The Legend of Tarzan

Toon Disney (ended 2003)


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    Disney’s The Legend of Tarzan is truly the last classic Disney show. Unlike many Disney shows today such as [i]Dave the Barbarian[/i] or [i]The Buzz on Maggie[/i] it did not need comedy to keep viewers alert. The story plots are very captivating and will grasp the viewer’s attention. Personally, Disney’s The Legend of Tarzan is my favorite Disney show. Don’t get me wrong I loved the classics like [i]Ducktales[/i] and [i]Gummi Bears[/i], but The Legend of Tarzan just has some special quality to it. The animation is flawless! The show has been beautifully animated and many scenes are breathtaking to watch. Whether it is lava bursting out of a volcano or the clear blue seas of the ocean the show was very well animated. Of course this is a “sequel” to the feature length movie [i]Disney’s Tarzan[/i] so we have the same loveable characters and their everyday battles in the jungle. The characters are very well formed and it is easy to have a liking for a certain one. Personally, I am a fan of Tarzan; Michael T. Weiss did an outstanding job when voicing Tarzan. The voice is deep and mysterious, but friendly and lovable. The show lasted for only 39 episodes (36 for the first season and 2 for the second), but many agree that the show should have at least been extended to the Disney 65 episode limit. However, no two story plots were a like and often they are based on what happened in a previous episode. In fact some episodes are real tear-jerkers. I can’t give too much away because I don’t want to spoil it for any future fans. It is very worthy of being watched. In fact I can’t get enough of it that I have been recording them all on to DVD! For Disney fans this is a “breath of fresh air” in quality. It never needed fancy fighting scenes like in Kim Possible with laser beams. The show has a few situations in which Tarzan wrestles some jungle animal, but only to protect his family. Family is very important to Tarzan and it is shown in many shapes and forms. When ever you have some spare time I recommend renting Tarzan & Jane from [i]Block Buster[/i] or [i]Netflicks[/i] because it showcases three of the episodes as flashbacks in the movie.