The Legend of Zelda

Season 1 Episode 2

Cold Spells

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 15, 1989 on NBC

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  • Cutesy, if you were a kid watching this for the first time in 1989.

    Link and Zelda are standing in the castle courtyard on a beautiful day in Hyrule, the first day of spring. In an thoroughly shocking display of charm, Link picks up a flower and presents it to the fair Princess. Zelda takes the flower, rubs it against Link\\\'s neck and asks him, \\\"are you feeling strong, and brave, and noble?\\\" Well, you can guess where this is going...Zelda announces that it\\\'s time for spring cleaning, and that Link\\\'s going to help clean up the castle. She tosses him a mop and heads off.

    At this point, Link could either (1) stage a holdout and demand that Zelda and the King renegotiate his contract with a no-castle-chore clause, or (2) do a horrible job of cleaning, break a few pieces of furniture here and there and ensure that Zelda will never ask him to perform chores again. Instead, he opts for (3): he pretends that he has a cold. The slightly gullible Sprite flies in and notices that Link is sick. Link does the whole I\\\'ll-mop-as-well-as-I-can shtick, but Sprite insists that Link take a rest.

    Cut to the Triforce chamber/Link\\\'s bedroom. Zelda complains about the stench and the dirty clothes in the pile. There must be about 30 piles of dirty green tunics and leather breeches in there. Yecch. The Triforce replies with a rather snappy comeback. Zelda opens up a window, and immediately a Moby (one of Ganon\\\'s creatures, a white-headed hawk or some sort) flies in the room. Zelda chases the Moby into the pile of clothes and buries its head in it. The Moby flies off in defeat. Zelda collapses on Link\\\'s bed to get a breather.

    Link walks back into the room, sees Zelda lying on his bed and immediately attempts to pounce on her. Zelda escapes just in time and rather coyly warns him not to pull such a stunt again. Oh, if she only knew what kind of crap Link will try to pull in the next 11 episodes of the series...Zelda asks what happened to the mopping, and Sprite flies in and tells Zelda that Link has a cold. Link \\\"sneezes\\\" on cue. Zelda isn\\\'t buying it, but decides to let Link off the hook for the day.

    Outside the window, the Moby has been spying on Link and Zelda. It flies back to report to Ganon, who decides to hatch a plan to snag the Triforce. Unfortunately, he won\\\'t tell us just what is yet, like you usually does. Ganon summons a ginormous Lowder (a beetle from Zelda II) to cart him off to the castle.

    Back in the castle, everyone else is performing their sundry chores. Sprite uses her magic to dust out a rug. Sprite is surprisingly strong for her size, able to carry clothes, rugs and the occasional Triforce. Hmm. Ganon watches the activity from a parapet above. An old lady is passing out oranges, and Sprite decides to pick one up and give it to Link. As she\\\'s taking the orange, Ganon zaps her with a magic bolt. Sprite leaves, and we see her zip off at incredible speed. Apparently Ganon\\\'s zap has given her some kind of super energy or somesuch.

    Up in the Triforce tower, Link is shadow-fighting when Sprite arrives at the door. Link hops back into bed, Sprite delivers the orange and heads off to Zelda\\\'s chamber, where Zelda instructs her to clean up the entire place...\\\"and no sneaking off to see Link.\\\" As Zelda heads off, Sprite gives her a quick raspberry. Nice. Sprite uses her magic to set the mops, buckets and rags into action, and they start going bonkers, throwing water everywhere and flooding the room.

    Zelda, Link and Ganon (who, despite standing atop one of the castle spires, doesn\\\'t seem to be noticed by anybody) all hear Sprite scream. Zelda sees some of the magic buckets flying out to the courtyard fountain, fetching water and flooding her room. She immediately heads up to help Sprite. Link\\\'s already halfway up the staircase, opens the door and gets washed out, crashing into Zelda. Link makes a lame joke that doesn\\\'t bear repeating. Zelda suspects Ganon\\\'s magic is at work. Link gives Zelda a magic bow and a boomerang, and they head back upstairs. If they\\\'d just look up, they\\\'d notice Ganon in his retro-snazzy VW bug, climbing up the wall of the Triforce tower. Ganon quickly snatches the Triforce and gets away.

