The Legend of Tarzan

Season 1 Episode 1

Tarzan and the Race Against Time

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Sep 03, 2001 on Toon Disney



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  • Quotes

    • Jane: (handing Terk a vine) You hold this vine, I'm going to swing to the falls, drop over, grab the flower, then you pull me back up. And do keep a firm grip, please.
      Terk: (acting sarcastic) You know that's a very, very good plan. Except for one small detail-- (getting serious) YOU! You can't pull this off!
      Jane: (getting fed up with Terk's backmouth)The high road ends right here! Listen, you-- you-- you--! You can like me or dislike me, but I couldn't care a wit right now, but unless we get that flower, Tarzan is going to die! So kindly close your mouth and hold that vine!

    • Professor: (scanning book) Judging by the markings, this spider should be--oh, my!
      All: What?
      Professor: Wrong book.

    • Tantor: Now you guys settle down.
      Terk: I'm a girl!
      Tantor: Really?

    • Tarzan: Snake. (Terk turns around) Made ya look.

    • Terk: Quit traumatizing the elephant.

  • Notes

    • This was originally going to be another Tarzan direct to DVD film, but Disney enjoyed it so much they decided to make it into a series.

    • In Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan Of The Apes, Tarzan's name translated in ape as "white skin."

    • Jane wears her blue dress in this episode. She wears it again in Tarzan and the eagle's feather and Tarzan and the Trading Post.

    • Animation Production by: Jade Animation International Limited

  • Allusions

    • This series' episode names all begin with "Tarzan and the." That's because in Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan books, they all began with "Tarzan and the" in the title.

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