave the gorilla family alone.
    • Tarzan and the Gauntlet of Vengeance
      Clayton's sister (or rather her valet, Hobson) kidnaps Jane, Tantor, Terk, and the Professor, placing each in a separate, deadly peril. She then injects Tarzan with a fatal poison (via blowdart) and informs him that the antidote lies far away on a distant mountain she's dubbed "Clayton's Peak". He, therefore, has a choice, she says -- to suffer as she had (and lose those he loves) or as Clayton had (and lose his own life).moreless
    • Tarzan and the Mysterious Visitor
      A writer named Ed is in desperate need of some inspiration for his next novel. He finds it while walking down the street in the form of a newspaper article about Tarzan, The Missing Link. Ed has the inspiration he needs and begins tracking down various leads to Tarzan's whereabouts...including Samuel T. Philander, Hugo and Hooft and Renard Dumont. They all tell Ed of their first encounters with Tarzan. Ed heads out into the jungle to find Tarzan himself.moreless
    • Tarzan and Tublat's Revenge
      A violent thunderstorm has Tarzan, Jane, and the rest of the gorilla family seeking shelter in nearby caves. When they reach the cave they think they are safe but they have chosen the same cave that banished gorilla Tublat lives in. Tarzan is no physical match for Tublat and must use his superior cunning and ingenuity to defeat him.moreless
    • Tarzan & Jane
      Tarzan & Jane
      Episode 37
      Jane frets over what to get Tarzan for their one-year anniversary.
  • Season 2