    Back in Zelda\\\'s room, a magic dustbruch is attacking Sprite. Together Link and Zelda wage an impressive assault upon an array of brushes, mops, buckets and bedsheets. Sprite explains everything to Link and Zelda, who suddenly now remember that they suspected Ganon was up to something. They head for the Triforce chamber posthaste, discover that it\\\'s gone, get on their horses and immediately give chase to Ganon. Sprite opines about all the trouble she\\\'s caused and follows them. Ganon escapes through an Underworld entrances that collapses behind him, but Link suggests that they take a shortcut. Link and Zelda enter a hollow tree trunk and descend into the depths, not aware that Sprite is trailing them. They encounter a couple of Octoroks, zap them, then fall through a trapdoor and into a giant, seemingly impenetrable glass jar (not the Evil Jar) in Ganon\\\'s domain.

    Ganon summons a Gohma (giant one-eyed crab) to finish off Link and Zelda. It sticks its claw into the jar and grabs a hold of Link\\\'s sword, with Zelda trying to pull Link. At this point I thought Link would want the Gohma to pull him out of the jar and tell Zelda to let go, but apparently not. Sprite arrives on the scene and gives the Gohma a quick zap, causing it to pull Link and his sword out of the jar. Link gives Ganon a few zaps, and Ganon retaliates with a fireball. Link dodges the fireball in time for it to hit Gohma, who gets incinerated. Sprite gives the jar a quick zap, freeing Zelda. Zelda shoots Ganon with an arrow, finishing him off. As Ganon is zapping out, he shoots a fireball at Zelda. Zelda ducks, and this time the fireball hits one of the supporting columns of the dungeon, causing the whole place to collapse. Zelda picks up the Triforce of Wisdom and tries to make a quick grab for the Triforce of Power, but Link pulls her away. Together Link, Zelda and Sprite are barely able to make their escape.

    Back in the castle, Link puts the Trofice back on its pedestal. Sprite remarks that they can all take a rest, but Zelda puts Link and Sprite back to work fixing up Zelda\\\'s flood-damaged and utterly ransacked room. Coincidentally, Link\\\'s cold reemerges at this time, and Sprite seems to catch it as well. F I N I S


    Eh, I guess this is kind of a cutesy episode if you\\\'re 6-8 years old, packed with all sorts of cutesy, not-very-violent action scenes. Zelda\\\'s at her bossiest and princess-iest peak in this episode, pretty much. Definitely doesn\\\'t hold up well compared to the more serious, more adventurous cartoons of the 90s and 00s though, even worse than most.
  • This is my recap i contributed to The Legend of Zelda.

    It is Spring break in the kingdom of Hyrule and Link is trying to make riddles to persuade Zelda to fall in love with him.Zelda tricks link into clean the whole castle with the other sevants.Link gets mad and he starts mopping but he sneakishly went back to his room and pretended to have a cold.Spryte then arrives and he asks Link if hes feeling fine and Link says yes and he says "even though i have a cold.Spryte feels bad for Link and lets him go to his room so he can rest for awhile and feel better because he has a bad cold.Zelda goes to his room and he sees a pile of stinky clothes but the Triforce defends Link with a saying.Then suddenly a Hawk or moby (I think thats how it is spelled) attacks Zelda and as always Link comes to the rescue but this time Zelda saved herself by using Links horrible stinky clothes.Then Link appears and he thinks he should kiss Zelda and he misses.Then Spryte appears to tell Zelda that Link has a terrible cold and Zelda believes her.Zelda tells Spryte that it is time for cleaning an the Moby reports to Gannon that they are cleaning and that gives him a evil idea.He goes to Hyrule with his evil idea already set and as always he needs to travel in style because he doesn't have that much power in the upper world.Everyone is having a wonderful time cleaning and while Spryte is cleaning Gannon zaps her with magic so her magic would be to powerful to control and Link rushes over to see hats happening as usual.THe whole room was flooded,Link and Zeldda were trying to get rid of the monsters that were there and Gannon waas trying to get the triforce.Zelda and Link are trapped and are going to be fed by a monster of Gannons and Spryte decides to help but can she get there in time?Zelda and Link ere saved by Sprytes magic so Link defeated Gannon with his sword.The underworld is crumbling and zelda is trying to get the Triforce of Power but there is no time so they have to be happy with the Triforce of Wisdom.When they get home Link has to clean again but he pretends to have a cold again but that didn't work.I hope you liked it and I am getting closer to the road of editor.